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Roblox and anime crossovers have become somewhat of a common occurrence, especially since the recent popularity surge of the Roblox Peroxide game that merged Roblox with the popular anime series, Bleach.

A Roblox game titled Multiverse Defenders is another such crossover, however, unlike Peroxide, Multiverse Defenders isn’t focused on a single anime world but instead features characters and worlds from all kinds of popular anime including Dragon Ball, One Piece, Attack On Titan, and Naruto. 

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Photo: System Arts Studio – YouTube

Naturally, with so many different worlds, characters, gameplay mechanics, and other features, things can get a little messy for players and it is somewhat hard to keep track of it all.

Fortunately, like many other Roblox games, Multiverse Defenders features its own Trello board where players can learn more about the game. 

If you wish to check out the Multiverse Defenders Trello board, you can do so by heading to the official Multiverse Defenders Trello page.

Multiverse Defenders Trello Guide

Here is what you can expect to find when visiting the games’ page.

Multiverse Defenders Features

A list of the game’s main features and gameplay mechanics.

  • Deploy your units to defend against the evil forces
  • Upgrade units to increase their power, unlock new states and abilities
  • Unlock new Units by summoning
  • Party up with your friends and complete stories together
Photo: System Arts Studio - YouTube
Photo: System Arts Studio – YouTube

Character Information

Information about Multiverse characters such as their evolution requirements, their stats, upgrade costs and requirements, etc. 

Maps Information

Within this section of Trello, players can familiarize themselves with all of the Multiverse levels and maps that are currently in the game.

Here, players can read up on the details of each of the maps available and their stories, as well as get more information about the acts that each story consists of.

Photo: System Arts Studio - YouTube
Photo: System Arts Studio – YouTube

Maps currently available:

  • Lobby
  • Planet Namak
  • Sabaodi Island 
  • Shiganshino 
  • Leaf Village

Multiverse Defenders Codes

Here players can find a list of the game codes and the rewards that they grant when redeemed.

It is worth noting that some codes may have expired or are no longer active. If you stumble upon such a code, it is recommended that you contact one of the developers via Trello.

Photo: System Arts Studio - YouTube
Photo: System Arts Studio – YouTube
  • RELEASE – 2000 Gems
  • CHRISTMAS – 2000 Gems
  • CHRISTMAS2 – 3000 Gems
  • 1KACTIVE – 5000 Gems

Last but not least, players can find all other relevant Multiverse Defenders’ social media links such as the link to the Discord server, the official game download link, Twitter/X link, and many more. Players can also contact the developers and other staff via this section. 

Photo: System Arts Studio - YouTube
Photo: System Arts Studio – YouTube


This concludes our guide on everything that players can expect to find when visiting the official Defenders Trello page.

With that said, it is worth keeping in mind that this game is still in its testing phases, and as a relatively new game, a lot of information is still missing or pending to be added to the Multiverse Defenders Trello page.

Check back in from time to time to see if there is any new juicy content available. We hope you enjoyed our quick Multiverse Defenders Trello guide.

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