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Monopoly Go
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For individuals who enjoy making money at the cost of their opponents and the financial sphere by playing the traditional board game Monopoly Go. You’re on the go, thrilling ticket.

The most recent edition of one of the most well-known Monopoly games has been released. A person can enjoy property exchange anytime and wherever they like.

Furthermore, there are multiple boards for various locations, factual or false.

Monopoly Go
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How Many Boards Are There in Monopoly Go?

There are a staggering 130 boards in this game. delivering a dynamic and diverse gaming environment.

Monopoly Go
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These include well-known locations such as Manhattan New York, London, and Paris and mystical worlds such as Camelot and Lunar City.

Players must complete each setboard to unlock the next, making the game increasingly difficult and fascinating.

Board No.Board Name
1New York City
5M. Industries
7The Old West
8Rio de Janeiro
9House of D. Ore
10Frostgard Fjords
11Prosperity Drive
12Macabre Manor
13Arabian Nights
15Little M’s Room
19The S.S. Goldwater
21Ulysses’ Travels
22New Orleans Nights
23Los Angeles
25Caesar’s Rome
28Doubloon Bay
30New York Nights
31Monopolis 3000
32Washington D.C.
33Mt. Monopolus
34The North Pole
35Block City
36Las Vegas
37Alchemy Academy
40Lunar City
41Storybook Woods
42Monopoly World
43San Antonio
45Sunset Fjords
46M’s Club
47The Roaring 20’s
48All Citizens Bank
51Elektra Mall
52Monopolton’s Ball – $238 M
53Pooch Park
54Putts O’Plenty
55Sweets Factory
56Garden Gala
58Tokyo Glow
59Mr. M’s Cave
60New Orleans
61Treetops Resort
6270 Million BC
63M. Elementary
64Fire Isle
65Thimble Farms
66Fix-It Heights
67Worn Woods
68Earth Village
70M. General
72Dark Vale
73Apeal’s Orchard
74Camp Greenback
75Air Acres
77M. Aquarium
79Clutter Coast
80Water Woodlands
81Scottie’s Mansion
82Monopoly U
84Creature Kingdom
85Sofia’s Shop
86Martian Colony
87Pleasant Pastures
88Buenos Aires
90M’s Museum
91Monopulon 5
92San Francisco
93Pawfee Shop
94Electric Company
95Norse Nebula
96Sunset Shores
97Token Factory
99La Mancha
101Executive Isle
102Crystal Depths
103The Waterworks
104Fire Isle Nights
106Haunted Hamlet
107Winter Village
108M Jewelers
109San Francisco Nights
110Chef Showdown
111Monopoly Studios
113Gnomeburg Nights
114Readers’ Roastery
116Galactic Flats
121Monopolis 3000
129Monopoly World
130Las Vegas

Board Variety: From Tokyo to Galactic Flats

The boards in Monopoly Go! These landscapes, however, are not just geographical; they are visual and thematic treats.

In addition, it allows players to walk on the streets of large cities, for example, Tokyo and Madrid, or immerse them in fantastic worlds, e.g., Arabian nights, Galactic flats, etc.

Monopoly Go
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Every board has distinctive landmarks and aesthetics contributing to highly charged capitalist competitiveness.

Understanding Monopoly Go Boards

Players, to become experts at Monopoly Go!, must take into account the difference between boards and levels.

Monopoly Go
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Unlike levels which indicate a player’s progression through the game, boards represent unique playing grounds that present their specific barriers as well as openings.

Monopoly Go
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New boards also keep opening up as players conquer them, continuing the ongoing cycle of strategic property conquest.

The Board Variety: Real and Imaginary

Monopoly Go! combines actual with make-believe boards that keep gamers enjoying seeing and playing the same game.

There is much on offer for everyone from busy cities such as New York City and dreamy locations such as Thimble Farms.

Monopoly Go
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This is why this game is successful it adapts the old Monopoly gameplay in a digital world with new things added to it.

Unlocking the World of Monopoly Go Boards

Monopoly Go
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As users of Monopoly Go move up through levels in the game, they unlock various boards as well as upgrade their buildings.

When a particular set of landmarks is acquired on each board, this helps attain higher points that unlock new boards and help escalate the ranks of players as time progresses.

Monopoly Go
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The trip to get boards is not a stroll in the park since the price stands at a billion plus therefore players must cleverly apply their assets and use deceptions.

An abundance of unlockables makes Monopoly Go! encourages dedicated gamers to experience variety in their environment.

Monopoly Go
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Unlocking boards becomes an honored status, the pride of every successful player who is the master at boardgame.


Monopoly Go! is more than just a mobile version of an age-old board game, but rather a world of boards waiting to be conquered and grown into.

This gives them a wide variety of choices in terms of strategies and visual aspects, with 130 boards each having a different gaming experience.

This amazing game is on Android and IOS!

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