Miraculous Land – Gameplay Guide and Overview

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Miraculous Land - Introduction

Miraculous Land is a free-to-play Android RPG game. It has a linear open-world map with cool graphics, especially for a mobile game. The game is available only on Android phones. Your character will go through all phases of action and emotions throughout the game. 

Miraculous Land - Gameplay
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The game is about upgrading your player with higher skills and tackling soul masters. In an open world, you have to master the soulless masters with the help of your team and their skills. Recently released, the game is already highly rated and with good reasons too. Let’s check the game out. 


As a player, you start as a male protagonist, your character will have his own Soul Master. Any character you select will have a designated Soul Master. The Soul Master includes Stupa, Rabbit, Plant, Mace, and Tiger. 

Miraculous Land - Gameplay
Picture: FoxMegaGame

The game is designed as an open-world map but the map is still linear, the map areas are big and you can roam around them with ease. You can practice defeating monsters and beasts very early into the game to upgrade your character and unlock your team. 

The skills equipped by your character has tremendous potential in the game as you can awaken five type of soulless, these soulless can, in turn, be combined with ten types of Soul Ring to bring your potential up to max. 

Defeating Soul Beasts in the game will also give you Soul Rings to enhance your character’s skills and weapons. The higher and more difficult the beast or a monster, the higher the rewards. They are the toughest as well as the easiest way to upgrade your character’s skill in the game.

Miraculous Land - Gameplay
Picture: FoxMegaGame

Your character also has to go through several Soul Masters in the game, each Soul Master has his unique skill and ability. Your player’s quality should match or surpass the soul masters’ abilities to defeat them, also your team needs to be on par with your qualities to take on higher-ranked Soul Masters. 


As you progress through the game, you will come across different weapons. As you go higher, you will get higher-quality weapons. Every weapon has its unique quality and trait, like your character the weapon can be upgraded too. 

An upgraded weapon helps defeat powerful enemies like beasts, monsters, and Soul masters. Your team will also equip their own set of weapons. 


Missions are the strong point of Miraculous Land. The missions are straightforward to understand. Of course, as you go deeper into the game the missions become harder but that is expected. Nevertheless, the ease with which you can finish the missions is second to none. 

Miraculous Land - Missions
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The missions are easy and they are completed pretty quickly, especially the earlier ones, the early missions give you lots of silver and experience points. The points and experience help upgrade your character as well as unlock different characters as your teammates. 

The missions are one-tap wherein you just have to tap on the mission described and the player will commence the mission along with his team. Every mission has its sub-missions and in those sub-missions, you will face either a soul master or a beast as a boss fight. 

Completing missions will also unlock daily rewards and offers early in the game. 

Daily Rewards and Offers

Miraculous Land like any other RPG game offers daily rewards and other offers. There are materials that you can unlock for free daily or you can buy a premium pass to get your hands on those limited materials. 

Miraculous Land - Daily rewards and offers
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The rewards can also be unlocked by finishing missions, few materials will be available to claim for free for completing missions. 


Combat in Miraculous Land is badass. You can deploy 5 characters in a fight so it is you plus four spirit masters. The game itself says that lining up the right spirit masters is the key to winning so make sure you have the right spirit masters for the boss fights. Horses for causes. 

Miraculous Land - Combat
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Combat can be done manually or you can hit the auto switch and the battle will take place automatically in front of you. The spirit masters and your characters use their special abilities and upgrades during the fights so make sure they are upgraded. Watch for upgrades after every mission as they will eventually help you in combat situations. 

Spirit Master

Your “teammates” that follow you are known as Spirit Masters in Miraculous Land. Each Spirit Master has his/her abilities that can be upgraded in the Collection section. You can also view all the locked and unlocked Spirit Masters in this collection section. 

Miraculous Land - Spirit Master
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You can view the traits or abilities these Spirit Masters possess in the Collection section. The Spirit Masters get unlocked through various means – you can unlock them by finishing missions, defeating the beasts and soul masters, or in a premium pass. 

There is also a bond section in the Collection section where you can view the bond effect of the characters. The bond effect helps in increasing your team’s abilities during fights and makes your team more efficient. 

Miraculous Land - Fights
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Mini-Games and Events

There are mini-games and events designed inside Miraculous Land. These events and games help you in securing materials such as S-Dust, Silver, Epic Beast Soul, Treasure Map, and more. These mini-games are addictive and fun to play. 

Miraculous Land - Mini games and events
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You will require tickets to play in these events. Without tickets, you won’t be able to participate. Although you can spend some diamonds to get tickets to play the event the provision is there if you run out of tickets. 


Miraculous Land is one of the smoothest RPG games in recent times. The graphics and gameplay are top notch so are the other features of the game. The gameplay is easy to understand and the game itself is easy to play. The game will guide you in your progress and that is all you can ask for. 

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