Monster Raid: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Build a Strong Squad

Monster Raid Guide
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Monster Raid is a fun monster battle game from Orca. The game has amazing anime-like visuals and the animated monster battles are a treat to watch. I loved the board game-like dungeon map that lets my character, a cute monster hunter, explore it to discover rewards, satchels and boxes that lay scattered all around the map.

Battles are held at a separate arena where your team of monsters battle enemy critters. There are also unique quests that grant special rewards upon completion. With the help of these tips and strategies, you will be able to collect more monsters and build the best squad:

1. A Circle below a Monster Shows How Stronger/Weaker He is than Your Selected Monster

While battling enemy monsters, you may have noticed a circle under each monster. The circle changes color from orange to green to red depending on your selected monster. Well these circles show whether the enemy monster is stronger (red), weaker (green) or neutral (orange). So if a green circle appears below an enemy monster, it means that a hit from your monster will drain more HP and it will be defeated faster. If a red circle appears, then the monster is stronger than your selected monster and a hit from your monster will make a tiny impact on the enemy monster’s health.

Monster Raid Guide

The circles below monsters show elemental advantage/disadvantage over monsters in your team. There are five elements and each monster has a unique element. A monster’s element may be stronger or weaker than another monster’s element. The sequence below explains stronger/weaker elements:

Fire > Physical > Water > Fire

Light and Dark are strong against each other.

But you don’t have to memorize this chart as the game already shows who’s stronger than whom by showing circles below monsters. All you have to do is have a balanced squad consisting of critters belonging to four basic elements and a friendly monster (ally) that belongs to a light or dark element.

2. How to Get All Monsters

There are plenty of monsters ready to be collected, trained and deployed against other monsters. Each monster has a star rating. Higher the star rating, rarer is its type. There are various ways to collect these cute but deadly critters:

From Dungeon Levels:

Tap the World Map icon at the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Next, tap on an island. It could be a previously cleared island or a new island. You can replay previously cleared islands for rewards, materials and monsters. But do remember that you will need to spend energy every time you replay a dungeon level.

Map Showing Dungeon Levels

Tap the Dungeon level on that island. It will contain three dungeons or stages. Now tap on the tiny question mark that appears at the top-left corner of each Dungeon snippet. A new “Drop Info” window will appear on the screen showing a list of monsters that you can capture.

Play that dungeon and explore the entire map. Move your character to every nook and corner in search for sparkling pixie dust that appears at random spots on the dungeon map. They may hide a monster ball or capsule, which looks a bit like the Poke Ball and contains a monster.

You may not get the monsters mentioned in the “Drop Info” in your first attempt and so you may have to play the same dungeon map over and over again to get them. However, keep in mind that every time you replay a dungeon, monsters will become harder to defeat, so make sure you enchant or use Combine to make them more powerful.

From the Capsule House:

The Capsule house provides some cool ways to collect monsters via a lucky Draw system. There are 5 types of Draws and each draw requires you to spend certain items to collect a random monster. The guide below provides information about each draw and how to collect items to get monsters from them:

Honor Draw:

You will need Honor points (Star icon) to draw the Honor capsule. Usually offers common monsters. You will get honor points by completing dungeon-based quests.

Rare Draw:

Requires diamonds. You will receive at least 4-star monster with 10 draws. The diamonds can be earned for free by completing achievements or by defeating a special monster. Keep looking for special monster missions on the Quest menu.

Coupon Draw:

Requires special coupons. You can get them by accepting certain quests from characters at the Capsule House, Arena, Monster House and other buildings. You may also receive coupons by completing quests that appear on the Quest menu. Certain achievements such as “Space Secured” and “Legendary Warrior” also award coupons. Go to the Achievements and Quests sections to look for tasks and quests that grant coupon rewards to players.

3. How to get Materials to Enchant a Monster

Enchanting a monster is the best way to increase its ATK and HP stats. But you will need special materials to enchant them.

Each monster has a unique material requirement. To know what material a monster needs, go to the “Research Lab” and tap the “Enchant” button.

Next, tap a monster icon to fill the empty slot. You will see the material required below the slot.

Monster Enchanting

Tapping the material slot will display the location of the material. For example: In the screenshot above, the  “Powder of Life” can be found in Jungle areas.

There’s another way to find materials (and this is probably the easiest way to get them):

Go to World Map and Tap a new or previously cleared island. Select a dungeon level and tap the tiny question mark at the top corner of a dungeon to get “Drop Info”. On the Drop Info screen, scroll down to find the list of materials that you might get by completing the dungeon. These materials are usually hidden inside sparking pixie dust that appears randomly on the map. Move your character near the sparkling dust and she will dig mud to unearth a special material or a monster.

No need to worry if you can’t find any materials on that dungeon in your first attempt. You can play it again to get them. Just make sure you explore each corner of the dungeon to search for those sparkling dust. Use auto-battle to speed up battle.

4. Check EXP Gained Before Leveling Up Monsters in Your Team

After a battle is over, monsters in your squad will gain some EXP. Some may level up once their EXP meter is full, whereas others may still lag behind a few experience points before they can be upgraded. The good news is that you can level up your monsters using Combine. All you need is a few spare monsters that you don’t want to add to your main squad and some coins. You will get plenty of common one-star monsters while exploring an island. These monsters can be used to level up your main monster via the Combine menu.

Go to the Research Lab and tap Combine. Select a monster that you want to upgrade. Next, select those monsters that you don’t want in battle. You can choose up to five monsters, but select those that give maximum XP. You can do this easily by tapping a monster icon and checking the “EXP Gained” section.

Usually the more stars a monster has, the higher the EXP gained. If a 1-star monster gives 1000 EXP, a 2-star monster will give 2000 EXP and so on. Don’t use those that have 3 or four stars, unless they are duplicates or aren’t wanted in your squad.

5. Choose Your Leader Wisely

Before the game begins, it will let you choose a starter or a leader monster. There will be six different types of monsters and each monster will have unique skills. Choose a leader that has balanced stats for ATK, Speed and HP. You may also choose a monster whose “Type” is “All round”. Also, tap a skill icon on the Skills section to check which monster offers better skills.