Monopoly Go – Toy Soldiers Event Rewards & Milestones

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Monopoly Go - Events and challenges

Monopoly Go is one of the most popular mobile games out there and is available for everyone to enjoy.

Show off your buildings and the progress of different cities and boards to your friends. Destroy other players building for even more cash.

Monopoly Go brings the classic board game to a digital version of fun and enjoyment.

This article will focus on Monopoly Go Events and all the additional information the new game events offer.

Monopoly Go - Events and rewards
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What are Monopoly Go Events?

Monopoly Go Events are a great way for old and new players to earn more rewards in the game to unlock new boards and build new cities.

Monopoly Go features limited-time events of all kinds for players. All of these events are multiplayer events where players can compete against other players.

The current main event taking place in Monopoly Go is the Twinkle Tree Event. This Event features a lot of different challenges for players to take on.

Monopoly Go usually has multiple Events running at the same time for better chances of receiving the best rewards.

The Toy Soldiers Tournament is another Event that is currently active in the game and is one of the most competitive Events.

Events - Big rewards like dice and cash
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The Twinkle Tree Event

It is currently the holiday season and Monopoly Go is following the theme of Christmas for the current main event on the mobile game.

This Event is available for a couple of days and features huge rewards like 6000 Dice Rolls, a Sticker Pack, and lots of cash.

Players will simply need to find Christmas lights on their current board and collect as much as possible for the rewards.

Another current Event is the Toy Soldiers Tournament which will allow players to receive amazing rewards just like the Twinkle Tree Event.

Twinkle Tree Event - Christmas themed rewards and missions
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Toy Soldiers Tournament Event

The Toy Soldiers Tournament is currently available for all players of Monopoly Go on the Home Screen.

It is a Tournament Event where players will be able to rank against other players or their friends to receive the best rewards in the game.

In this event, players will need to complete a variety of milestones to be able to collect their rewards.

Players will simply need to land on the Shutdown Tile to collect two toy soldiers if blocked and four toy soldiers if successful.

Players can also land on the Bank Heist Tile to collect toy soldiers. For Small players will receive four toy soldiers, six for large, and eight for bankrupt.

Players will have the opportunity to roll with a multiplier to receive even bigger rewards.

This tournament Event will only be available for 24 hours after being released.

Toy Soldiers Event - Collect toy soldiers
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Types of Events

Monopoly Go features a variety of different events daily as a way for players to get rewarded.

The events on Monopoly Go are all limited-time occasions where players will earn a lot of different special rewards.

The multiplayer events will allow players to play with or against other players. There are different types of Monopoly Go Events that players can take part in.

Board - Land on certain tiles for events
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The tournament events are one of the most popular events amongst all players. This is the most competitive type of event.

Players will compete against friends or other random players in the game to win special prizes.

Rewards will be given out to players when certain milestones have been reached in the game.

If players are successful in the tournament and rank high amongst other players, they will receive additional rewards at the end of the tournament.

Landmark Rush

Another event in Monopoly Go is the Landmark Rush. This is a limited-time event where players will receive rewards for completing landmarks.

Landmarks are special properties on Monopoly Go that can be upgraded to receive additional rewards.

Mega Bank Heist

This type of event will allow players to steal as much cash as possible to progress even quicker in the game.

This Event features gold bars where players will need to collect three to earn rewards.

Collect Cash - Event cash for buildings and hotels
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Free Parking Event

The Free Parking Event will occur every couple of days for all players of the game.

Players will be able to earn free Dive Rolls during this special event when players land on the free parking tile on their board.

Monopoly Go Rewards for Events

The rewards for Events can be anything from cash to dice rolls to exclusive stickers and characters to use in the game.

Most rewards in Monopoly Go are given out for completing events and different challenges.

Dice Rolls

Dice Rolls is the most important aspect of Monopoly go and is even more important than cash in the game.

More Dice Rolls can be earned by completing different types of Events and challenges.

Once all of the Dice Rolls have been used up, players will need to buy more of them or wait for additional Rolls to appear.

Monopoly Go - Cash Balance for upgrades


Cash is one of the most important aspects of Monopoly Go and is needed to progress in the game.

This is the perfect reward to get as players will be able to use it to buy additional properties and build houses as well as hotels.


This form of reward is an amazing way to customize your character and board in Monopoly Go.

Show off your customized boards and characters to all of your friends in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go - Build your City
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Monopoly Go will always be one of the standout games that everyone of all ages can play.

Monopoly Go will feature new events where players can receive rewards like Cash and Skins to use in the game.

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