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As November came to a close, “Epic Myths” officially concluded. True to form, the consistently engaging developers unveiled a fresh event in Monopoly Go for their dedicated followers and newcomers: “Bows & Bandits.”

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This article will guide you through the mechanics of the event, offer strategies for winning, and furnish a comprehensive list of all rewards, milestones, and prizes attainable through active participation in this thrilling event!

Monopoly Go: How to Play “Bows & Bandits”

Aim and shoot for great rewards! The Bows & Bandit event has started. Be a modern Robin Hood, steal from the rich, and give…. to yourself!

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Participation in Monopoly Go‘s Bows & Bandits is straightforward. Simply accumulate Hat Tokens by landing on designated squares on the board: Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad.

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Landing on Chance rewards you with two Hat Tokens, while Community Chest yields three, and any Railroads grants five. It’s essential to note that your dice multiplier enhances these rewards!


The “Bows & Bandits” event is scheduled to run from November 26th at 4 PM ET until November 28th at 3 PM ET.


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For optimal success in Monopoly Go’s “Bows & Bandits,” focus your strategy on targeting the Railroad, especially with your most effective multiplier. This choice not only yields the highest payout but also aligns with concurrent tournaments like Nessie’s Quest.

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Nessie’s Quest points are dependent on landing on Railroads. On Shutdown, you get two points if the selected building is Blocked. If Success, four points. On Bank Heist, you get +8 from Small, +12 on Large, and +16 on Bankrupt!

Rewards and Milestone

Monopoly Go
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“Bows & Bandits” in Monopoly Go presents a plethora of rewards, including stickers, cash, and even free dice rolls, ensuring an entertaining experience for the players. Below is the list of prizes you can claim from this fantastic event:

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
125Green Sticker Pack
34025 Dice Rolls
515075 Dice Rolls
75015-minute Rent Frenzy
855Green Sticker Pack
10375200 Dice Rolls
1390Green Sticker Pack
1510010-minute Cash Grab
16850500 Dice Rolls
17100Yellow Sticker Pack
1912050 Rice Rolls
211,300700 Dice Rolls
22150Pink Sticker Pack
262,0001,000 Dice Rolls
27275Yellow Sticker Pack
2830010-minute High Roller
30400100 Dice Rolls
32450150 Dice Rolls
34650Blue Sticker Pack
357505-minute Board Rush
364,5002,000 Dice Rolls
391,000Blue Sticker Pack
4110,0003,800 Dice Rolls
421,600Purple Sticker Pack
431,70020-minute High Roller
462,000800 Dice Rolls
473,000Golden Blue Sticker Pack
5017,500Golden Blue Sticker Pack,
7,500 Dice Rolls

Stay Updated

Numerous upcoming events, fun trivia questions, and giveaways are regularly announced on Monopoly Go’s official Discord channel, so stay tuned to stay informed.

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Additionally, take note that the “Epic Myths” sticker event concludes at the end of November. It’s strongly advised to exchange your surplus stickers for stars or engage in trades with other players to complete your collection.

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Fortunately, Monopoly Go’s official Discord includes a dedicated sticker trading channel, providing players with a platform to negotiate with their peers. Before participating, ensure that you read and adhere to the channel rules.


Once again, Scopely has bestowed generous rewards upon both new and loyal players in Monopoly Go. Landing on the Railroad allows you to accumulate points for both Nessie’s Quest and Bows & Bandits, with the potential for doubling the prize and more through a multiplier.

So, roll the dice and seize this golden opportunity to amass a fortune beyond your wildest dreams!

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