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Monopoly Go

Get ready to roll your lucky dice in Monopoly Go’s brand-new solo main event, “Cold Snap!” Participants will receive a total of 16,310 dice rolls and 837 Prize Drop Chips, along with cash and sticker packs to add to their seasonal album.

This limited-time event is already underway, so don’t miss out on the dice-rolling!

Monopoly Go
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It’s time to dominate the board! Once again, I’m here to present a list of rewards and their corresponding milestones for the fortune-filled main event. “Cold Snap,” in Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go – How to Participate

The objective for the “Cold Snap” event in Monopoly Go is to collect snow tokens by landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. The snow token rewards you receive will increase based on the dice Multiplier!

Monopoly Go
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  • Chance – You will receive +2 Snow Token
  • Community Chest – You will receive +3 Snow Token
  • Railroad – You will receive +5 Snow Token

Event Duration

Lasting for three days, the “Cold Snap” event in Monopoly Go starts on January 16 and runs until January 19 at 3 PM UTC.

Milestone and Reward

Monopoly Go
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Are your dice ready? Here’s the breakdown of the milestones and the points required to claim rewards for the main event in Monopoly Go, “Cold Snap.” Have fun, tycoons!

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LevelPoints RequiredRewards
125Green Sticker Pack
2207 Prize Drop Chips
34025 Dice Rolls
515090 Dice Rolls
64010 Prize Drop Chips
75015-minute Rent Frenzy
855Green Sticker Pack
10375220 Dice Rolls
116015 Prize Drop Chips
1390Green Sticker Pack
148020 Prize Drop Chips
1510010-minute Cash Gab
16850475 Dice Rolls
17100Orange Sticker Pack
1912050 Dice Rolls
2011535 Prize Drop Chips
211,300700 Dice Rolls
22150Pink Sticker Pack
2417555 Prize Drop Chips
262,000900 Dice Rolls
27275Blue Sticker Pack
2830010-minute High Roller
2932585 Prize Drop Chips
30400100 Dice Rolls
32450150 Dice Rolls
33500105 Prize Drop Chips
357505-minute Cash Boost
364,5001,800 Dice Rolls
37800125 Prize Drop Chips
391,000Blue Sticker Pack
4110,0003,500 Dice Rolls
421,600Purple Sticker Pack
431,70020-minute High Roller
441,800170 Prize Drop Chips
462,000800 Dice Rolls
473,000Purple Sticker Pack
483,500210 Prize Drop Chips
5017,5007,500 Dice Rolls
Purple Sticker Pack

Cold Snap Event Tips

The “Cold Snap” Event is undeniably easier than the previous one, but it comes with higher milestone point requirements, potentially posing challenges for your dice rolls.

If you find yourself struggling with dice, prioritize Railroads over Chance or Community Chest to maximize your dice rewards from Tournaments.

monopoly go
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Increasing your multiplier when 5-8 tiles away is the usual strategy for landing on the desired tile in Monopoly Go. Don’t forget to use the Prize Drop Chips for Peg-E for additional dice rolls.


Monopoly Go
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The “Dot Com Dash” tournament returns with a bang and will become available on January 16th at 6 PM UTC. Accompanying the main event, “Cold Snap” and Peg-E.

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Monopoly Go
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After the “Dot Com Cash,” a new tournament will take place. The “Snowman Contest” will start on January 17th at 6 PM UTC, offering more dice rolls and Peg-E Prize Drop Chips.

Peg-E Prize Drop

Monopoly Go
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Peg-E is a special minigame available in Monopoly Go that provides players with chances to get impressive rewards such as cash and dice rolls!

Running in tandem with the main event, the Peg-E special event will commence on January 16th and run until January 20th at 6 PM UTC.

Monopoly Go
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Don’t forget to pick up your daily free gifts and do your Quick Wins for extra dice rolls to get those milestone points!

Social Channels & Updates

Want to keep up with Monopoly Go’s announcements, events, and updates? Are you searching for more tycoon buddies to be your event partners and exchange stickers with?

Monopoly Go
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Then consider joining Scopely’s official community channel for Monopoly Go to stay in the loop and connect with the fun and like-minded tycoons!

Monopoly Go’s Discord is the most active social channel. By joining the community, you can participate in giveaways and challenges to earn rewards such as stickers and more dice rolls!

Monopoly Go
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Monopoly Go also provided sticker trading channels for dedicated tycoons to complete their seasonal albums easily.

But before engaging with other Discord tycoon players, remember to read and follow the rules to avoid penalties and possible bans.

Monopoly Go
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To look for a trade, head to the trading section and select the designated trading channel based on the card stars you need. After finding a trading partner, confirm the stickers to be traded with each other before proceeding.

Remember to check the tycoon’s reputation before making a trade. You can do so in the “trading-reputation” channel.


Many events are running back-to-back, which can be dice-heavy if you attempt to target different tiles.

It’s best to focus on increasing multipliers on Railroads as they yield the biggest rewards in both main event tokens and tournaments.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! Good luck, tycoons!

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