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Monopoly Go

The Road to Riches may have ended, but a new event has sprung in Monopoly Go, and it’s the last main event to gather those precious flower tokens for the Gardening Partners.

The “Wall Street Wonders” event rewards you with an impressive 15,455 dice rolls and 4,230 flower tokens in Monopoly Go, not to mention the bountiful cash and sticker packs to fill your seasonal album.

So, prepare your trowels and keep collecting points to complete the milestones before the event ends!

Monopoly Go
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Once again, I’m here to provide a list of incredible rewards for the current main event, “Wall Street Wonders,” in Monopoly Go, along with the respective milestones needed to obtain them.

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

You must collect “Bell Tokens” to gain points and participate in the Monopoly Go main event. For “Wall Street Wonders,” you will receive the Bell Token by landing on any corner tile of the board. Finally!

Monopoly Go
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Land on Go, Jail, Free Parking, or Go to Jail; if you do, you will receive +4 “Bell Tokens,” which are then increased based on your dice multiplier.

Event Duration

The “Wall Street Wonders” in Monopoly Go is a 3-day event. It starts on January 11th and until January 13th at 3 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

Monopoly Go
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Now, for the breakdown of the milestone! Below is the list of rewards and the corresponding points needed for the main event in Monopoly Go, “Wall Street Wonders.” Good luck, and keep those dice rolling!

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LevelPoints RequiredReward
1580 Garden Flower Token
21020 Dice Rolls
410Green Sticker Pack
55585 Dice Rolls
615100 Garden Flower Token
72010-minute Rent Frenzy
820Green Sticker Pack
925150 Garden Flower Token
10150200 Dice Rolls
1235180 Garden Flower Token
1335Green Sticker Pack
1440220 Garden Flower Token
15300375 Dice Rolls
174510-minute Cash Grab
1850Orange Sticker Pack
1955250 Garden Flower Token
20600700 Dice Rolls
2260Pink Sticker Pack
2365280 Garden Flower Token
251,0001,100 Dice Rolls
2710010-minute High Roller
28110320 Garden Flower Token
29125100 Dice Rolls
31175350 Garden Flower Token
32250Blue Sticker Pack
33300225 Dice Rolls
351,6001,500 Dice Rolls
36400400 Garden Flower Token
37600Blue Sticker Pack
387005-minute Cash Boost
39800500 Garden Flower Token
403,0002,600 Dice Rolls
41850Purple Sticker Pack
42900600 Garden Flower Token
43950650 Dice Rolls
451,000900 Dice Rolls
471,400Purple Sticker Pack
481,500800 Garden Flower Token
Final6,0007,000 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack

Wall Street Wonders Tips

Monopoly Go
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As routined, when you’re only 5-8 paces away from your target tile, increase your dice multiplier to boost the Bell Token reward.

Unfortunately, “Wall Street Wonders” doesn’t align well with tournaments, as the main event requires you to land on corner tiles.

Thankfully, the necessary milestones are smaller than usual, making it easier to complete and collect those wonderful Flower Tokens for the Gardening Partners.


Monopoly Go
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Need more Dice Rolls and Flower Tokens to reach your milestones for “Gardening Partners” and the Main Event? By participating in the Monopoly Go’s Tournament daily, you will not only be rewarded with Dice and Tokens but also with sticker packs for your seasonal album!

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Monopoly Go
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Reach the top 25, and you will reap a bountiful harvest of rewards! The tournament changes daily. The “Capitalist Crunch” is ongoing, followed by the “Dot Com Dash” tournament on January 12th at 6 PM UTC.

Social Channels & Updates

Couldn’t keep up with the announcements, events, and updates? Do you need more tycoon buddies to invite for the Partners Event? Then consider joining Monopoly Go’s official community channels to keep yourself in the loop and meet like-minded tycoons!

Monopoly Go
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Monopoly Go
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Discord is the most active social channel for Monopoly Go. By joining the community, you can participate in giveaways and challenges to earn rewards such as stickers and dice rolls!

Monopoly Go
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Scopely also provided sticker trading channels for tycoons who are hard at work in completing their seasonal albums.

For players searching for “Gardening Partners” buddies, check out their gardening-partners channels, but before you dive in and interact with Monopoly Go players, be sure to read and follow the rules to prevent penalties and possible bans.


The “Wall Street Wonders” event suits me well since I’m pretty unlucky when landing on Railroads, usually ending up on the Go to Jail tile.

For fortunate tycoons who dominate Railroads most of the time, completing the main event milestone shouldn’t pose much difficulty, as the required points are lower.

If you have a few dice, focus on the events you find easy to complete, then increase your multiplier once you’re confident you will land on your target tile. Best of luck!

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