Monster Hunter Now – Ultimate Weapons Guide

Nivenka Stanton
Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is an action role-playing game developed by Niantic, Inc. where you are hunting down monsters right in your own backyard.

This game is available to download and play for free in the Play Store. Your goal in Monster Hunter Now is to walk around finding monsters and progressing as far as you can. Become the very best slayer out there!

Monster Hunter Now
Photo: Niantic, Inc.

Note that in this game, you will walk around in real-time using geolocation technology in order for your character to move.

Monster Hunter Now – Weapons

Your very first weapon is a Hunter’s Knife.

This is a good weapon to start with, however, it requires close encounters with the monsters that you need to eliminate.

As you gather Iron Ore you are able to upgrade the weapon in the equipment menu to acquire higher attack damage. 

You will need to reach Chapter 2 in order to unlock the Great Sword, and even further to obtain more advanced weapons.

After progressing just a little bit further in the game, more weapons will become available for your use. 

Monster Hunter Now
Photo: Niantic, Inc.

Below is a more detailed description of the weapons you will be able to acquire as you are challenged by bigger and stronger monsters, as well as what you can expect:

1. Great Sword: 

A heavy weapon that deals massive damage with slow, powerful swings. The Great Sword is an ideal weapon to use against big monsters.

Special skill – “True Charged Slash”.

Monster Hunter Now
Photo: Niantic, Inc.

This skill uses all your strength to emit a powerful slash that results in massive damage. This weapon is great if you prefer power above speed.

2. Long Sword: 

This sword is great for quick and targeted continuous attacks.

Special skill – “Spirit Helm Breaker”.

Causes significant damage with a jumping and slashing attack from the sky. A swift, yet elegant weapon for quick, focused strikes.

3. Sword and Shield: 

A functional type of weapon that is useful for both offense as well as defense. This weapon allows you to block incoming attacks, as well as attack fast.

Special skill – “Perfect Rush Combo”.

Allows you to strike monsters continuously. 

Monster Hunter Now
Photo: Niantic, Inc.

4. Hammer: 

A blunt-force weapon that is going to administer massive damage.

Special skill – “Spinning Bludgeon”.

Allows you to smash through any attack. This is a truly aggressive weapon to use. 

5. Light Bowgun: 

A long-range assault weapon that offers great mobility as well as accuracy. This weapon works well if you need to keep your distance from your target. 

Special skill – “Wyvernblast Counter”.

This weapon fires an explosive bullet that causes major damage to the monsters. 

Monster Hunter Now
Photo: Niantic, Inc.

6. Bow: 

This is a medium-range option that works well when you need to keep some distance from the monster.

Special skill – “Dragon Piercer”.

This allows you to throw a bow at the monster that pierces through anything, therefore causing significant damage. The Bow is an awesome weapon that allows you to fire arrows at your target with great accuracy.

Using a long-range weapon would be your better option when taking on larger and more aggressive monsters, especially considering the amount of damage they can do when you only have a melee attack as an option.


With each of these weapons in Monster Hunter Now, the special skills that give you a tactical advantage help you target and destroy the monsters.  

Monster Hunter Now is an awesome action role-playing game to enjoy, and is highly recommended to gamers who enjoy a bit of a thrill, as well as playing on the go, literally!

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