Mining Simulator 2 Codes – February 2024

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We have got the latest codes for Mining Simulator 2 in July 2023!

Looking for the perfect game to relax to? Rumble Studios has you covered with their amazing Roblox game, Mining Simulator 2! Killing time has never felt this fun before as you venture deeper into the depths of the earth in search of rare ore to trade. 

The game lets you bring along some adorable pets on your journey, and you can have a blast unlocking new mining equipment and furry friends as you climb to the top of the leaderboards. 

Digging is hard work, so here are some handy Mining Simulator 2 codes that you can redeem for freebies and bonuses to aid your progress. 

Mining Simulator 2

Mining Simulator 2 Codes – July 2023

Working Codes

Here is a list of codes that we verified are working as of July 2023.

Update436 Hours Lucky Boost
Anniversary4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update426 Hours Lucky Boost
Aquatic4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Sandcastle4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update416 Hours Lucky Boost
Tropical4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update406 Hours Lucky Boost
SpringPart44 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update396 Hours Lucky Boost
SpringPart34 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update386 Hours Lucky Boost
SpringPart24 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update376 Hours Lucky Boost
Spring4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update356 Hours Lucky Boost
StPatricksPart24 Hours Lucky Boost
Update346 Hours Lucky Boost
Update336 Hours Lucky Boost
StPatricks4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Comet4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update326 Hours Lucky Boost
Rainbow4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update316 Hours Lucky Boost
Update306 Hours Lucky Boost
Valentines4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
TechMystery4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update296 Hours Lucky Boost
Update286 Hours Lucky Boost
Element4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
MysticalFour hour lucky boost
Update27Six hour lucky boost
HappyNewYearFour hour lucky boost
Update26Six hour lucky boost
Update25Six hour lucky boost
FestiveFour hour lucky boost
AdventFour hour lucky boost
Update24Six hour lucky boost
PuzzleFour hour lucky boost
Update23Six hour lucky boost
CartoonFour hour lucky boost
Update22Six hour lucky boost
Update20Six hours of lucky boost
PixelFour hours of super lucky boost
Omega2424 Hours Omega Lucky Boost
Super2424 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Lucky2424 Hours Lucky Boost
GhostFour hour boost!
Update18Six hour boost!
Update176 hour boost
Spooky4 hour boost
Update166 hour lucky boost
Halloween4 hour super lucky boost
Update156 Hours Lucky Boost
Pastry4 Hours Super Lucky Boost
Update146 hour boost
Chocolate4 hours boost
Update136 hours of Lucky Boost
Candyland4 hours of Lucky Boost
Update1230 mins Lucky Boost
MysteryV330 mins Super Lucky Boost
LuckEvent30 mins of lucky boost
Update1030 minutes of super lucky boost
UltraLucky4 hours of Omega Luck Boost
Atlantis30 lucky boost
Update9Super lucky boost
LostCity30 mins omega lucky boost
SuperEvent1 hour Lucky Boost
ExtraLuck30 mins Super Lucky Boost
Update830 minutes Super Lucky Boost
Mystery30 minutes Lucky Boost
Season230 minutes Omega Lucky Boost
Update730 mins Super Lucky Boost
Treasure30 mins Lucky Boost
Update6Super boost
fishingLuck boost
Update530 mins Super Lucky Boost
July4th30 mins Lucky Boost
Update430 mins of luck boost
Factory30 minutes luck boost
Lucky1 luck boost
SuperLucky30 mins super luck boost
FreeGems150 free gems
TradingGet free gems!
RareCrateRare reward crate
FreeCrateCommon reward crate
GemsFree gems
FreeEggFree egg

How to Redeem Codes in Mining Simulator 2 (Step-by-Step

Mining Sim 2 redeem code

To redeem a code, you must first press the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen once the game has started. 

Doing so will make the Codes menu pop up.

All you have to do now is enter a code exactly as displayed in the Codes box. You can do so by entering it manually or copy-pasting one from our list below. 

Now simply click on Redeem and you are good to go. Enjoy your freebies! 

What Codes Do in Mining Simulator 2

These gift codes are redeemable and provide you with various rewards that aid your gameplay. These rewards vary from cooldowns to currency and even tools that directly make digging for rare ore easier.

Codes Not Working in Mining Simulator 2

Non-functional codes in Mining Simulator 2 can be frustrating. However, the cause is often simple. Typographical errors or capitalization mistakes can render a code invalid, so it’s worth double-checking for accuracy.

Additionally, expired codes may be the culprit. Check our list of expired codes to determine if that’s the case.

How to Find New Codes in Mining Simulator 2

Mining Sim 2 More Codes

To gain access to additional codes after utilizing all available ones in Mining Simulator 2, your optimal strategy is to follow the developer on their social media platforms. As Mining Simulator 2 is a renowned Roblox game, new codes are likely to be introduced as the game continues to expand. By staying updated through these channels, you can ensure that you won’t miss out on any opportunities!

Also, joining the official Mining Simulator 2 Discord server might help.


Mining Simulator 2 is a great exhibit of Roblox’s charm with simple mechanics and inclusive fun for gamers of all ages to kick back to. Playing through the first few hours of the game will greatly open it up and make it all the more fun. 

The codes listed above are sure to spice up your Roblox gameplay and help you obtain some well-deserved rewards in this excellent casual game. Make sure to have a blast and comment on any new codes you find for yourself!

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