Mow Zombies Tips: How to Unlock the House

Anurag Ghosh

You may have noticed that that house icon on the lower-right corner of the home screen remains locked for a long time. This is because you haven’t reached a certain stage to access it. 

The house is actually a secret place, a camp. Survivors will be kept there, and a guard at the gates will protect them from incoming enemies.   

To unlock the house in Mow Zombies, you will have to finish stage 35. In this stage, you must eliminate all zombies to rescue granny, her grandson and 5 other survivors. 

Remember that runaway child in stage 30? Well, he appears in stage 35 again, along with granny and other survivors, screaming for help. Just kill all enemies to rescue them and the protagonist will safely escort them to the camp after a short conversation with them. Now tap on the house to go to the camp. 

Mow Zombies House

The guard at the camp keeps attacking incoming zombies. He keeps earning idle gold as he fends off the undead from the gates. The accumulated gold will be shown above him. Tap on the guard to collect gold. Do this regularly, but if you want more gold, tap on the guard every 12 hours.  

Eliminating all zombies aren’t easy, especially when you don’t know their attack pattern. These Mow Zombies Tips, Tricks and Strategies might be of some if you are just getting started.  

Pay attention to granny’s quests in the camp and complete them to get diamonds. Tap on the exclamation mark above grandma to know the ongoing quest.  

You may also obtain diamonds from a random survivor. Open the camp daily to collect your rewards.  

Rescue the Construction Worker 

When you shelter granny and other survivors in the camp, the first quest from grandma would be to find the missing construction workers so that they can build a home for all survivors at the empty camp.  

Get construction worker

To get construction workers in Mow Zombies, you will first need to rescue them in a particular stage. You will find the first construction worker when you pass stage 38.  

Once you obtain the worker, he will repair the house, but the surrounding houses too need to be repaired, so you will have to find other construction workers. Keep completing stages to find workers and finish granny quest to get diamonds as rewards.  There will be several other quests from grandma, so keep an eye on the house for new quests.  

  1. Can’t find the naughty little boy after level 23 even replayed all the levels multiple times now on level 285 and still no main quest any ideas would be great thanks

  2. 2nd worker bugged. Found him, but he never showed up in camp. Any ideas?

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