12 Mobile Strike Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

Mobile Strike Guide
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Mobile Strike is a free to play strategy game that focuses more on base-building than anything else. The first few days will be spent researching, building and upgrading buildings and once you have fortified your base, you can raid other players’ base, attack rebels and join an alliance for rewards and glory. 

Game of War players will find gameplay quite fun and engaging. The army theme will appeal to military strategy game lovers. Check out these quick tips, hints and strategies that will help you build a strong base, protect it from enemy attacks and earn more rewards.

1. Occupy Resource Tiles to Get Materials

You will find resource tiles scattered all around the world map. Tap on the map icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen and search for resource tiles. They not only grant you extra resources but also give you an opportunity to discover materials. The materials you may receive from a resource tile can then be used to make weapons, body armor, helmets and accessories at the “Armory”.

Mobile Strike Guide

Just make sure a resource tile is unoccupied to gather resources and materials. However, there are chances of being trapped by dug-in forces, so make sure you send the best units to occupy and gather resources. Once your troops occupy a resources tile they will begin collecting resources and discover materials for you. Once they reach their load capacity, they will return to base.

Target high-level resource tiles to get advanced materials. Higher-level resource tiles have a faster drain rate, which means troops can occupy, collect resources/materials quickly and leave for their base before getting attacked by other players. Simply speaking, the resource and material collection will be faster on high-level tiles than low level ones.

2. Complete Alliance Challenges

Challenges help you earn additional rewards. You will earn leaderboard rewards if you complete tasks that appear on State, Alliance, Basic and Extreme challenges. Of these 4, keep an eye on Basic and Alliance challenges. Basic challenges are solo challenges that task global players to perform a set of actions to earn points.

Complete Challenges

It’s quite difficult to complete all tasks and reach the score threshold under basic challenges, because you and only you have to complete them. However, alliance challenges are easier to complete because there’s teamwork involved.

All members of the team can complete a set of tasks and earn points, which gets added to the total score target. If you are an alliance leader then shoot a message to all members of your team via the “Mail All” option under “Alliance” and tell them keep an eye on alliance challenges and complete them faster.

3. Max out Your Wall Defenses

Upgrading your wall protects your base and unlocks the ability to upgrade your headquarters. Max out your wall defenses to defend your base from enemy attacks. To max out wall defenses you will need to build traps such as barbed wires, trip wires, sandbags anti-tank mine etc.

Tap on a trap, move the slider to max level or up to a number that your resources support. To unlock other traps, you will need research them at the “Research Facility”. Just make sure you max out wall defenses to make it tougher for enemies to attack your base.

4. Get Speed Assists from Alliance Members

One of the key advantages of joining an alliance is availing speed assists. Players can help each other’s building, research and upgrade timers to speed up construction, leveling up and researching key improvements.

Get Help from Alliance Members

The higher your HQ’s level, the more number of times you will get timer assists. Keep helping speed up alliance members’ timer and they might return the favor, although the alliance members are very proactive and will help you with timer assists immediately. But you should also help alliance members. After all it’s all about team work and only then members of an alliance will reap the rewards of being a perfect team. Just make sure you have changed both your base and chat name so that your base name becomes more identifiable when asking for timer helps.

5. Allocate Skill Points to Commander for Base and Troop Boosts

Your commander plays an important role in winning battles against player bases and rebels. Every time you level-up your commander, you get an opportunity to allocate skill points to various commander skills. These include resource boosts, troop speed boosts, attack boosts, construction and research boosts. Skills also include trap attack boosts, increased production, faster construction and troop training.

Make sure you allocate skill points to troop training to increase troop training speed. You will need to train more troops so that half of the troops should engage enemies attacking your base and half can be sent to enemy territories to conduct raids. Allocate skill points to skills properly; giving first priority to skills that you think will help you in production, defense and battle.

6. Save Speed Ups for Constructions/Upgrades That Take a Long Time to Complete

The speed ups that you receive as mission rewards or via crates can help you build, upgrade, train units or research faster. But don’t use them on just any upgrades or construction. Use them on those that take a long time to complete. You will get more 15 minute and 10 minute speed ups than 60 minutes. The speed ups you have collected so far can be found in Items> My Items.

7. Complete Timed Missions to Earn Extra Rewards and EXP

Timer-based missions are some of the easiest ways to get rewards. You just have to tap on a basic or standard mission and start the timer. Once the timer runs out, you will receive rewards. Tap on “Collect” to get them. Alliance missions are the best ways to receive Loyalty and Funds for your alliance along with iron wood and the all-important commander XP. However, there is limited number of such timer-based missions.

Timed Missions in Mobile Strike

Make sure you complete the quota to make the most of such missions and get more rewards.

Completing “Standard” missions will earn you more rewards that basic missions. But it will take more time to complete a standard mission.

8. Construct Buildings on all Empty Spaces and Upgrade Them

Fill all empty slots with buildings and keep upgrading them. In Mobile Strike, you can have more than one building of the same type, thanks to so many empty slots in your base. Having more resource-generating buildings outside the gate will help you generate more resources.

Construct Structures

Having more than one training ground, bank and hospital will let you train more units, earn more coins and heal more injured troops. Keep constructing and upgrading to generate and store resources. Also, make sure to upgrade the warehouse in regular intervals to protect your resources. The higher the warehouse level, the more resources you will protect.

9. Research Combat Elements to Unlock Troop Types

The Research Facility lets you get access to new improvements for your base, commander, troops and resource generating buildings. To unlock more troop types you will need to research them first. Build the Research Facility and under “Combat”, start researching key troop types to unlock them at the training center. Besides troop types, there are also other types of boosts that can be researched. These include training speed, troop health, armored vehicle defense etc.

The Research Facility can also be used to get access to new improvements for economics, traps and commander. Under economies you can research several elements that give bonus output and increase construction speed. Under traps you can unlock various new traps that can then be built on the wall to improve its defenses. Under commander, you can research and unlock various types of boosts such as deployment speed (key boost that will help troop marches from your base and back to your base faster), commander critical hit, trap defense etc.

10. Use Hospitals to Heal Troops

Once the protective shield is gone, your base is vulnerable to enemy attacks. Enemy players will attack your base and collect loot. Your base troops might be able to defend your base, but expect medium to heavy casualties. This is where the hospital can be extremely helpful.

Injured troops will be automatically moved to the hospital and you will have queue them all and press the heal button to treat and get them ready for battle. Just make sure you keep healing injured units soon after your base is attacked. Injured units won’t fight if another player attacks your base. Also, troops at the hospital won’t be able to defend your base. So make sure you heal them fully or train more troops. Build more hospitals or level-up the existing ones to house more wounded troops.

11. Play on Multiple Devices

You will need to create an EW account to play on multiple devices. Tap on “More” and then tap on the EW account button. Enter you email address and password to create a new account.

12. Migrate to Another State Before Your Base HQ Reaches Level 6

You can move to another state with the free teleport that you have received at the start of play. But make sure your base headquarters hasn’t reached level 6. Once your HQ has reached level 6, the free teleport becomes obsolete and you won’t be able to move to another state at all.

However, you may move to a different area within your state with teleport (Tap Items > Store to buy a Random or Advanced teleport that will move your base to another location within your state). Make sure you are on the world map before using teleport.

  1. Why is it when I attack another base I don’t take any resources? I’ve attacked many but get none.

    1. Please scout before attacking a base to check if that base contains resources or not.

  2. Why does my game not have the world map icon? And why when other players try to put my state cords in, it says they are invalid?

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