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With Winter Express all packed up and left, the new main event in Monopoly Go, “Ski Stars,” comes in with a double dose of surprise! In tandem, “Jungle Treasures” will shake up your board with its exciting dig mini-game, delivering a treasure trove of rewards for you to collect. Ready your pickaxes. It’s time to dig, fellow tycoons!

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Once again, I’m here to provide a list of rewards and their corresponding milestones for the main event, “Ski Stars,” in Monopoly Go. In this event, there are 13,845 dice rolls and 248 pickaxes to claim!

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

Monopoly Go‘s “Ski Stars” is another pick-up event. To participate, players need to collect Ski Tokens to earn points, and these tokens are randomly placed on the board. Landing on the tile with a token will reward you with +2 Ski Tokens.

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Note that the Ski Token you receive will increase based on your dice Multiplier.

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Event Duration

The “Ski Stars” is a two-day event in Monopoly Go. It starts on January 22nd and will end on January 24th at 6 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

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Ready your dice, tycoons! Here’s the breakdown of the milestones and the points required to claim rewards for the main event in Monopoly Go, “Ski Stars.” Aside from cash, sticker packs, and dice rolls, this event will reward you with pickaxes for the “Jungle Treasures.” Good luck!

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
1310 Dice Rolls
2103 Pickaxe Token
310Green Sticker Pack
560100 Dice Rolls
6153 Pickaxe Token
82510-minute Cash Grab
9205 Pickaxe Token
10150225 Dice Rolls
1125Green Sticker Pack
12306 Pickaxe Token
14457 Pickaxe Token
15400500 Dice Rolls
164511 Pickaxe Token
1750Orange Sticker Pack
196013 Pickaxe Token
20800850 Dice Rolls
2160Pink Sticker Pack
226515 Pickaxe Token
237070 Dice Rolls
251,2001,100 Dice Rolls
269010-minute High Roller
2710019 Pickaxe Token
28115Blue Sticker Pack
29140140 Dice Rolls
31200Blue Sticker Pack
32250200 Dice Rolls
3330026 Pickaxe Token
351,6001,400 Dice Rolls
365005-minute Cash Boost
37550Purple Sticker Pack
3980030 Pickaxe Token
402,5002,000 Dice Rolls
4190015-minute High Roller
431,00045 Pickaxe Token
441,100600 Dice Rolls
461,150650 Dice Rolls
471,200Purple Sticker Pack
481,30065 Pickaxe Token
506,2006,000 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack

Ski Stars Event Tips

Monopoly Go
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This is your chance to get as many dice roll rewards as possible, as “Ski Stars” is in good synergy with the other running events.

You should aim for clusters of tokens as this increases the chances of landing into one, as shown in the photo, and increases your multiplier when you’re 5-8 tiles away from it. The closer they are to a Railroad, the better.

Landing on Railroads gives you points for the current Tournament, and with “Jungle Treasure” rolling, Tournament rewards also provide you with Pickaxe tokens.

Monopoly Go
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After the Snowman Contest, the new tournament, “Ice Dance Off,” will take its spot on January 22nd.

Jungle Treasure

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Jungle Treasure in Monopoly Go is a special event that makes a return for the digging mini-game that many tycoons love.

Collecting pickaxes from the main event and tournament, you will use this to dig and extract artifacts from the square tiles. After obtaining all the artifacts, you will receive rewards and move to the next level.

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“Jungle Treasures” is a four-day event. It started on January 22nd and will wrap up on January 26th at 6 PM UTC.

Aside from Tournaments and Main Events, remember to check your Quick Wins, as it also rewards you with pickaxes!

Social Channels & Updates

Want to keep up with Monopoly Go’s announcements, events, and updates? Are you searching for more tycoon buddies to play and exchange stickers with?

Monopoly Go
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Then consider joining Scopely’s official community channel for Monopoly Go to stay in the loop and connect with the fun and like-minded tycoons!

Monopoly Go’s Discord is the most active social channel. By joining the community, you can participate in giveaways and challenges to earn rewards such as stickers and more dice rolls!

Monopoly Go
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Just recently, Scopely announced a Fan Art Contest, offering generous rewards to the winners. The competition will be closed on January 26th. For more information, check out the announcement section in their official Discord channel.

Remember to read and follow the rules before engaging with other Discord tycoon players to avoid penalties and possible bans.


More events are coming back-to-back, showering the players with sticker packs, cash, and dice rolls! Two more tournaments should be rolling in before the special event ends, so keep digging, fellow tycoons, and reap the rewards!

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