My Animal Mart – Beginners Gameplay Guide

Nivenka Stanton
My Animal Mart

My Animal Mart is a newly released idle-play game developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS and is available to download for free from the Play Store.

In the game, you are the owner of a mini-mart, and your ultimate goal is to serve furry customers food while upgrading your mini-mart and decorating it to your preferences.

My Animal Mart

Getting Started

At the beginning of My Animal Mart, you will use your joystick icon on the left-hand side of your screen to move your character across the screen.

In order to start, run over to the square on your screen with the money bills in the center. You will notice a cash register appear once you have done so.

My Animal Mart

Tomato bushes are next in line, run over to the tomato bushes and collect the tomatoes, thereafter you are able to place them on the designated shelf, where customers are able to put them in their carts and proceed to the cash register.

My Animal Mart

When the customer proceeds to the cash register, run to the opposite side of where the customer is standing, and collect the green money bills.

Any item you run past, you will be able to collect, so if you are looking to pick up something specific, try not to touch anything else in the process.

Various items become available as you earn enough money to unlock them. From tomato bushes to items such as wheat, flour, eggs, jam jars, and milk, you will not run out of items to serve to your customers.

Simply stand over the item you would like to unlock when you have enough cash to do so.

You will need to continue this process in order to receive more money and open up new features.

Take note of what the customer wants to purchase, for example, if your stack is full and you are unable to supply the customer with what they need, it is difficult to get rid of the stack you have in your hands.

Look out for burglars! They enter the shop and you will have to chase them in order to grab the money they have stolen from you!

The game will indicate when a burglar is in the store, and you will be given a racket to hit the burglar. You will need to be hasty about catching him though!

Equip Yourself to Be the Best

Use clothes to maximize your profits, increase your speed, and so much more! Each clothing item that you have equipped will give your character buffs that help you in the game.

My Animal Mart

In-Game Purchases and Currency

My Animal Mart uses rubies as the main currency. Use your rubies wisely as these will help you progress further, the more rubies you stack. Another available currency is the green money bills, which help you pay for upgrades and so forth.

My Animal Mart

My Animal Mart – Features

  • Unlock exciting upgrades that transform your mini-mart into a marketplace that any furry customer would want to visit.
  • Enjoy fast-paced gameplay and race against the clock to fulfill orders in time.
  • Create customized recipes that will have your customers coming back for more.
  • Decorate your mini-mart and transform it into an amazing store to behold.


My Animal Mart is a fast-paced idle game that has your character running around and will keep you entertained for a reasonable amount of time.

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