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With the “Monopoly Origins” event wrapped up, here comes the second main event of the month! Dust off your top hat and polish your trowel, “Road to Riches” and Gardening Partners” bloom in Monopoly Go, bringing tons of rewards and dice!

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For the main event, “Road to Riches,” participants will receive a total of 15,765 dice rolls once all 49 milestones have been completed in Monopoly Go! Once again, I am here to provide you with a list of rewards and the corresponding points needed to obtain them.

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

To participate in the “Road to Riches” event in Monopoly Go, you need to collect Hotel Tokens to accumulate the required points for each milestone. You can snag the needed Hotel Tokens by landing on Tax Tiles and Utility Tiles.

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You will receive +3 Hotel Tokens by landing on Tax Tile, and landing on Utility Tile will give you +2 Hotel Tokens. You will obtain more Hotel Tokens by rolling with a Multiplier.

Event Duration

We’re back to the usual three-day event. The “Road to Riches” will last from January 8th until January 11th at 3 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

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Here’s the breakdown of the milestone points required and the rewards you will receive from the new event, “Road to Riches” in Monopoly Go. Good luck!

LevelPoints RequiredReward
1570 Gardening Partner Tokens
2520 Dice Rolls
35Green Sticker Pack
41080 Gardening Partner Tokens
545120 Dice Rolls
65120 Gardening Partner Tokens
71010-minute Cash Grab
815Green Sticker Pack
910150 Gardening Partner Tokens
10120250 Dice Rolls
1220Green Sticker Pack
1320180 Gardening Partner Tokens
15200375 Dice Rolls
16405-minute Cash Boost
1730Orange Sticker Pack
1940210 Gardening Partner Tokens
20400700 Dice Rolls
214510-minute High Roller
2250230 Gardening Partner Tokens
2455Pink Sticker Pack
257501,200 Dice Rolls
2760Blue Sticker Pack
2865250 Gardening Partner Tokens
2970100 Dice Rolls
31150270 Gardening Partner Tokens
33200Blue Sticker Pack
34225300 Gardening Partner Tokens
351,3001,800 Dice Rolls
3630020-minute Rent Frenzy
38400350 Gardening Partner Tokens
39500Purple Sticker Pack
402,2003,000 Dice Rolls
4155020-minute High Roller
42600500 Gardening Partner Tokens
44700800 Dice Rolls
46750900 Dice Rolls
47800Purple Sticker Pack
48850650 Gardening Partner Tokens
Final4,0006,500 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack

Gardening Partners

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As mentioned, “Road to Riches” runs alongside “Gardening Partner.” Gardening Partner is an event where you and your friends will have 4 slots to collaborate on, and the goal is to accumulate a total of 80,000 points on each slot to earn the massive grand prize in Monopoly Go!

Event Duration

“Gardening Partners” runs from January 8th until January 13th at 8 PM UTC.

How to Participate in Gardening Partners

Monopoly Go
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You will need a partner to participate in the “Gardening Partners” event. To add a partner, tap the ‘Plus’ icon on the board and choose a friend in Monopoly Go.

Like the previous Partner events, you can spin the partner wheel to gain gardening partner tokens and complete milestones. As a partner event, you must play it with your friends to earn more tokens and complete your goal faster in Monopoly Go. You will need a total of 320,000 for the grand prize.

Gardening Partners Milestone and Rewards

Monopoly Go
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LevelPoints RequiredReward
12,500200 Dice Rolls
321,500250 Dice Rolls
448,00010-minute High Roller
400 Dice Rolls
Pink Sticker Pack
500 Dice Rolls
Blue Sticker Pack
Grand Prize320,0005,000 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack
New Dog Emoji
Garden Cat Board Token

Monopoly Road to Riches’ Tips

Monopoly Go
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The milestone for the main event in Monopoly Go is set lower than usual due to the challenge of landing on the required tiles. Keep an eye out for these tiles and increase your dice multiplier when you are 5-8 spaces away from landing on them, as this increases your chance of success.

Social Channels & Updates

Are you looking for new friends to play Partner Events with or find like-minded people who share the same love and passion for Monopoly Go?

Consider joining the amazing community in Monopoly Go’s official Discord.

Monopoly Go
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To look for friends for the Gardening event, head to Discord’s channel “gardening-partners,” this is where players post requests, but before you dive in and interact with fellow Monopoly Go players, be sure to read and follow the rules to prevent penalties and possible bans.

Monopoly Go
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Aside from finding new friends and being updated with the latest events, Monopoly Go’s official Discord channel held fun giveaways, community polls, and challenges that reward you with sweet, free dice rolls!

Monopoly Go
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For other social channels, check their:


Finding friends who share the same passion for Monopoly Go and play Partner events may be challenging for some people. Thankfully, Scopely provided a safe social channel for their beloved players to join and team up with like-minded tycoons!

On the other hand, completing “Road to Riches” can be challenging, but a well-placed dice multiplier will make a huge difference.

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