Monopoly Go – Where Can I Get Event Tokens?

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Monopoly Go! - Event Tokens
(Last Updated On: November 19, 2023)

Everyone loves the classic Monopoly game and it is even better with the mobile version.

Introducing Monopoly Go, mixing a classic board game with a mobile experience.

Roll dice for many riches, build an empire, and enjoy the overall Monopoly Go Experience.

This article will assist players in getting new event tokens on Monopoly Go. The game features amazing stand-out events for all players to experience.

Monopoly Go! - Event Tokens - How to get
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What are Tokens in Monopoly Go?

Tokens in Monopoly Go are the playing pieces that players will be using in the board game.

There are various types of Tokens depending on the edition and the year the token was released.

Different and new tokens can be received for completing certain objectives in the game as well as Events that are currently featured in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go features a variety of different tokens to be used in the game. Some of the classics are the hat, the car, and the ship. Most players use these tokens.

Monopoly Go also features a lot of other tokens that can be unlocked through completing albums and events.

Some of the available tokens are the battleship and the ducky. It is always fun the show off your collected tokens in the showroom for everyone to see.

Monopoly Go! - What are tokens
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Getting new event tokens in Monopoly Go!

One of the most exciting things in Monopoly Go is the personalization. Event Tokens can make the game even more fun for its players.

Unlocking new tokens can add an extra level of excitement to players who love playing Monopoly Go.

Event Tokens can be hard to find and can take up a lot of time that could have been used to enjoy playing Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go - Pick a token
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Unlocking new Event Tokens

Players wanting to unlock new Event Tokens will need to put their focus and attention to Sticker Albums and Events.

It is also important for players to increase their Net Worth in the game to be able to unlock new Event Tokens.

The process of unlocking new items will take up a lot of time so players will not be able to immediately start playing and claim new items.

The Sticker Albums will take the longest to fill up with the player needing to complete various objectives in the game.

Events - Unlocking new tokens
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Switching between Tokens

It is also possible for players to switch between various tokens and they will simply need to click on the token they are currently using to start the switching process.

Players will need to find their token on the board and click on it. Players will then be able to browse through other tokens that they have unlocked.

Players can then simply click on the new token that they are planning to use. It can then be selected to be your new marker on your current board.

Sticker tips - complete sets to win rewards
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Obtaining tokens through Sticker Albums

The process of getting new tokens on the Monopoly Go game is quite easy.

Players will be able to claim tokens by completing Sticker Albums. There will be different Albums available every month.

To get your new token for a completed Sticker Album, players can simply click on Albums on the bottom right side of their screen.

At the top of the screen, players will be able to see the currently available event and Sticker Album available.

If the player has completed this album they can simply click on the completed event and claim their new token to use in the game.

Season events - collect rewards
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Current Events

Monopoly Go constantly features new Events that players can take part in to earn a lot of different rewards as well as brand new Tokens to use in the game.

The current Event for 19-21 November 2023 is the Cranberry Carnival Milestone Event. Players will need to be active in this timeline to claim the rewards.

The big reward for completing the Cranberry Carnival Milestone Event is 7,000 Dice and a golden blue sticker pack.

Current Events - Monopoly Go
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Season Events

Along with current events, Monopoly Go also features Season Events that players can take part in to earn rewards and new tokens for their personal collection.

Seasonal Events in the game usually run for about three months. These rewards are usually bigger and better than other smaller events.

Usually, players of Monopoly Go will need to collect different stickers in the event to complete collections and ultimately the Sticker Album for the event.

Completing Albums will bring players some great rewards to use in the game.

The rewards are usually hundreds or thousands of dice, in-game money, and new tokens to use.

Players usually receive about 15,000 free dice throws and the in-game money can be used to progress further in the game.

Seasoned events - New tokens unlocked
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Receiving Event Tokens

The process of receiving Event Tokens and other rewards is easy. Players can simply find the current events in the Album section.

Once players have completed the current Event Album or Seasonal Album they can simply click on the completed Event to receive their new Token.

Players can use their new tokens throughout the game on different maps and boards and show them off to their friends.

Receiving event tokens - Monopoly Go
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Monopoly Go is one of the most popular mobile games out there. Make sure to show your new tokens off to your friends also playing the game.

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