Mobile Legends: Adventure Combat Guide – Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Mobile Legends Adventure Ultimate Combos
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle role-playing game based on the hit 5 vs. 5 MOBA called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Developed by Moonton, the game’s team-based combat isn’t fully automated, although battles can be automated when you tap the “auto” button.

When you are fighting enemies, you will have control over your team’s “ultimates” or skills. When you are not playing, your heroes will continue their fight against deadly enemies, earning EXP, battle points/coins and other rewards. You can then tap the treasure chest to receive your idle rewards.  

Mobile Legends: Adventure has several game modes besides campaign. You can fight guards at the Tower of Babel or unearth hidden treasures while battling enemies in the Labyrinth. In this article, you will find useful tips and strategies that will help you defeat bosses and crush monsters. You can also watch our short gameplay guide below to know more about this idle RPG 

1. Unleash Hero Ultimates Frequently  

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, each hero has a unique set of “Ultimates” or special skills. You can release a hero’s Ultimate when his/her portrait glows during combat. A hero’s portrait is located on the lower-right corner on the battle screen.  

Unleashing a hero’s “ultimate” provides various combat benefits. Some heroes heal all allies, whereas other cast buffs to allies or inflict negative de-buffs to enemies. However, many heroes launch special attacks that deal damage to a single enemy or multiple enemies.

Releasing ultimates at regular intervals will allow you to inflict maximum damage to enemies. Before recruiting heroes to your team, make sure you are aware of their Ultimates and their uses.

On the home screen, tap the “Heroes” tab on the upper-right corner of the screen, now tap a hero’s portrait and then tap on his unlocked skill to get more information about it.     

Under each hero’s portrait are two bars – a green HP bar and a yellow “Energy” bar. During combat, a hero obtains energy. When his/her energy bar is full, their portrait glows. Just tap a glowing portrait to release Ultimate.  

2. Go for a Combo of Ultimates  

Releasing ultimates frequently is one of the ways to tackle enemies, but unleashing a string of ultimates will help your party gain the upper hand during combat.

To release a combo of ultimates, you will have to wait for energy bars of two or more heroes to be full. When ready, quickly tap on portraits to release a string of combos. While this may lead to a few seconds delay compared to the frequent use of a single ultimate, the combat benefits can be huge. 

Mobile Legends Adventure Ultimate Combos

A string of ultimates won’t give enemies any chance to attack repeatedly at least for a few seconds, plus the physical/ magic damage dealt to enemies when a hero’s ultimate attack is released is far deadlier than normal attacks.

You can also wait for energy bars of all heroes to be full and then release their ultimates in quick succession to deal max damage, but this can be a bit risky if the enemies are tougher as they will keep attacking as you wait for your heroes.  

3. Choose your Heroes Wisely 

As you progress, you will collect more powerful heroes. By the time you reach stage 1-5, you will unlock 4 heroes and as you keep completing levels, you will unlock more. You can also summon heroes from the Wishing Shrine or get them from various events.  

When playing Mobile Legends: Adventure campaign mode, you can not only choose the best heroes for your party, but also change their positions. As of writing this guide, you can deploy only 5 heroes on the grid before a battle begins. 

On the “Select Hero” screen in campaign mode, you will notice heroes placed on a grid. To choose your party, tap on each hero on the grid to deselect them and then tap on portraits of your chosen heroes to place them on the grid.  

Select the most powerful heroes. To know more about a hero’s stats and ultimates, tap the “Heroes” icon and then tap on a hero portrait. Each hero has a unique “class” and “specialty”. For example: Rafaela’s class is “Support” and specialty is “Healing”. Keep in mind each hero’s class and specialty while selecting the best characters for your team.  

Check Class and Specialty

Select a combination of ranged and melee/tank heroes. Note down each hero’s class and specialty and then deploy those whom you think would be a powerful force against enemies and bosses. Make sure there’s at least one healer who’s ultimate can heal allies.  

Tip: Tanks absorb a lot of damage on the front row, so make sure you recruit a tank character to strengthen your defenses.  

4. Experiment with Different Formations  

You will notice that the game chooses the best formation for your team when you tap on their portraits in the “Select Hero” screen.

Tank/melee units will be positioned on the front-line, whereas healers and ranged units will be placed behind them.

You can change your party’s formation by tapping and dragging a hero forward or back. While I personally prefer auto formation as the game automatically chooses the best positions for your tank/ranged/healer units, you can experiment with different formations and then try them out in each battle to know which is the best formation for your team.  

5. Hero Types and their Strengths/Weaknesses  

A hero has a unique type, which determines the damage he deals/receives from his opponents. There are five types: Elemental (Green), Tech (Blue), Martial (Red), Light (Yellow) and Dark (Purple). A hero with a stronger type will deal 30 percent bonus damage to enemies. The chart below shows type countering (stronger types, where “>” or “greater than” sign denotes stronger):  

1. Elemental > Tough 

2. Tough > Martial 

3. Martial > Elemental  

Both Dark and light are stronger than each other. Make sure you recruit 5 heroes, each belonging to a unique type.  

6. What is Resonance and How will it Benefit Your Team?  

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, “Resonance” is an interesting little gameplay concept that lets you gain attribute bonuses when you choose a combination of various types of heroes. Each Resonance has a unique symbol, which you can see on the upper-left corner of the screen during combat.  

Mobile Legends Adventure Resonance Chart

A resonance symbol glows when you meet its formation requirements. For example: The first resonance symbol glows when you place 5 heroes of different types (Elemental, Tech, Martial, Light and Dark) on the grid.

When the symbol glows, it activates an attribute bonus of HP+8%, Magic Power+12%, and Physical ATK+12% for all team members. There are five kinds of Resonance and the chart below shows their symbols, criteria and attribute bonuses:   

7. Upgrade Your Heroes Using Hero Experience 

When you complete a campaign stage, you will obtain rewards, which will also include Hero EXP. It’s a blue potion which is used to upgrade your heroes. You will get hero EXP from your idle rewards chest, a lot of them from certain “Quests” and “Achievements”.

Once you have gathered enough EXP, head straight to “Heroes” and then tap a hero’s portrait. Tap on the yellow “Upgrade” button. You will need some hero EXP and coins to increase a hero’s level. When a hero is leveled up, his stats (magic attack, physical attack, HP etc.) and power increases.  

Tip: Tap and hold the “upgrade” button to level-up a hero quickly. Pay attention to the amount of XP and coins used to upgrade a hero. The amount increases with every new level.  

8. Evolve Your Heroes to Unlock New Ultimates 

A new hero has only one “ultimate” or skill unlocked. There are three more skills to be unlocked. To get a new skill, you will have to evolve a hero.  

Evolve a Hero

To evolve a hero in Mobile Legends: Adventure, you will have to max out a hero’s level by upgrading him/her. In the beginning, each hero has a level cap of level 20.

When they reach level 20, they can be evolved. You will need advance essence, coins and hero EXP to raise a hero’s level cap.

You can get advance essence from the campaign, market and the tower of babel. After evolving a hero, his level cap is raised from level 20-40, and at level 21, you can unlock a new ultimate.  

9. Increase your Team’s Total Power  

Along with using ultimates and combos at the right time, your team’s total power determines their fate in battle. On the “Select Hero” or “Vs” screen, you can see your team’s total power against the enemy team’s total power. Power is denoted by a fist icon.

Check Team Power in the versus screen

Your team’s power should be higher than the enemy team’s power because power signifies how well upgraded your team members are. When you upgrade a team member, his power and stats increase. You will have a higher chance of winning a level if our power is higher than enemy’s power.   

10. Equip Gear to your Heroes to Increase their Stats 

Don’t forget to equip gear to your heroes. You can receive equipment such as weapons, boots, armor, necklaces from campaign missions, the labyrinth, login rewards and idle rewards (If you open the game after a long time).  

Equip Gear to a Hero

To equip gear, go to “heroes” > hero portrait and then tap the “equipment” tab on the right side of the screen.

When an equipment is available for a particular hero, the empty slot will have a green “+” sign. If no equipment is available for that hero, the plus sign will be gray in color.

Tap the green plus sign and then select an item from the list to equip it to your hero. Equipping weapons and other items to your heroes increases key stats, making them more powerful. 

Tip: Tap the “Quick Equip” button to let the AI equip the best gear to your hero.