Monopoly Go – Next Big Event December 2023: When Is It?

Al Bagiuo
Monopoly Go
(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

Monopoly Go brings exciting new events almost daily! Creating an air of mystery around when and which event will take center stage.

With durations ranging from just a few days to the reappearance of some after weeks—or the possibility that some may never return—each event is a thrilling opportunity to rake in a bounty of free dice!

Monopoly Go intro
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Stay on your toes and seize the excitement! This article contains the latest events as of November 2023 in Monopoly Go!

When is the Next Season Event?

Monopoly Go’s third-season event, themed “Epic Myths,” is currently in progress. While the developer has not disclosed specific details about the forthcoming season, its launch is anticipated in December.

To maintain player engagement during this interim period, the game features a multitude of daily events throughout November.

Monopoly Go: Latest Event

Uncharted Adventures Event

Get ready for the Uncharted Adventures Event on Monopoly Go! This event goes hand in hand with the Prize Drop Chips Event and players can gain some fantastic rewards!

Uncharted Adventures Event
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Event Duration

The Uncharted Adventures Event started today, the 29th of November, 2023, and is set to end on the 1st of December, 2023.

How To Earn Rewards?

Earning rewards is fairly easy, you would need to land on the four corner tiles of the board by rolling your dice, namely:

  • Go
  • Just Visiting
  • Free Parking, and
  • Jail
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Uncharted Adventures Event Milestones & Rewards

110 Dice
25 Prize Drop Chips
4Sticker Pack
570 Dice
68 Prize Drop Chips
8Sticker Pack
10220 Dice
1112 Prize Drop Chips
1210 Minute Cash Grab
13Sticker Pack
1415 Prize Drop Chips
15450 Dice
17Sticker Pack
185-Minute Board Rush
1930 Prize Drop Chips
20850 Dice
22Sticker Pack
2345 Prize Drop Chips
251400 Dice
2625-Minute Rent Frenzy
2860 Prize Drop Chips
29Sticker Pack
31180 Dice
33Sticker Pack
3475 Prize Drop Chips
351850 Dice
3610-Minute Cash Grab
37Sticker Pack
38500 Dice
39100 Prize Drop Chips
402700 Dice
41Sticker Pack
4225 Minute Rent Frenzy
43130 Prize Drop Chips
44950 Dice
46160 Prize Drop Chips
47Sticker Pack
4915-Minute Cash Grab

And there you have the awesome rewards! Get those dice rolling!

Epic Myths Event

Are you ready for some new prizes? Monopoly Go brings you the Epic Myths Event, which goes hand in hand with the Thanksgiving Partners event!

Epic Myths event
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Event Duration

This event runs from today, November 24, 2023, and is scheduled to end on November 26, 2023.

How To Earn Rewards?

Earning rewards in the Epic Myths Event is as simple as rolling the dice and landing on tiles with tokens, in this event they are scrolls!

Scroll tokens
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Epic Myths Event Milestones & Rewards

Below we have listed the rewards you can obtain, as well as the points needed:

180 Mitts
3Sticker Pack
4125 Dice
5100 Mitts
6Sticker Pack
7150 Mitts
8Rent Frenzy
9220 Dice
10180 Mitts
11Sticker Pack
13220 Mitts
14550 Dice
15Sticker Pack
16Cash Boost
17250 Mitts
191000 Dice
20Sticker Pack
21280 Mitts
23High Roller Bonus
241300 Dice
25Sticker Pack
27320 Mitts
28100 Dice
30120 Dice
31350 Mitts
33Sticker Pack
341850 Dice
35400 Mitts
36Cash Boost
37Sticker Pack
38500 Mitts
394000 Dice
40High Roller
41Sticker Pack
42600 Mitts
44800 Dice
46Sticker Pack
47800 Mitts
48Sticker Pack + 6500 Dice

And there you have all the rewards awaiting you in this awesome event!

Thanksgiving Partners Event

The Thanksgiving Partner Event along with the Blessed event is here in Monopoly Go, so get those dice rolling for epic rewards!

How To Play
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Event Duration

This Monopoly Go event has started today, November 21, 2023, and is set to end on November 26, 2023. Rewards include fantastic prizes for players, so partner up and get started!

How To Earn Rewards?

This event is somewhat different than just rolling the dice. You can add friends, ie. partners to join in the fun. You will need to roll the dice and collect tokens around the board (in this instance, oven mitts).

Thanksgiving Partners Event
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Make sure you have your friend and you both are ready to play! You can earn additional oven mitts by passing stages, completing Blessed event milestones, and landing on certain landmarks, such as the Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Jail landmarks.

Thanksgiving Partners Event Milestones

Below we have listed the rewards you can obtain, as well as the points needed:

Reward 1 – 200 Dice2500 Points
Reward 2 – Cash5000 Points
Reward 3 – Blue Vault + 300 Dice + Sticker Pack12500 Points
Reward 4 – Pink Vault + 400 Dice + Sticker Pack25000 Points
Reward 5 – 500 Dice + Cash + Sticker Pack35000 Points
Grand Prize – 5000 Dice + Sticker Pack + Pumpkin Pie Token

You will need to partner up with four friends at a time in order to make this work. Be sure to participate in all the events currently on the board, and make sure your friends are active!

Note: You are unable to switch partners in the event, so choose wisely!

Cranberry Carnival

Get ready to indulge in some delicious cake with the Cranberry Carnival in Monopoly Go!

Cranberry Carnival
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Event Duration

This event runs from November 19, 2023, until November 21, 2023, EST. Prizes include dice rolls, stickers, and some much-needed cash! Get ready to fill out those albums!

How To Earn Rewards?

Simple! Simply roll your dice and land on the utility boards to gain 2 slices of cake, or land on the tax tile to earn 3 slices of cake. Increasing your multiplier will earn you extra slices, so keep rolling!

Cranberry Cake Milestones

Below we have listed the rewards you are able to obtain with this awesome event!

210 Dice Rolls
3Sticker Pack
4130 Dice Rolls
6Sticker Pack
7Rent Frenzy – 10 Mins
9225 Dice Rolls
11Sticker Pack
13480 Dice Rolls, Cash
15Sticker Pack
17750 Dice Rolls
18High Roller – 10 mins
19Sticker Pack
211100 Dice Rolls
22Sticker Pack
24Cash Grab – 15 Mins
25100 Dice Rolls
27Sticker Pack
28250 Dice Rolls
302000 Dice Rolls
31Cash Boost – 5 Mins
32Sticker Pack
342700 Dice Rolls
35Sticker Pack
37800 Dice Rolls
39900 Dice Rolls
40Sticker Pack
427000 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

Blessed Feast

Get ready to collect turkeys and win big in Monopoly Go! The Blessed Feast is on and players can expect to win some fantastic rewards!

Blessed Feast Event
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Event Duration

The Blessed Feast Event runs from November 17, 2023, until November 19, 2023, EST. Players can expect to gain some awesome prizes, from free dice rolls, Monopoly money, and more, to stickers that come in handy when you want to fill your sticker album!

Where to Collect Turkeys?

Turkeys appear randomly on your board. You can increase the amount of turkeys you collect by increasing your dice roll multiplier.

Blessed feast turkey collection
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Blessed Feast Milestones

Here we have compiled a list of the rewards you can obtain in the Blessed Feast Event, according to our own experience:

2Dice Rolls
3Sticker Pack
4Dice Rolls
6Sticker Pack
8Dice Rolls
10Rent Frenzy
11Sticker Pack
13Dice Rolls
14Sticker Pack
17Dice Rolls
19Sticker Pack
21Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack
22High Roller
23Sticker Pack
24Dice Rolls
25Dice Rolls, Cash
26Dice Rolls
28Sticker Pack
29Cash Boost
30Dice Rolls
32Sticker Pack
34Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack
35Sticker Pack
36Rent Frenzy
37Dice Rolls
38Dice Rolls
39Dice Rolls
40Sticker Pack
42Sticker Pack, Dice Rolls

Egyptian Treasures Event

Monopoly Go treasure
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Embark on an unforgettable adventure packed with treasures, excitement, and endless fun! Today marks the launch of a brand-new event that will have you eagerly digging for glory in the captivating realm of Egyptian Treasures in Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go egyptian
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Embark on a captivating quest in the Monopoly Go game event, where you’ll unearth hidden riches and assemble sets of treasures to win fantastic prizes.

Wield your pickaxes to unravel the secrets of the ancient world, with each level revealing a new array of treasures.

At the culmination of your adventure, a grand reward awaits, promising an exhilarating journey through the realms of wealth and discovery!

Event Duration

Monopoly Go duration
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Indulge in days of thrills and challenges with the Egyptian Treasures event in Monopoly Go.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of this Egypt-themed adventure, set to captivate you until November 16th at 9 AM PST. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Where To Collect Pickaxes?

Monopoly Go
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Gear up for the event by wielding your trusty pickaxe in Monopoly Go to unveil the hidden treasures beneath.

Each tap consumes one pickaxe, and you can acquire these valuable tools as rewards through a range of events, including tournaments, quick wins, milestones, and more!

Get ready to uncover riches and make every tap count in Monopoly Go!

Egyptian Treasures Milestones

Monopoly Go mile
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In Monopoly Go’s Egyptian Treasures event, there are 16 levels of milestones, each with its own enticing reward. Complete a milestone by successfully digging up all the artifacts in the puzzle, and reap the treasures that await you!

Milestone LevelRewards
175 Free Dice Rolls
2Green Safe – 100 Free Dice Rolles, 2✦ Orange Sticker Pack
3Green Safe – Cash, 3 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxes
4175 Dice Rolls
5Green Safe – Cash, 1✦ Green Sticker Pack
6Blue Safe – 200 Dice Rolls, 4 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxes
7Blue Safe – 4 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxes, 3✦ Pink Sticker Pack
8275 Dice Rolls
9Blue Safe – Cash, 5 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxes
10300 Dice Rolls
11Pink Safe – Cash, 3✦ Golden Pink Sticker Pack
12Pink Safe – 350 Dice Rolls, 8 Pickaxes
13Pink Safe – Cash, 400 Dice Rolls
144✦ Golden Blue Sticker Pack
15Pink Safe – Cash, 450 Dice Rolls
16Cash, 2,500 Dice Rolls, Galaxy Sticker Pack

Tax Refund Event

Monopoly Go tax
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The Banker is unlocking its doors for the Tax Refund event in Monopoly Go. Accumulate points to reach your milestone and unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including an abundance of dice rolls, cash, and more! Don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity!

Event Duration

This straightforward yet generous event extends its offerings until November 15th.

How to Get Points?

Monopoly Go point
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Tax Refund is a tile event where you accumulate points each time you land on the following tiles on the board:

  • Chance + 2 Points
  • Community Chest + 3 Points
  • Railroad + 5 Points

The tiles are evenly distributed in Monopoly Go, providing ample opportunities to land on them. For the most lucrative points, aim for the railroads! Please note that the points earned are multiplied by the dice multiplier you choose to use.

Tax Refund Milestone

Monopoly reward
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Upon reaching the required points, rewards await! Here’s everything you need to know about the milestones in Tax Refund in Monopoly Go!

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
1251✦ Green Sticker Pack
2203 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
34025 Dice Rolls
515075 Dice
6403 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
75015-Minute Rent Frenzy
8551✦ Green Sticker Pack
10375200 Dice Rolls
11605 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
13901✦ Green Sticker Pack
14806 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
1510010 Minute Cash Grab
16850500 Dice Rolls
1710010-Minute Cash Grab
181102✦ Yellow Sticker Pack
1912050 Dice Rolls
2011511 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
211,300700 Dice Rolls
221503✦ Pink Sticker Pack
2417513 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
262,0001,000 Dice Rolls
272752✦ Yellow Sticker Pack
2830016 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
2932510-Minute High Roller
30400100 Dice Rolls
3245019 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
33500150 Dice Rolls
3465026 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
357504✦ Blue Sticker Pack
364,5002,000 Dice Rolls
389004✦ Blue Sticker Pack
401,2005-Minute Cash Boost
4110,0003,800 Dice Rolls
421,5005✦ Purple Sticker Pack
441,900600 Dice Rolls
462,00030 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
473,0004✦ Golden Blue Sticker Pack
494,00045 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe
5017,5007,500 Dice Rolls, 4✦ Golden Blue Sticker Pack

Types of Events

Monopoly Go
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Monopoly Go anticipates DAILY event releases to maintain player engagement. These events come in various types, ensuring a diverse and dynamic experience for players:

Event TypeEvent List
Special and Mutiday Single Player EventThese events are showcased in the top center of the game, spanning over several days with distinct rules for each. Rewards are collected upon reaching milestones.Singles Night, Wall Street Wonders, Equity Extravaganza, Jungle Jam, Trick or Treat, Spooky Soiree, Bewitching Bash, Lasso Loops, Rodeo Riders
Seasonal EventsSeasonal events extend over a couple of months and involve the collection of stickers.Epic Myths, Wildlife Tales, Globe Trottin
Flash EventsThese are the time-limited events and offer special rewards.Wheel Boost, Mega Heist, Landmark Rush, Board Rush, Cash Grab, Cash Boost, Rent Frenzy


Monopoly Go players often strategically reserve their dice rolls for events they enjoy, maximizing their chances to reap the full benefits of the rewards. Stay informed about limited-time or multi-day events by joining their Facebook and Discord.

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