Does Monopoly Go Pay Real Money?

Charles Judd
Monopoly Go loading screen
(Last Updated On: October 22, 2023)

Like its board game inspiration, Monopoly Go by Scopely is centered around property trading and capitalism in general. In short, the game is about making money. So, does Monopoly Go pay real money? The quick answer is no.

You cannot earn real money playing Monopoly Go. The game’s economy mainly runs on its virtual currency, which in no way can be cashed out.

Monopoly Go board
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Is Monopoly Go Free to Play?

You can download Monopoly Go on the App Store and Play Store for free. Although the game is about building wealth, it is not pay-to-win.

Every essential asset can be purchased using the in-game currency. But if you lack this currency, you are free to buy bundles of it from the shop.

Money section of shop
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Still, the game can be completely free to play if you know how to keep your digital pockets full.

How to Earn Monopoly Go Money

While there’s no way to earn real dollars in the game, there are several methods to obtain Monopoly Go money. Let’s talk about some of them.

Lots and Utilities

Every time you land on a lot or utility (Electric Company and Water Station), you earn the amount of money indicated on the respective space.

This is the most common way to acquire in-game currency, but most tiles won’t give you that much. Thankfully, you can build houses on lots to boost their value.

You can attain houses by going to the Build section and constructing any establishment. The house will be placed on a random tile on the board.

New York City map of Monopoly Go
Photo: Scopely

Railroad Mini-Games

When you land on any railroad tiles, you will play one of two mini-games: Shut Down and Bank Heist.

In Shut Down, you will be taken to other players’ maps. You have to choose one building to demolish, but some of them will be protected with shields, which will decrease your rewards.

Opponent map in Shut Down mini-game
Photo: Scopely

Bank Heist lets you steal from other players. You have to open vaults with hidden objects. You have to match three objects of the same type to complete the heist.

Bank Heist mini-game
Photo: Scopely

Sticker Sets

You can usually collect stickers from events and tournaments. Each sticker belongs to a set that, when completed, will give you not only Monopoly Go money but also dice rolls.

Every sticker set also belongs to an album. And when you get all sets of an album, the rewards will be far greater.

Epic Myths sticker album
Photo: Scopely

Check out our guide on trading stickers and gathering gold cards on Monopoly Go.

Community Chest

When you land on the Community Chest for the first time, it will be locked. To open it, you need to add at least five friends to the game.

After you accomplish that, you will unlock the Community Chest mini-game that you can play once a day.

The Community Chest
Photo: Scopely

The game features a randomizer that will land on one of your friends’ profiles or a key. Keys will instantly open the chest, give you rewards, and end the mini-game. If you land on a friend, you receive different gifts and prolong the fun little feature.


Players may not be able to make a buck on Monopoly Go, but one could say that’s the beauty of it. The simple pleasures of mobile gaming, like obtaining stacks of in-game currency and completing sticker sets, are enough for a complete experience.

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