Monopoly Go – Peg E Prize Drop Event Is Now On!

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Monopoly Go

The Monopoly Go Peg E Prize Drop is by far one of the best events the game has to offer.

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So grab as many dice as you can, stack up on those free dice, and get rolling to earn those rewards!

Event Duration

The Monopoly Go – Peg E Prize Drop Event started today, 30 January 2024, and is scheduled to end on 04 February 2024. Use this opportunity to get those dice rolling, and earn as many tokens as possible!

How Does Monopoly Go Peg E Prize Drop Work?

Wondering how this event works? It is super simple! You will need to roll your dice and collect as many Peg E tokens as possible.

Once you’ve obtained a few tokens, select the token icon displayed on the right-hand side of your screen.

You will see a pop-up screen showing you a board, with two prizes and cash below that, as well as gifts at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, you will see arrows pointing downwards at the top.

Select your multiplier and tap on one of the arrows to drop the token on the board. It is all random, so shaking your phone will not determine where the token will land. (Trust me on this, I’ve tried). See the image below:

Peg E Board
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There are various ways that you can obtain tokens in Monopoly Go. See the methods below:

How To Earn Tokens In Peg E Prize Drop

Without tokens, you cannot play the Monopoly Go Peg E Prize Drop Event. Here’s how:

  • Daily Gifts – You can obtain tokens in the Peg E Prize Drop event by opening your daily gifts. If you are to work out the timing perfectly, you can collect your gift three times a day, as the timer resets once every 8 hours.
Daily gifts
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  • Events – Events enable you to earn additional tokens for the Peg E board, if you complete certain milestones, you will be rewarded generously.
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  • Tournaments – Tournaments are available during this event, and can be played in order to earn tokens. Additionally, you can obtain various rewards, such as dice, sticker packs, cash, and other various items.
  • Quick Wins – These Quick Wins are available every single day, and will reward you with tokens, as long as the Peg E Prize Drop Event is ongoing. You will receive three gifts, however, you will have to complete each one in order to find out what the next one is.
Peg E Event Daily Wins
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  • The Store – Purchasing tokens is also possible, you can purchase them using real-time currency, i.e., real money. Be sure to look for offers that will give you some discount, as deals are available in the store.

Final Thoughts

This is all we have for now, so get rolling and let us know in the comment section below if you have additional tips and tricks.

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