Monster Country Idle Tycoon: Gameplay Tips 

Nivenka Stanton
Monster Country Idle Tycoon

Monster Country is a simulation type of game developed by Kano Games. This game is available to download for free from the Play Store

Here are a few pointers to help you build and manage a town filled with strange and monstrous creatures.  

Monster Country Idle Tycoon Intro
Photo: Kano Games

Building your Businesses

Start off by following your in-game prompts to build your first business in Monster Country Idle Tycoon. Some of the businesses are:

  • Mad Hardware
  • Laughing Ghoul Bar
  • Witch’s Diner
  • Spooky Smiles – Dentist.
  • Sasquatch’s Fashion Outlet
Photo: Kano Games

You will need to buy customers for your business using cash. 

Tap on the Yellow icon to purchase more customers who can visit your business. 

Collect the cash that your customers leave as it becomes available.

Above each business, there will be an icon that shows the progress of your customer purchases. More collections of cash means more income is generated. 

Monster Country – Icons Explained: 


The cash that you have available is situated in the top left-hand corner of your device screen. 

Collect your cash as you complete each goal in Monster Country. Your goals that you need to achieve are displayed in the top middle section of your screen. You will need cash for materials to open the Spider-Tech portal. 

Cash image
Photo: Kano Games

Additionally, the more cash you have in Monster Country means you can buy more customers and, therefore, grow a vibrant, thriving town. 

Dream Crystals

  • The Dream Crystals Icon is situated in the middle top of your display screen.  
  • Use your Dream Crystals to recruit more characters. 
  • Use your Dream Crystals to buy Time Skip. 
  • Dream Crystals are also awarded for completing goals. 
  • Exchange Dream Crystals for Nano-spiders. 
Dream crystals
Photo: Kano Games


The Nanospider Icon is situated on the top right-hand corner of your display screen. 

Nanospiders are used to upgrade your monsters such as Lady to a higher level. 

These Nanospiders are also needed to upgrade your businesses in Monster Country Idle Tycoon. 

nano spiders
Photo: Kano Games

Live Events

After you have reached Episode 5 in Monster Country you will be able to participate in Live Events. 

The Icon for these events is situated on the right-hand side of your display screen. 

These live events are timed events in Monster Country, so don’t miss out. You can leave the event at any time, then return but only while the event time is still running. 

Other Icons 

The Free Cash icon displays on the bottom left-hand corner of your display screen. 

Double Cash profits for a certain time period are rewarded in Monster Country Idle Tycoon for watching a video.  

The business collection Icon is displayed on the bottom left-hand side of your display screen. Tap on the respective business to be able to upgrade. 

The Card Collection Icon icon is displayed on the button middle section of your display screen. Here you will see which monsters you have acquired, as well as having the option to upgrade them. 

card collection
Photo: Kano Games

The Shop Icon is also displayed in the bottom middle section of your display screen. 

Cards, Coffins, Dream Crystals, as well as Nanospiders are available to purchase using In-Game Currency or Real Time Currency. 

Settings Icon is situated on the bottom right-hand side of your display screen to enable you to change your sound, and language, as well as to join social media. 

Wrapping up with Extra Tips: 

Pro Tip! Tap the portal when it opens as fast as you can to win extra rewards in Monster Country

Ensure that all your businesses are at top production before leaving the game idle. 

Thereafter, automate your game so that even when you are not playing, your businesses will generate cash.

Businesses reset every time the portal opens, you will then be able to build them even better each time.  

We hope you enjoyed this guide, and if you feel you want to add something, feel free to comment in the section below.

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