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With the Heartfelt Holidays ended comes the main event and new season, “Monopoly Origins!” Once again, Monopoly Go delivered another exciting album, brimming with colorful stickers for players to collect.

The accompanying main event presents 14,075 dice rolls attainable once you achieve all 41 milestones.

Monopoly Go
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Once again, I’m here to provide you with a list of rewards for each milestone for this grand event, “Monopoly Origins,” in Monopoly Go. Without further ado, it’s time to explore the prizes!

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

Joining the “Monopoly Origins” Event is reasonably simple. The main objective is to land on certain tiles to collect Top Hat tokens to reach your milestones in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go
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By landing on Chance, you will receive +2 Top Hat. Landing on Community Chest gives you +3 Top Hat, while Railroad gives you +5 Top Hat.

Take note that the Top Hat tokens you receive will increase based on your Multiplier!

Event Duration

Surprisingly, the “Monopoly Origins” Event is a four-day event. It runs from January 4th until January 8th at 3 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

Monopoly Go
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Below, you will find the milestones breakdown and the rewards you will receive from the new main event, “Monopoly Origins” in Monopoly Go!

LevelPoints RequiredReward
125Green Sticker Pack
24020 Dice Rolls
412575 Dice Rolls
650Green Sticker Pack
76010-minute Rent Frenzy
8350200 Dice Rolls
1090Green Sticker Pack
12800400 Dice Rolls
13125Orange Sticker Pack
1417510-minute Cash Grab
161,300600 Dice Rolls
18200Pink Sticker Pack
202,000800 Dice Rolls
2135010-minute High Roller
23400130 Dice Rolls
25500150 Dice Rolls
26600Blue Sticker Pack
284,0001,400 Dice Rolls
299005-minute Cash Boost
311,500Blue Sticker Pack
338,0002,800 Dice Rolls
353,000Purple Sticker Pack
363,5001,000 Dice Rolls
384,00030-minute Rent Frenzy
394,500Purple Sticker Pack
Final16,0006,500 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack

Monopoly Origins’ Tips

Monopoly Go
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In Monopoly Go, the best approach for this event is landing your dice in Railroad tiles. “Monopoly Origins” is the kind of event that compliments the ongoing tournament!

Strategically, consider increasing your multiplier when you’re just 5-8 tiles away from Railroad, as this range significantly increases the chance of landing on the target tile.

Race to the Top Tournament

Monopoly Go
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As mentioned, the tournament requires you to land on Railroads. The ongoing tournament is called “Race to the Top,” and you must collect Dollar tokens to participate in this side event and be rewarded with cash, dice rolls, and Sticker Packs to start your new season album in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go
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Like “Monopoly Origin,” you must land on certain tiles to obtain Dollar Tokens. For “Race to the Top,” you must get on Railroad tiles (Shutdown and Bank Heist) in Monopoly Go. The quantity of the token you receive will increase with the Multiplier:

  • Shutdown – Blocked +2 Dollar Token, Success! +4 Dollar Token.
  • Bank Heist – Small +4 Dollar Token, Large +6 Dollar Token, Bankrupt! +8 Dollar Token.

The tournament runs from January 4th until January 5th at 6 PM UTC.

Monopoly Go
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Landing on Railroad provides you tokens on the main event and tournament, which means more prizes, especially sticker packs for your new season album!

Players securing the 1st to 10th positions in the tournament will receive dice rolls, cash, and a sticker pack, whereas those ranking 11th to 15th will receive dice rolls and cash. The remaining participants will only receive cash rewards.

Monopoly Go
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Missed the tournament? No problem! More tournaments are on the horizon, and Scopely has introduced a Sticker Trading feature on their official Monopoly Go Discord!

Social Channels & Updates

Are you looking for new friends who share the same love and passion for Monopoly Go? To connect with fellow players, participate in giveaways, and be in the loop with updates and community polls?

Consider joining Monopoly Go’s official Discord.

Monopoly Go
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Aside from holding various giveaways, challenges, and community boons to delight their treasured Monopoly Go players, they provided a Sticker Trade channel for those who wish to complete their albums!

Monopoly Go
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But before you dive in and interact with fellow Monopoly Go players, be sure to read and follow the guidelines to prevent penalties and possible bans. If you have any questions, feel free to approach any active moderator or consult their FAQ section.

You can also follow them on the following social channels for updates:


With the “Race to the Top” tournament still ongoing, it’s better to take advantage of the event by landing on Railroads. Hitting two birds with one stone, you will receive double the prizes and more with the multiplier!

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