6 Most Appetizing Bento Box Game Apps for Android

Lunch Box Games for Android
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Bento – the Japanese way of preparing delish food in a compartmentalized box is quite a rage in Japan and the world over. Bento box simple means lunch box, but the aesthetics and benefits are what make them unique. These compact meals are a kid’s favorite, and mothers leave no stone unturned to make them as assorted and visually appealing as possible to make their kids eat a wholesome lunch. Lately, bento design has been quite out-of-the-box (pun intended). “Kyara Bento” style boxes feature lunches designed and based on popular Japanese comic books, animation, and video games. Then there are the “Oekaki Bento” boxes that contain food shaped like cute animals, people, and plants.

Bento box games for Android
A Bento Box Mini-Game from Adorable Home. Courtesy Hyperbeard.

Japanese lunch boxes are part of popular culture. There are even some games based on them. They let you prepare your own lunchtime in-game, decorate boxes with stickers and make their virtual food as visually enticing as possible. Here are some of the best bento box game apps on Android:

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