Mow Zombies: Guide to Talents

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

With a rocket icon, the Talents tab is placed on the right-hand side of the “combat” tab on the bottom of the home screen.  

To learn a new talent or level it up, tap on the “Upgrade” button. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a particular talent as Mow Zombie’s talent system unlocks/upgrades a random one.  

When you tap on the upgrade button, each badge flashes a purple light until a random talent is chosen by the game. You won’t have any control over selecting one or upgrading it. However, an unlocked and upgraded talent can be extremely beneficial to your character in one way or the other during combat.  

Talent section in Mow Zombies

Here’s a list of talents and the advantages of them during combat:  

ATK: Improves the attack rate of your character, which will help her deal more damage to enemies. Once unlocked, ATK can be leveled up again when the purple light stops on it.  

Boss DMG: Increases the damage inflicted on bosses by a certain percentage. Can be very useful in boss mode. Stages that have a horned monster icon are boss stages.  

Moves: Improves move speed of your character. The protagonist will run faster when you maneuver it.  

Buff Time: Increases the buff time of power-ups (fire power, fire angle, tank, robot etc.,). When you collect a limited-time power-up it remains active until the timer (white circle) on the right side of the screen runs out. Each time this talent is upgraded, the time taken for a buff or power-up to remain active will increase by a certain percentage.  

Along with talents, you will also need to make your character stronger by equipping the right weapon, knowing how to evade special zombies and make better use of turrets. Check out Mow Zombies Guide to complete all stages.  

Dodge: Improves your character’s dodge rate against shooter zombies and those that rush into her. The higher the dodge rate, the higher the chances of evading attacks from such enemies.  

ATK Speed: The reaction time at which your character sprays bullets on zombies. The higher the ATK speed, the faster she will attack enemies.  

Gold: This talent ensures that you earn more gold in each mission. The gold gains during combat increases by a certain percentage when its upgraded.  

Crit Rate: Increases the chances of inflicting critical damage to an enemy. If your character lands critical damage to an enemy, it means she has successfully dealt more damage to an enemy than a normal blow. 

HP: Increases the number of hearts by one when this talent is upgraded. The number of hearts on the top-right corner of the screen denotes your character’s health. She loses a heart when hit by an enemy. The more the number of hearts, the longer she can endure the zombie onslaught during combat.  

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    I have Elecgun on lvl 150 and
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    so when i Rank up Elecgun will rank up Tornado too.
    or dos it do lvl up / rank up just once a new gun avaible

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