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Howdy, tycoons! It’s time to trade our cowboy boots for a pair of shiny parade shoes in Monopoly Go. With Rodeo Riders departing, the “Prize Parade” is taking place for more festive rewards and glittering dice.

Monopoly Go
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Once again, I provide a list of rewards and their corresponding milestones in this article. This main event, “Prize Parade,” offers 15,075 dice and 837 PEG-E token rewards for completing the milestone in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

To participate in the main event, the “Prize Parade” in Monopoly Go, you must land on Tax and Utility tiles to earn event tokens for your milestones.

Monopoly Go
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Once you land on the Tax Tile (Income and Luxury), you will get +3 event tokens; land on the Utility Tile (Water Works or Electric Company), and you will receive +2 tokens.

Note: The event token you receive will increase based on your dice multiplier.

Event Duration

The “Prize Parade” in Monopoly Go is a 4-day event. It starts on February 1st and ends on February 5th at 3 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

Monopoly Go
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Put on your parade costume and maraca, tycoons! Here’s the breakdown of the milestones and the points required to collect the rewards for the main event, the “Prize Parade” in Monopoly Go. Good luck!

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
157 Peg-E Token
2520 Dice Rolls
35Green Sticker Pack
550130 Dice Rolls
61010 Peg-E Token
71510-minute Cash Grab
815Green Sticker Pack
91515 Peg-E Token
10100225 Dice Rolls
1225Green Sticker Pack
132520 Peg-E Token
15250475 Dice Rolls
163015-minutes Rent Frenzy
1735Yellow Sticker Pack
184035 Peg-E Token
20450Carnival Coconut Token
2150100 Dice Rolls
225055 Peg-E Token
235010-minute High Roller
2460Pink Sticker Pack
257001,000 Dice Rolls
2770Blue Sticker Pack
286085 Peg-E Token
2970125 Dice Rolls
31100150 Dice Rolls
321505-minute Cash Boost
33200105 Peg-E Token
351,0001,400 Dice Rolls
36300125 Peg-E Token
37350200 Dice Rolls
39500Purple Sticker Pack
402,0003,000 Dice Rolls
4160020-minute High Roller
42650170 Peg-E Token
43700850 Dice Rolls
45750900 Dice Rolls
46800210 Peg-E Token
47850Purple Sticker Pack
494,0006,500 Dice Rolls

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Prize Parade Event Tips

For this event, your best aim is to land on Tax Tiles (Income and Luxury) rather than Utility Tiles.

The reason is that Tax Tiles are closer to each other, increasing your chance of landing on either of them. If you miss, there’s a chance you will land on the Railroad for the tournament tokens.

Monopoly Go
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Not to mention, Tax Tiles also offer more event tokens than Utilities, making them a more ideal target.

As routined, when you’re only 5-8 paces away from the Tax Tile, increase your dice multiplier to boost the event token reward you will receive.

Today’s main event required milestone points are smaller than usual, but landing on the tile can be challenging.

Peg-E Event

Monopoly Go
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Peg-E is currently ongoing, providing you with the opportunity to earn additional sticker packs for your season album and more dice rolls to complete the main event milestones!

Check out “Monopoly Go – Peg E Prize Drop Event Is Now On!” for more information!


Monopoly Go
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Looking for more dice rolls and Peg-E Tokens? Participate in the Monopoly Go Tournament daily and reach the top 25 on the leaderboard. Doing so will not only reward you with Dice and Peg-E Tokens but also provide sticker packs for your seasonal album.

The tournament changes daily. The “Bird Watching” is ongoing, followed by the “Samba Showdown.”

Social Channels & Updates

Finding it challenging to keep up with announcements, events, and updates? Do you need more tycoon buddies to trade stickers with? Consider joining Monopoly Go’s official community channels to stay in the loop and meet amazing fellow tycoons!

Monopoly Go
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I highly recommend joining their official Discord channel for a more engaging experience. They host numerous giveaways, challenges, and competitions, providing ample opportunities to earn dice rolls and sticker packs.

Monopoly Go
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Scopely also provided sticker trading channels for their beloved tycoons who are hard at work in completing their seasonal albums.

Monopoly Go
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Simply head to the Monopoly Go Discord, navigate to the Trading section, and select the channel corresponding to the sticker star you need.

Before diving in and interacting with Monopoly Go players, make sure to read and follow the rules to avoid penalties and possible bans.

Be wary of scammers; ensure you’re trading with the right players and check their reputation in the trading-reputation channel.


Main Events are getting longer, hinting at a more significant event ahead. Scopely is brewing something, and everyone is excited about it! I recommend collecting as many Dice Rolls as possible in preparation for a possible mini-event.

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