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Monopoly Go Events

Events in Monopoly Go are essential for you to be able to progress throughout the game!

In our Monopoly Go Events guide, we will update the list of all current events happening, as well as explain what sort of events take place in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly GO Events, Tournaments, and Dates (Daily)

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The main purpose of events in Monopoly Go is to ensure players are rewarded for their efforts. Any Monopoly Go fanatic knows exactly how important dice, albums, and tokens are! Below we have listed the current active Monopoly Go Events:

Current Active Monopoly Go Events

Dig Event – Galactic Treasures

Start Date:End Date:How To Earn Rewards:
23rd February 202427th February 2024Collect lasers throughout gameplay to zap through the tiles. For more information on how dig events work, click HERE

Galactic Adventures – Current Monopoly Go Event

Start Date:End Date:How To Earn Rewards:
23rd February 202425th February 2024Land on tokens across the board that appear on specific tiles.

Space Repairs – Current Monopoly Go Event

Start Date:End Date:How To Earn Rewards:
24th February 202425th February 2024Land on the Railroad Tiles to earn “Bankheist” and “Shutdown”.

Monopoly GO Events & Tournaments – What Are They?

These are some of the Monopoly Go Events and Tournaments you can expect to occur regularly in the game:

  • Tournaments – These are competitive events where you can try your luck and try to advance to the top of the leaderboard. Play against other players for special prizes. Reaching certain milestones will reward you, and if you place in the top 20, you will earn additional rewards.
  • Partner Events – These events enable you to play directly with friends. You will need to reach milestones together in order to win rewards. Partner up with friends who you know will participate in the event with you.
Partners event
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  • Board Rush – This earns you some dice and an extra bit of cash when this event is on. It happens pretty regularly in Monopoly Go and completing a board will enable you to earn these rewards.
  • Cash Grab – This is an event where you earn additional cash when landing on certain tiles on the board, such as the Chance tile.
  • Property Wheel Boost – This event gives you an additional color wheel spin when you complete a set on the board, note that you need to have an entire set of hotels before you can earn a spin.
Propert wheel boost
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  • Prize Drop – Mini Peg-E board is a simple mini-game that grants you additional rewards after completing milestones.
  • Rent Frenzy – Additional players are added to your board, and they will have to pay rent if you land on their tiles.
  • Landmark Rush – Completing landmarks, ie. sets with hotels on them, will grant you additional rewards for the specified amount of time.
landmark rush
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  • Mega Bank Heist – This is a limited-time event that enables you to earn additional money from bank heists. There is a catch though. You will have to choose three gold bars on the screen to earn the maximum amount of money available. The higher your multiplier, the higher your payout.
Mega bank heist
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  • Free Parking Event – This event grants you additional rewards, such as dice or cash when landing on specific tiles on the board.

Monopoly GO Rewards – What Are They?

Monopoly Go rewards are plentiful and can vary in so many ways. Below we have listed a few of the rewards you can expect to earn in Monopoly Go events, as well as normal gameplay:

  • Dice – By far the most important current in Monopoly Go, if you don’t have dice, you cannot play. You cannot earn money by rolling the dice if you don’t have it, and in turn, you cannot buy property which means you are stranded. Additional dice will become available after waiting 5 minutes, as well as other methods, such as free dice links, and more.
  • Cash – Of course, cash is a factor in Monopoly Go! Without it, you cannot purchase additional properties and progress. You need to build houses and transform them into hotels, which will grant you additional rewards as can be seen above.
  • Stickers – Stickers are one of the most coveted items in Monopoly Go. With a hefty 10,000 Free dice reward, a new token, and cash, one can understand why! Earn this massive reward by trading stickers with your friends, and participating in Monopoly Go Events & Tournaments.
  • Emojis – To be honest, the purpose of the emojis is not well-known, however, using them to give a well-deserved getting to friends after attacking them can be a blast!
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  • Shields – You need these in order to avoid that attack on your property! Earn them by rolling dice and landing on designated tiles on your board.
  • Tokens – Your tokens can be seen when you attack another player, as well as when you are rolling around your own board. Earn them by placing in the top numbers on leaderboards during Monopoly Go Events & Tournaments.

Final Thoughts

That is it, folks! If you enjoyed this Monopoly Go Events guide, check out the following games: Family Island and Match Masters.

Remember to check back daily for added events and updates regarding Monopoly Go. Feel free to comment in the section below if you feel there is more to be added.

Get those dice rolling, and Happy Gaming!

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