Monopoly GO: In-Depth Beginners Guide – Your First 1 Hour On The Game

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Monopoly GO starting screen
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Loved the classic board game – Monopoly, with all the exciting trades and gambles of becoming a real estate mogul? Well, the game has been revamped for good! The most casually pleasing RPG game, Monopoly Go, makes this game a lot more interesting by bringing life into it!

Monopoly Go takes the classical experience of this game to a whole new level and guarantees to keep you hooked on building your perfect empire with a whole lot of strategy and planning.

The remodeled game preserves all the features of the beloved and renowned board game while adding a lot more immersive and thematic experiences!

Monopoly go loading screen
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The main gist is the same: make your monopoly in the world by becoming the world’s biggest tycoon and earning as much money as possible. You can enjoy developing businesses and landmarks in your empire and making investments in cities and buildings.

Have doubts about the gameplay? Well, whether you are a pro at Monopoly Go or an absolute beginner, this in-depth guide will clear up all your confusion. I will also discuss the best tips and tricks to progress fast and how my experience with this game was.

Basics of Monopoly Go

The Monopoly Go gameplay is pretty casual and not very difficult to understand, even though there are multiple modes to the game, with the main one being Empire-Building.

The game starts in New York City, under the guidance of everyone’s favorite, Mr. Monopoly! You get a virtual monopoly board and a chance to roll virtual dice to move a specific number of steps on the board.

Monopoly Go board
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As you move through the Monopoly Go board, you make money and acquire properties of your rivals, which can be used to create new buildings or upgrade the landmarks in your city. You also might need to make investments, pay income tax, or rent to other players.

1. Tokens

Tokens are your virtual character in the game that moves around the board. You get the choice to opt for your token as you start the game.

Monopoly Go tokens
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This includes a magician’s hat that is pretty similar to Mr. Monopoly’s, a battleship, and a classical retro car. You can choose any one of them as you please.

Monopoly go tokens
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2. Board and Dice Rolls

Well, this is where the actual game happens, and this is the real playground of Monopoly Go! You get around 30 to 50 rolls, which are refreshed with time. You make the actual cash by rolling the dice on the board.

Board and dice rolls
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Each move has a surprise for the player; either they get hefty rewards in the form of rent, chance cards, and playing mini-games, or they lose money by giving out rent and paying a fine if caught by the police.

3. Building and Managing Real Estate

Well, then what is different in Monopoly Go? The ability to make your own virtual real estate and create a monopoly over megacities around the world in empire-building mode is the real charm!

Buying real estate in monopoly go
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Players can develop buildings by playing on new and unique boards and building famous landmarks in cities around the world.

A Look At the Empire-Building Mode

In this mode, Monopoly Go begins in New York City, with a small area of ground that gradually increases as you progress. You can make use of this by creating buildings, buying homes, upgrading and renovating them, and renting them out. Each new board has a different theme, design, and rewards.

These boards are based on the biggest and most loved cities like New York, London, and Paris; they also feature well-known tourist sites like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower, bringing an exciting new touch to the classic Monopoly board game.

Moreover, players can enhance the perks they receive by upgrading these buildings. They can increase their rental income and acquire new rewards by properly investing in upgrades.

To upgrade a building, a player may add some new features and services to the building, renovate a property, or even gain additional skills that will help them in their mission to become the greatest real estate tycoon.

The empire-building mode in the game offers players limitless opportunities for creative and strategic thinking with a perfect blend of competitive fun. This is mainly due to its large collection of boards and monuments to unlock.

Hence, prepare yourself to create your real estate empire, own your landmarks, and create a monopoly in the world of online monopoly like never before!

4. Mini-games

All around the board are surprises waiting for you! And these surprises are not always bad; they are usually good! Two of the best are revealed when you land on the tile with railway tracks, and they make this game more exciting and fun to play! These are Shutdown and Bank Heists.


In this game, you visit an opponent’s city and can make money by damaging any of their landmarks. Beware; if you are unfortunate and they have a shield on, your rewards can be significantly minimized.

Monopoly go shutdown mode
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But if you are lucky enough and your attack goes well, you can make a good amount of money!

Bank Heists

This game also starts when you land on any of the railway tiles; it takes you to the vault of riches of your opponents. There are several safes, each hiding one of the three goods behind them.

Bank heists monopoly go
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The three goods are Gold coins and a stack of Cash, and the most precious of them is a Diamond ring. You get a reward when you unlock three doors with the same type of treasure behind them.

Looting a bank in monopoly go
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The highest reward is for unlocking three diamond rings, followed by stacks of cash, and the least is for revealing three coins. Luckily enough, Shields do not impact the reward you get in this mini-game.

5. Shop and Resources

An important component of Monopoly Go is the Shop! Here, players can purchase various resources that are helpful in the game and take their gaming experience to a whole new level.

Two of the most important resources that are abundantly available in the shop and are crucial to excelling in the game are dice rolls and money.

Dice and money buying options in shop
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The entire gameplay of Monopoly Go, especially the empire-building mode, relies heavily on dice rolls. You get a limited number of rolls to make, and each roll moves your token across the board, yielding benefits as they land on different tiles.

You can buy additional rolls from the shop; this can accelerate your progress in the game by increasing your benefits and eventually accumulating more cash.

Another important resource is money; you can buy money directly from the store! This can be used to develop infrastructure across your city and to upgrade and renovate buildings.

However, it should be noted that buying these from the shop is entirely optional, and the game never forces a player to buy them.

6. Net Worth

A lot of RPG games have experience points, or XPs, which indicate your level in the game. Well, Monopoly Go has a net worth! As you advance in the game, your net worth increases along with your level.

Net worth upgrades in monopoly go
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Climbing up levels in the game unlocks new modes and features in the game and also rewards you with perks.

Net worth upgrade
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Tips and Tricks to Excel in Monopoly GO!

To be the biggest emperor in Monopoly Go, make sure to use the following tips and tricks wisely, as they can help you progress through the ranks more efficiently and effortlessly!

1. Learn the Importance of Shields

Shields are used in the game to block the opponent’s attacks on your buildings in case of a Shutdown, a mini-game explained above. This minimizes your loss and saves you cash.

Shields in monopoly go
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It should be your aim to keep your shields intact and have at least 3 of them all the time, especially when you are beginning your journey in the game.

Since you have a small number of buildings in the game, you don’t want them to collapse at any cost.

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2. Avoid Using Auto-rolls

The game provides you with the option to automatically roll the dice and move your tokens while you sit back and relax. This can be activated by holding the Go button for a few seconds.

Monopoly go auto dice roll
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However, I would advise to not use it too often, as it takes out the fun in the game. Besides, there are higher chances of being caught by the police, which will end up in you giving out a huge portion of your wealth.

It is better to use your dice rolls with precision and make calculated moves, especially around risky tiles.

3. Play with friends; It is more fun!

Despite the fact that you have the option to play with a guest account to experience the game, just like the classical board game, the real fun lies in playing with your friends!

Playing monopoly go with friends
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This enhances the competitiveness of your gameplay, makes you participate in the leaderboard, and makes your overall experience more exciting.

4. Try to land on Homes

When you build landscapes or knock down other people’s property in Shutdowns you receive a house token. The places where the token gets placed can give you extra money in the form of increased rent.

As a result, try to land in those places to earn a greater amount of wealth!

5. Always play the Mini-games

Mini-games, the Shutdown, and Bank Heists are fun; they do not take much time and are super beneficial to getting a good amount of cash faster! Never skip these or miss out on them.

Try getting your token to the railway track tile as much as possible.

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First-hour Hour Experience in Monopoly GO!

Well, I was expecting the game to be yet another classical board game that you can play with friends online. However, I was surprised a little by Monopoly Go!

The game does complete justice to the classical board game and makes it a lot more interesting and fun with all the new and exciting additions to the gameplay.

Beginning of the Game

The game started with the loading screen, followed by a landing page, or what I can call a poster of the game. I opted to play as a guest, even though it urged me to connect through Facebook and play with my friends.

The game begins with a beautifully crafted animation of Mr. Monopoly. I have to appreciate the minimalistic and smooth graphics of the game here, considering that it is not very heavy and supports low-end devices as well!

Initial Tutorials

Initially, Mr. Monopoly provided a brief tutorial on the game. We started by unlocking New York City as our first city to monopolize and the first board to play on.

Monopoly go tutorial
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The tutorial guides us on how to build buildings as we upgrade the statue of Mr. Monopoly, which symbolizes the Statue of Liberty in New York, to its maximum level. Next up, it explains the board and the rolling of dice to earn money.

Exploring the Game Options

I instantly started to enjoy the game and explored all the options, such as the Shop, and the settings, to figure out all the possibilities that it provides to the players. As expected, the majority of the features of the game were locked and were to be unlocked at a higher net worth level.

Monopoly go settings
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For example, the Albums in the game were locked and were to open at level 15, while Wins were unlockable at net worth level 35.

Locked options in monopoly go
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Interface of the Game

At first glance, a few of the things might feel unknown to you if you haven’t played Monopoly at all.

Luckily enough, the interface of the game is quite friendly, and it explains every new thing that is encountered, such as chance cards, Albums, and more.

Final Thoughts on Monopoly GO!

In my final thoughts about Monopoly Go, I would say that the game provides a very great experience. I was hooked to my mobile screen for a complete hour and ended up using all my dice rolls, making up a hefty sum of cash.

Besides, I played the mini-games with utmost interest and unlocked the second city, London, after completely developing New York City.

Monopoly go board complete
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If you want to experience the same, don’t wait and download Monopoly GO! now.

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