Monster Legends Free Gem Codes – April 2024

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Monster Legends - Free Gem Guide

In this Monster Legends codes guide, players can find all of the latest free gem codes to use in the game and how to redeem them.

Monster Legends - Free Gem Guide
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Some players love to get an edge in a game like this to ensure they are always one step ahead of other players.

Gems are an important asset in Monster Legends so players might as well use these codes to claim as many gems as possible.

Monster Legends is not the only game that allows players to enter codes to redeem great rewards.

Our website features top-tier games that all feature codes like Rarity Factory Tycoon, Circus Tower Defense, and Postknight 2.

Monster Legends – Active Codes

These are the current active codes and can be redeemed now:

  • SOULS – 250 Gems code.
  • UPDATE3 – 200 Gems code.
  • 150KVISITS – 150 Gems code.
  • DUNGEONS – 150 Gems code.
  • SAVAGE – 100 Gems code.
  • LUA – 150 Gems code.
  • POWERFUL – 500 Gems code.

Other Active Codes

POWERFULPlayers will receive 500 Gems in the game.
LUAPlayers will receive 150 Gems in the game.

How To Redeem Codes In Monster Legends

Codes - Enter for free Gems
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New players of this awesome game may be wondering how they can enter the gem codes to receive as many free gems as possible.

Below is the step-by-step process to claim the codes:

  1. Open the Monster Legends game on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the Blue Twitter Icon on the side of your screen.
  3. Enter the active code in the redemption window.
  4. Click enter to receive your gem rewards.
  5. Enjoy your freebies and use the gems effectively.

What Codes Do In Monster Legends?

This game uses Gems as its main in-game currency so entering codes is an effective way to gain as many gems as possible.

Players can use the gems in the game to purchase buildings, decor, islands, monsters, and much more.

Why is My Code Not Working?

If a code does not work for some reason or it is outdated please try to enter a different code to ensure you receive your free gems.

Please let us know in the comment section down below if one of our codes does not work.

How To Find New Codes In Monster Legends

Socials - Claim additional rewards for gems
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Players can find more information about codes for Monster Legends by simply searching for the game on our website.

Additional and new codes can be found for this game on their Discord page.


Please let us know if the codes on this article were effective for you in the comment section down below.

Enjoy your free gem rewards for Monster Legends!

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