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It’s the New Year, and the return of the “Heartfelt Holidays” event in Monopoly Go marks the season’s end with 13,780 total dice rolls as a reward.

The return to the usual mundane life may sound tragic after a long festive holiday, but Scopley also implements the “Firework Frenzy” and “Snowy Creations” Tournament to run alongside the main event in Monopoly Go. More prizes for everyone before we wrap things up!

Monopoly Go
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As usual, I’m here to provide you with an article listing all the rewards of each milestone for the “Heartfelt Holidays” event in Monopoly Go. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

To participate in the “Heartfelt Holidays” Event in Monopoly Go, you must land on tiles found in four corners of the board.

To make it simple, you will be rewarded 4 Christmas Tree Lights tokens by landing in Go, Free Parking, Just Visiting, or Go to Jail.

Monopoly Go
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The Christmas Tree Light tokens you receive will increase based on your Multiplier!

Event Duration

The “Heartfelt Holidays” Event in Monopoly Go runs from January 2nd until January 4th at 3 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

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Below, you will find the milestones breakdown and the rewards you will receive from the “Heartfelt Holidays” event in Monopoly Go!

LevelPoints RequiredReward
1515 Dice Rolls
315Green Sticker Pack
480120 Dice Rolls
620Green Sticker Pack
72510-minute Rent Frenzy
9180225 Dice Rolls
1140Green Sticker Pack
13300350 Dice Rolls
155010-minute Cash Grab
1770Orange Sticker Pack
18700720 Dice Rolls
2080Pink Sticker Pack
221,2001,100 Dice Rolls
2315015-minute High Roller
25175160 Dice Rolls
27200Blue Sticker Pack
28300240 Dice Rolls
301,8001,500 Dice Rolls
33800Blue Sticker Pack
352,8002,200 Dice Rolls
361,000Purple Sticker Pack
371,10025-minute Rent Frenzy
401,300850 Dice Rolls
411,400Purple Sticker Pack
Final6,0006,300 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack

Heartfelt Holidays’ Tips

Monopoly Go
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Every roll of dice counts, so make sure to plan before throwing your dice on the board. Strategically, you should increase your multiplier when you’re just 5-8 tiles away from your target.

Firework Frenzy

Monopoly Go
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To maximize your gameplay experience in Monopoly Go, take advantage of the current tournament, “Firework Frenzy,” as it offers many rewards and Sticker Packs to complete your “Heartfelt Holidays” album before it ends.

Monopoly Go
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To participate in the “Firework Frenzy” tournament, land on Shutdown and Bank Heist tiles to collect the Firework token. The quantity of the token increases with the Multiplier:

  • Shutdown – When Blocked, +2 Fireworks. When Success! +4 Fireworks.
  • Bank Heist – When Small +4 Fireworks. When Large +6 Fireworks. When Bankrupt! +8 Fireworks.
Monopoly Go
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By joining the tournament, you will earn a pack of stickers for the “Heartfelt Holidays” album, which will end in two days in Monopoly Go.

Even if you miss the corners of the board for the Christmas Tree Lights token, you will most likely land on Shutdown and Bank Heist as the tiles are positioned at the center.

Monopoly Go
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Don’t have enough dice and prefer using them on the “Heartfelt Holidays” event rather than partaking in the Tournament? No worries! Scopely implemented a Sticker Trading channel in their official Monopoly Go Discord!

Social Channels & Updates

Monopoly Go
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Monopoly Go has various social channels that keep their player base informed and provide a safe space to trade stickers and interact with other players.

“Discord” is their most active and well-organized platform for such activity.

Monopoly Go
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On the same platform, Scopley holds various giveaways, challenges, and community boons to delight their treasured Monopoly Go players, rewarding winners with free dice rolls and stickers.

But before diving in and interacting with fellow Monopoly Go players and participating in their community giveaways, read the guidelines and adhere to rules to prevent penalties and possible bans.

You can also follow them on the following social channels for updates:


“Heartfelt Holidays” of Monopoly Go is the last main event of the season, and Scopely ensures that they shower their old and new fans with rewards such as dice and sticker packs to clutch the album.

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