Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures Event Is Now On!

Nivenka Stanton
Monopoly Go - Moonlight Treasures Event

The Monopoly Go Moonlight Treasures Event is here, and with so many awesome prizes to win, it’s no small wonder this event is huge!

Monopoly Go - Moonlight Treasures Event
Photo: Scopely

Event Duration

The Moonlight Treasures Event will run from today, 10 December 2023, and is set to end on Wednesday 13 December 2023.

How Does It Work?

This Monopoly Go Moonlight Treasures Event is slightly different from others, where you would usually have to land on specific tiles to earn tokens, this one has a catch!

If you are familiar with the Egyptian Treasures Event, this will be a piece of cake for you to master! However, for players that are just starting the game, below is a guide on how to become a master at this event:

Gaining Tokens For The Event:

First off, you will need to collect pickaxes throughout Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures gameplay. There are various ways in which you can obtain them:

  • Quick Wins – Gain pickaxes by collecting your daily quick wins.
Daily Quick Wins
Photo: Scopely
  • Daily Gift – Collect your daily gift and find pickaxes in the box.
  • Gingerbread Galore – This event gives you pickaxes as you complete milestones.
Gingerbread Galore
Photo: Scopely
  • Sleigh Race – Earn pickaxes from completing milestones in this event. Hurry though! This event ends soon!
Sleigh Race
Photo: Scopely

These are a few of the ways you can gain Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures Event tokens.

How To Use The Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures Event Tokens?

Obtaining these tokens is pretty easy as seen above, now you need to know where to use them.

Select the icon on the right-hand side of your screen, the one that shows a pickaxe. You will be taken to a new screen which will give you a sandbox.

Using your pickaxes, tap on the blocks and try to reveal the treasures hidden beneath the sand.

Excavate using pickaxes
Photo: Scopely

Once you have collected all the required artifacts that are displayed at the top center of your screen, you will earn rewards in the Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures Event.

Rewards & Milestones

The following rewards can be earned while playing this Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures Event:

175 Dice Rolls
2 Green Safe – 100 Dice Rolls + Gold Sticker Pack (2 Star)
3Green Safe – Cash + 3 Pickaxes
4175 Dice Rolls
5Green Safe – Cash + Gold Pink Sticker Pack (3 Star)
6Blue Safe – 200 Dice + 4 Pickaxes
7Blue Safe – 4 Pickaxes + Blue Sticker Pack (4 Star)
8275 Dice Rolls
9Blue Safe – Cash + 5 Pickaxes
10Pink Safe – 300 Dice Rolls
11Pink Safe – Cash + Purple Sticker Pack
12Pink Safe – 350 Dice + 8 Pickaxes
13Pink Safe – 400 Dice Rolls + Cash
14Plane Token
15Pink Safe – 450 Dice + Cash
16Gold Safe – 2500 Dice + Cash + Galaxy Sticker Pack (Contains 1 Brand New Sticker)

Final Thoughts

Monopoly Go – Moonlight Treasures Event is one of Scopely’s brilliant events and players should seize the opportunity to play! This event is one of the easier events that make earning rewards less challenging than some other events.

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