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Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go’s Gardening Partners is the first partner event to sprout after the season change and will be available for five days.

Gardening Partners is where you collaborate with your fellow green thumb tycoon friends to build gardens, reach goals, and reap a harvest of rewards!

Monopoly Go
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This article will serve as your gardening guide in Monopoly Go! I will map out every milestone point required and the rewards you will receive upon reaching your goal, along with some handy tips for earning more points and finding gardening pals!

Monopoly Go – How To Participate

To participate in Monopoly Go‘s Gardening Partner, gather your green-thumbed buddies to fill in the four slots to unite your trowels in building a garden and aim for the goal: complete four gardens and earn 320,000 points!

Work together, cultivate points, and reap the biggest harvest – a majestic grand prize!

Invite Fellow Tycoons

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To get started, click on one of the empty slots at the center of the board. A new window appears, listing all your Monopoly Go friends and suggested tycoons.

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To send an invite to your tycoon buddies in Monopoly Go, tap on the green “invite” button, and they will appear in the slot once they accept it.

Or tap “Add Friends” to invite tycoons on Facebook or to send a link to other social platforms.

Garden Wheel and Flower Token

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A garden will appear in place of the slot when the invitation is successful. Tapping on the garden gives you access to your friend’s garden wheel in Monopoly Go.

Spin the wheel with your partner to earn points to build your garden and earn prizes!

Each spin requires 20 Flower Tokens and increases per multiplier.

Where to get Flower Token?

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Flower Tokens are nestled randomly on Monopoly Go tiles. Collect them by landing on their tile.

Alternatively, you will be rewarded Flower Tokens by participating in the main event, “Road to Riches,” and the ongoing tournaments.

Event Duration

“Gardening Partners” is a five-day event. It runs from January 8th until January 13th at 8 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

Here are the rewards for each milestone in store for you! You can grab the sweet grand prize once you and your fellow tycoons build all four gardens and accumulate an impressive 320,000 event points!

Monopoly Go
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Reaching the target can be challenging, but with your mighty trowel and teamwork, your hard work will be rewarded with 5,000 dice rolls and a purple sticker pack for your album! Good luck!

LevelPoints RequiredReward
12,500200 Dice Rolls
321,500250 Dice Rolls
448,00010-minute HIgh Roller
400 Dice Rolls
Pink Sticker Pack
500 Dice Rolls
Blue Sticker Pack
Grand Prize320,0005,000 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack
Garden Cat Board Token
New Dog Emoji

Gardening Partner Tips

The challenging part in Gardening Partners is collecting enough Flower Tokens to spin the wheel and earn enough points to complete your garden.

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Fortunately, the main event, “Road to Riches,” and tournaments reward you with Flower Tokens once you reach certain milestones.

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To earn points for the events, unleash your inner tycoon and increase your multiplier when you’re just 5-8 tiles away from landing on Utility, Tax, or Railroad tiles.

Watch your points explode! The higher the multiplier, the bigger points you receive and the faster you will reach milestones that reward you with Flower Tokens!

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Tournaments are held daily, so remember to participate and shower yourself with Flower Token goodness! These tokens are awarded to players who land in the top 25 leaderboards.

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Social Channels & Updates

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Make new Monopoly Go tycoon buddies, enter the fun and engaging challenges, win amazing freebies, exchange stickers, and more by joining the official Monopoly Go community!

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Consider joining their most active community channel on Discord, where they host numerous community giveaways, challenges, and friendly tycoons eager to help and share their Monopoly Go experiences.

Official Monopoly Go announcements are also posted in their respective channel, keeping you in the loop about their upcoming updates and events!

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To look for friends for the Gardening Partners event, head to Discord’s channel “gardening-partners,” this is where fellow tycoons and trusted traders post requests, but before you dive in and interact with Monopoly Go players, be sure to read and follow the rules to prevent penalties and possible bans.


Reaching the grand prize goal of 320,000 points can be time-consuming, but with dedicated green-thumbed tycoons as partners and consistent participation in tournaments, it becomes possible to reap the biggest rewards from Gardening Partners!

Couldn’t find event partners in your social circle? Check out Monopoly Go’s official Discord for dedicated tycoons and traders!

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