Monopoly Go vs. The Original Board Game

Shela Baxi
Monopoly Go - Introduction

Well, one is a virtual experience and the other is a physical experience to put it straight. Monopoly Go is Monopoly on your mobile phone and the original board game is the OG as people say. 

The original board game has been around for decades and loved by its fans for decades, Monopoly Go has been launched for the newer generation to make them experience the most beloved game of all time. 

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The concept of the game and how it plays is similar in both games but certain features differ. We are here to shine the light on what those little differences are between a mobile game and the original board game. Let’s do this. 


The gameplay is the same as both the games are the same. You roll a dice for your chance and build your way through the game. But there are minor differences between the mobile game and the board game. 

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While you sit with your friends and wait for your turn to roll the dice in the board game, Monopoly Go is all about you as you can keep rolling the dice, as you are the only player in the game on your device while the others are playing their chances on their devices. 

In the original board game, you have everything in physical presence – the monopoly cash, property card, community chest, chance cards, green and red houses, and more. In Monopoly Go, everything is neatly arranged on the screen for you, everything you own has its section which is only a click away. 

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The dice throw is also virtual and physical as expected. In Monopoly Go, you can automate your turn i.e you don’t have to wait for other players to take their turns, you can keep rolling the dice and there is also the option of automatic dice roll after every roll so that you don’t have to keep tapping the screen. 


Some features differ from each other in the board game and the mobile, not by much but there is still a difference in their features. 

Buying Properties/Building Cities

This is a major difference between the board game and the mobile game. In both the games, you can buy properties and then collect rent on them, that’s fine. In Monopoly Go, you have to build virtual cities. You start with New York City, then slowly move up to London then Venice then Paris, and so on.

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All your virtual money will be spent on buying properties and building cities. Building cities will help you level up in the game with which you can then acquire additional dice rolls or get more cash.

In the board game, you land on a city and that city is yours and then you can directly place green houses and start collecting rents. 


The Community cards and the Chance cards feature are the same in both the board and the mobile game.

The big difference lies in the fact that you have direct access to community cards and chance cards in the board game while you have to unlock the community card first in the game to use them and you can only unlock them if you have 5 more friends to play with. 

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The chance cards do not need any unlocking as it is not dependent on other players but community cards are where the major difference lies.

Without fellow players to play with, you cannot unlock the community chest in the Monopoly Go. 

Additional Features

There were always going to be additional features in the mobile version because you need something new and fresh to hook the audience in and boy some of these features are fantastic. 

  • Shutdown and Bank Heist

Shutdown and Bank Heist are two additional “Cards” or features in the Monopoly Go game that are well done.

With the shutdown feature, you can destroy other player’s properties and claim a cash reward for it, the higher you are level-wise the more you generate from destroying other people’s property. 

The Bank Heist is a fun way to loot other player’s cash. You are given a vault that you have to break into, you have to match the tiles, (Ring, cash wad, or silver coin) to cash in as much money from the vault as you can.

Getting three rings means you get the whole cash amount from the vault. 

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  • Stickers

Stickers are another additional feature of the Monopoly Go where you have to collect stickers with which you can get additional cash or additional dice rolls or both.

Collecting stickers is difficult in the game but the cash rewards are also quite huge with the right collection of stickers. 

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These features are all a ploy to get you more cash to play with and give you additional dice rolls so that you don’t run out of chances. 


There isn’t much to differentiate between the original board game and Monopoly Go but there are a few features that have been added in the mobile game.

We can say one thing, the additional features only add to the fun quotation of the most beloved board game of all time. 

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The Monopoly Go offers you the chance to play the game from your mobile and from anywhere in the world meanwhile the original board game is an experience you can have with your closest people every time. 

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