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As the Seasonal Epic Myths concludes in Monopoly Go, a new chapter unfolds with the introduction of the latest album, Heartfelt Holidays. This album brings forth a redesigned vault experience and introduces innovative dynamics with new gold stickers.

Monopoly Go
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In tandem with the highly anticipated winter “Heartfelt Holidays” event in Monopoly Go, the “Toy Soldiers” Tournament is underway, offering an array of thrilling rewards, including free dice rolls, sticker packs, cash, and more.

This article will guide you through the participation process and furnish a list of rewards for claiming in the “Toy Soldiers'” Tournament in Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

To join this event in Monopoly Go, accumulate Toy Soldier tokens by landing on any Railroad. When you land on Shutdown, you earn +2 Toy Soldier tokens if Blocked and +4 tokens when it’s a Success! Lastly, for a Bank Heist, you receive +4 tokens for a small heist, +6 for a large heist, and +8 for a Bankrupt heist!

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Note that the event is locked until you obtain five “Toy Soldier” Tokens. The modifier also affects the number of tokens you can collect, so use the multiplier to take advantage of it.

Event Duration

The “Toy Soldiers'” Tournament in Monopoly Go runs from December 2nd at 1 PM EST until December 3rd at 1 PM ET.

Milestone and Reward

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‘Tis the season of generosity, and Scopely has once again orchestrated an exciting event brimming with plentiful rewards. Here is a breakdown of milestones and the corresponding rewards you can attain in the “Toy Soldiers'” Tournament within Monopoly Go.

LevelPoints RequiredReward
5Unlocks Tournament
15040 Dice Rolls
240Green Sticker Pack
39070 Dice Rolls
41305-Minute High Roller
511080 Dice Rolls
7200Orange Sticker Pack
825015-Minute Mega Heist
9225Pink Sticker Pack
10280175 Dice Rolls
12400Blue Sticker Pack
13375250 Dice Rolls
1550020-Minute Rent Frenzy
16600375 Dice Rolls
17550Blue Sticker Pack
19800500 Dice Rolls
221,300750 Dice Rolls
231,50015-Minute Cash Grab
252,0001,200 Dice Rolls

Leaderboard Reward

Monopoly Go
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No tournament is complete without a healthy dose of competition and rewards for the top participants in Monopoly Go! You’ll be entitled to extra rewards if you secure a spot on the leaderboard. Points are based on the Toy Soldiers’ Token you have collected:

1st Place1,500 Dice Rolls, 464 Million Cash,
Blue Sticker Pack
2nd Place800 Dice Rolls, 232 Million Cash,
Blue Sticker Pack
3rd Place600 Dice Rolls, 174 Million Cash,
Blue Sticker Pack
4th Place500 Dice Rolls, 145 Million Cash,
Pink Sticker Pack
5th Place400 Dice Rolls, 116 Million Cash,
Pink Sticker Pack
6th Place350 Dice Rolls, 87 Million Cash,
Orange Sticker Pack
7th Place300 Dice Rolls, 72 Million Cash,
Orange Sticker Pack
8th Place250 Dice Rolls, 75 Million Cash,
Orange Sticker Pack
9th Place200 Dice Rolls, 58 Million Cash,
Orange Sticker Pack
10th Place200 Dice Rolls, 58 Million Cash,
Orange Sticker Pack
11th – 15th Place50 Dice Rolls, 29 Million Cash
16th – 50th Place5.8 Million Cash
Note: The cash reward amount is tailored based on your current Milestone Level. The greater your level, the higher the cash reward you will receive.

Stay Updated

Want more rewards and giveaways? Good news! Scopely has a lineup of giveaways, engaging trivia questions, events, and tournaments in store for both new and dedicated players throughout December.

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Stay informed by keeping an eye on the regular announcements on Monopoly Go’s official Discord channel.


Success in the Monopoly Go event hinges on landing on a Railroad property. To maximize your chances, consider boosting your multiplier within 6-10 squares of a Railroad.

This strategy significantly increases your probability of securing that coveted Railroad and emerging victorious. Remember, every move counts, so strategize wisely and let the dice guide you to triumph in the Monopoly Go event.

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