Mini Mini Farm: Walkthrough and Guide

Anurag Ghosh
Mini Mini Farm Guide

Mini Mini Farm is a delightful farm sim game from Coffeebreak. With cute pixel art graphics, this minimalist game boasts simple one-touch controls.

Step into the shoes of an adventurer as you explore a remote island and try to make it inhabitable. While exploring, your character will bump into several things, such as trees, grass, shrubs, crop fields, houses, and many more! Move the adventurer close to them to begin performing actions, such as chopping trees, mining metals, cutting grass, etc. Tap the screen rapidly to chain actions together, especially when your character is near multiple objects. This will make him perform actions faster. Grow and harvest crops, unlock secret locations, mine precious stones, catch fish and collect artifacts.

Mini Mini Farm

Controls are super easy – Press and hold the screen, and drag it in the direction you would want the adventurer to move.

The game objective is to develop an area, earn coins and buy a house to proceed to a new area. Your goal may seem easy, but you will have to earn a lot of coins and explore all areas within Area 1 before you can purchase a house.

Once you buy and move into the new house, you will be able to unlock a new location, which will allow you to explore deeper into the island.

The uncharted island is divided into several areas. Our Mini Mini Farm walkthrough will help you progress through area 1.

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How to Progress and Buy a House

Purchasing your first house will require some effort. Our step-by-step guide will help you to buy a house in Mini Mini Farm, follow these steps:

This is the house that you will have to purchase in area 1.

The house in area 1.

You will need coins to purchase it. But first, you will have to develop the area. Developing an area means unlocking new spaces/locations within an area, purchasing semi-transparent objects, etc.

Check your progress every time you develop an area. To do this, move closer to your house. There will be a signboard near your house (it’s on the left-hand side of the house in area 1). Move your character closer to the signboard to check your progress.

The signboard will read:

“This area is at 0% progress. You can buy a house at 80% progress”

Keep unlocking new spaces/areas in area 1 and purchase translucent objects to increase progress. Make sure you reach eighty percent progress to purchase the house.

Here’s how to develop an area and reach 80% progress to get a house in Mini Mini Farm:

1. Unlock all locations in area 1. Locations have a lock symbol above them. You will need coins to unlock them. You can find information about all locked locations in area 1 in the next section: List of all Locations.

Move your adventurer to the lock symbols to know how many coins are required to open them. Here’s an example:

This locked location is named Area 1: South Side and is bang opposite the ranch. To build a bridge that unlocks and connects to the new space, you will need 1000 coins.

Locked location. Pay coins to unlock it.

You can’t unlock one such area that has a large fence and a lock symbol above it. This fence opens to area 2 (see the screenshot below). It’s in the north of Central Plaza above the house in Area 1. You can unlock it once you have developed area 1, i.e. unlocked all locations within area 1, and purchased all semi-transparent objects and animals.

The path to area 2
Road to Area 2

2. Purchase all semi-transparent/translucent objects using coins in every location you unlock. Move to a semi-transparent object and a message will pop up on the screen. Once you have enough coins, tap the purchase button.

– Whenever you purchase translucent objects in area 1, you will gain 4% progress. So if your progress is at 0% and then you purchase a semitransparent tree and then a rock, your progress will be at 8 percent.

A semi-transparent tree.

3. Purchase the ranch. It also has a lock symbol above it. You will need only 70 coins to purchase it. Don’t forget to purchase cattle on the ranch to further increase your progress. Each purchase will add +4% to your total progress.

4. Purchase all animals in every location to increase progress. The south side has 4 animals. Purchase all of them to increase progress. Unlock the ranch in the central plaza and purchase cattle to increase progress.

As you progress, there will be a new location available for purchase. After unlocking the East, West, and South side, keep an eye for this location. It’s on the upper-left side of the little red house (the house which you will be purchasing when you reach 80% progress). This is the North side. It’s on the upper-right side of the signboard – there’s a fence and a lock symbol. Check the screenshot below to know its location:

The access point to North side is on the upper-left side of the house

One of our readers, “Ramirez”, pointed out that the North side may become available for purchase when you reach 68 percent progress (move to the signboard near the house to check your progress often).

Area 1: North can be purchased with 800 coins. It has two plants (bushes), a carrot field, a boulder that can be mined to obtain stones, and a portal.

Opening the north side.

Hidden Area (North Side): Once you have unlocked and reached Area 1: North Side, move closer to the single blue flower near the signboard. There’s a secret passageway among the trees that opens to a small land containing copper. You will have to shell out coins to access this area. Just move closer to the single flower to trigger the purchase prompt screen.

Area 1: North Side
The secret passageway among the trees in Area1: North Side. The blue flower near the signboard hints at a location on the right.

The small hidden area has copper. Proceed to purchase the translucent copper:

Secret area on the right of the North Side

Tip: Blue flowers suggest a hidden pathway is somewhere nearby. Move closer to a single blue flower to find the secret area.

Once you have unlocked all locations and purchased all semi-translucent objects/animals in Area 1, check your progress at the signboard near the house. You will see 80 percent progress. Congratulations, you can now purchase the house. But the game does not stop here.

You will not only need 18000 coins but also these resources – x200 wood, x120 stones, x80 wool, and x30 copper – to complete construction and own the house in area 1. When you move closer to the house to purchase, a board will display the above requirements.

Purchasing your first house in area 1.

The first thing you should do is earn 18K coins. You can earn them from villagers’ requests, fishing, and removing plants. Fulfilling villager’s requests, especially those that provide double earnings, should be your priority, so make sure you keep harvesting crops and gathering milk/wool cattle from every location where they are available. As soon as you harvest crops, quickly till/sow seeds/water the barren land. Fishing is also a quick way to earn coins. So make sure you catch fish in the central plaza and east side to earn coins. Larger fish grant more coins than smaller ones. As you upgrade your fishing level, you will gain more opportunities to get bigger catches and earn more coins.

While you keep earning to reach 18K, try to gather all resources (wood, stones, wool, and copper) whenever possible.

Inviting a Helper to Your House

Once you have collected the required materials and earned 18000 coins, move near the house and press the purchase button. Next, enter the house and you will see a cozy little room with semi-transparent furniture.

Inside your house

Purchase all 5 translucent furniture items and walk near the signboard inside the house. A new resident named “Redwood” will appear next to you. The resident will help you collect and store resources in a storage box in area 1 when you not playing or busy purchasing the house in area 2.

Unlocking the helper

When you return to area 1 or open the app after some time, you will find resources stored in the storage box in front of the ranch in area 1. These resources have been gathered by the helper who moved into the house.

The storage box with the exclamation mark
The storage box with an exclamation mark above it. It suggests that the resident has collected some items and stored it here.

You can find this storage box near the barrel outside the ranch. An exclamation mark will appear above the box when the storage is full. Collect resources by moving near the box.

How to Increase Helper and Storage Box Level

In Mini Mini Farm, you can increase the resident’s helper level and the storage box level. Move into the house in area 1 and then move closer to the resident. A box will pop up on the screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Level up helper level

Tap the helper level to upgrade your resident. You will need a certain amount of coins to do so. Items are stored fast if you increase the helper level. The resident will be able to store items more number of times once you raise his level.

Raise the storage level and you will increase the number of resources stored in the box. Increasing both helper and storage levels will help you receive more resources in a short period of time, so make sure you level them up at regular intervals whenever you have enough coins.

List of Locations to Unlock in Area 1

Now that you know how to progress, it’s important to know how to find and unlock a new location. Every time you gain access to a new location, you increase progress and are one step forward to buying your house.

We have provided helpful videos below each text to help you locate them. Watch them to find all locations in Mini Mini Farm’s area 1 map. They have already been unlocked by us.

Area 1: East Side – It’s the easternmost part of area 1, on the right side of the ranch. Make sure you activate the portal on the east side to move freely between Central Plaza (the main area where your farming adventure begins) and the East Side. You will need 300 coins to unlock the east side.

The East Side has a field that grows blueberries. You will also find a fishing spot and plants that grant coins instantly. Don’t forget to purchase the semitransparent tree on East Side to increase your progress.

Area 1: West Side – There’s a bridge that connects Central Plaza with West Side. You will need 500 coins to unlock this location. The access point that opens the bridge to the west side is near the mysterious monument and the chest lass.

You will find copper on the west side. There’s also a crop field that grows strawberries. Besides the crop field, there’s a translucent rock that costs 400 coins and a hidden shoal that can be purchased with 1400 coins. Make sure you purchase both to increase progress.

Make sure you activate the portal on the West Side. You can then fast-travel between the central, east, and west sides in a jiffy.

Area 1: South Side – The south side is a grassy plain where four cool animals can be purchased:

An easygoing sheep – Purchase it with 850 coins.

A sweet-looking cow – 800 coins

A spacey-looking sheep – 950 coins

A cow staring into a distance – 900 coins

There’s also a portal that will allow you to fast-travel to the Central, East, and West side.

The access point to unlock Area1: South Side can be found opposite the ranch. There’s also a fireplace close to the access point. You will find a lock symbol. Unlock this location with 1000 coins.

Secret Area: Noticed a signboard with a speaker symbol just above the ranch? The second tree on the right side of this signboard is blocking a secret area. Chop that tree to unlock it. This tiny location contains a crop field that grows corn. You will also find a red treasure chest with a yellow border close to this crop field in this location. Make sure you are online while playing this game to make the treasure chest appear in this location. The treasure chest will contain lots of common and rare resources and you will have to watch an advert to open it.

You may find such secret areas in Mini Mini Farm. One such area is on the south side, you will have to purchase a bridge worth 1500 coins to access it.

Area 1: North – Appears a little later, once you have unlocked the east, west, and south locations. Has a carrot field, two bushes, a portal, a rock, and a hidden passageway to a secret area containing copper.

How to Find Silver

I know you might be wondering where to find Silver in Mini Mini Farm. It’s one of the precious metals and there’s actually a secret area where silver can be found:

The secret path to silver
Open a path to silver in Area 1: South Side

Area 1: South Side has access to this secret location. When you are on the south side, move closer to the blue crystal/flower which is partially buried in the ground. A message will pop up on the screen – “you might be able to cross”.

Spend 1500 coins to get access to this secret location and you will find an islet with silver ore. Don’t forget to purchase the silver ore using 1200 coins. Watch the above video to know how to access this area and find silver.

The silver ore is hidden in a small islet.
The Silver is in an Islet – it’s a secret area that connects Area 1: South Side

Uproot Plants to Gain Coins Instantly

The best way to farm coins is to remove plants/shrubs. They are usually found in groups of four as seen in the below screenshot:

Plants are in groups of 4
Shrubs/Plants. Remove them to obtain coins.

You can gain coins instantly if you get rid of them. All you have to do is move your character close to them and he will do his job. Every plant you uproot grants coins. Sometimes, one of the four plants grants more coins than the others.

Plants regenerate every few seconds. Once you uproot them, they start growing on the same spot soon and grow pretty fast.

Plants regrow fast
Plants regenerate every few seconds.

How to Grow and Harvest Crops

In the beginning, you will find two empty crop fields – the first one is near the mysterious monument:

Crop field 1 grows radishes
The crop field opposite the strange monument grows radishes

The second one is opposite the ranch:  

Crop field 2 grows tomatoes
The crop field opposite the ranch produces tomatoes

The crop field near the mysterious monument grows radishes and the one opposite the ranch grows tomatoes.

As you explore and unlock new spaces in area 1, you will find more crop fields where you can grow and harvest new crops.

Growing and harvesting crops are easy. If you have just started playing, all you have to do is move your character to the crop field and he will automatically till the land. Next move him near the tilled land to plant seeds and then finally move him all over the tilled land again to water them. Wait for a few minutes for the crops to grow. When they grow, move your character closer to the crops to harvest them.

You can grow and harvest crops multiple times. Make sure you follow these steps: Till > Sow Seeds > Water.

Farming will allow you to harvest veggies and fruits. You can sell them to villagers to earn coins. Just move closer to the post box to open “Villager Requests”. More on this in the next section.

List of Crops in All Locations in Area 1

Central Plaza: There are two crop fields in the central plaza, one near the fishing spot/artifact house grows radishes and one opposite the ranch grows tomatoes.

East Side: This east side crop field grows blueberries.

West Side: You can grow and harvest strawberries on the west side.

Secret Area near the signboard with speaker symbol: Grow and harvest corn in the area.

How to Fulfill Villager Requests

Noticed the postbox with an exclamation mark above it? Move your character near the postbox to open “Villager Requests”.

The postbox gives access to villager requests

These requests are nothing but simple quests in which villagers need certain resources. Collect those resources and give them to the villagers to earn coins. Villager requests are the best tasks to earn a lot of coins.

How to fulfill requests:

 – Move closer to the postbox. A list of requests will appear on the screen.

  – Tap a resource in the list and make a note of the amount requested by the villagers.

 – Collect the required amount of resources, go back to the postbox, tap the request again and press the accept button.  

The number below a resource is the required amount that needs to be given to villagers. Red numbers suggest you don’t have that much amount of resources with you. If the numbers are in black, it means you have acquired enough of them. See the below screenshot:

Villager request list

Some villagers will need more than one type of resource at once. These resources will be lined next to each other in the list.  You must collect the required amount of all resources and only then you can complete the request.

Fulfill all requests in a row to earn coins

For single requests, you can check their names by tapping on their icons. This way you can easily recognize the resource: (see screenshot below):

Single requests

Before fulfilling resource orders/requests from villagers, pay attention to these rules:

1. You will find a maximum of ten requests in the list.

2. New orders/requests will appear in the list every 2 minutes, and the oldest ones will disappear.

3. Need a completely new list? Just tap the green undo button on the top-right corner of the list to replace the old list with a new one. You will have to watch a 30-second video to get a new list of requests.

The undo button is in the top-right corner of the list box.

4. The reward amount for certain requests will be in green. This is 2x the amount you usually earn from a request. Prioritize collecting resources for such requests as villagers want them delivered to them as soon as possible. You will receive double the rewards.

Bonus Quests

Activate Portals

You may have stumbled upon a harmless-looking well like the one below:

Is it well? Is it a portal?
Portal in Area 1 – Central Plaza. Who would have thought that a harmless-looking well can teleport you to a new location?

Well, it’s a portal. The first portal is right next to the ranch, in the central plaza, the area where your adventure begins. Portals can be found in each new unlocked location within area 1. Make sure you activate a portal in a new location as soon as you find it. Here’s how we teleported using wells in each location:

Activating two or more portals will let you fast travel between two different areas/spaces effortlessly.

Open Treasure Chests

In the central plaza, the main area where your character starts his adventure, you will find red treasure chests with golden borders in the hidden location near the signboard with a speaker icon. Chop the tree that blocks the hidden location to access it.

Treasure chest
A treasure chest appears in the secret location at regular intervals

Tap the chest and watch a 30-second video to access it. Open the chest to acquire loads of coins and goodies, including rare resources like copper:

Open the chest by watching an advert

A treasure chest won’t appear if you are offline. Yes, Mini Mini Farm can be played without an internet connection, but you won’t be able to take advantage of opening treasure chests and catching fish, and opening chests using chest lass’s help. These tasks require you to watch a 30-second video, which is why you will need an internet connection to do them.

Get Wool and Milk from the Ranch

Wool and milk are two important resources that will always find space in the villager requests list, either solo or with other resources. Unlock the ranch in the central plaza using 70 coins and then purchase the sheep and the cow. Next, wait for an exclamation mark above them and move your character closer to them to get milk and wool. It takes some time to generate these resources so always pay attention to the exclamation marks above animals to know when they are ready.

You can purchase more animals in Area 1: South Side. The path to unlocking the south side is opposite the ranch. You will need 1000 coins to unlock it.

How to Catch Fish

Fishing is a fun activity in Mini Mini Farm and the best part of it is that all fish caught by the player will be automatically sold for coins. So there’s no special marketplace to sell them.

It’s all about timing! You will have to tap the screen at the right time whenever you see prompts on the screen. Here’s how to catch’em all:

1. Move your character close to a fishing spot. There’s a spot in the main area, i.e. Central Plaza. It’s right in front of the radish field.

2. Under “Fish here?” press the “Fish” button. (this appears when you unlocked fishing for the first time)

3. Press the “Cast Line” button.

Cast Line in fishing

4. Press the “Reel In” button only when you see the exclamation mark above your character. This requires some timing, so make sure you press the button when you see the exclamation mark.

reel in to catch fish

Once you catch a fish successfully, your fishing level bar (green in color) increases as you gain XP. Keep fishing to fill the green bar and level up. A message also pops up on the screen, saying “You sold your catch for X coins”.

Catch fish to level up and earn coins

The coins earned depend on the type of fish. Uncommon, large fish grant more coins than smaller fish. Level up for bigger catches to earn more coins.

When you catch a fish, you will gain experience points or “XP”. The XP earned will help you level up, which will improve your chances of a larger catch.

Once you play the fishing mini-game, you can attempt another, but you may have to watch an ad. there will be a green play button in the fishing spot. Move closer to it, watch an ad and play the game again. Or you can wait for a few minutes and you won’t have to watch an advert to play it again.

There are two fishing spots in area 1 – Central Plaza, near the radish field, and the East Side.

Pay Attention to your Inventory

In Mini Mini Farm, all resources gathered and mined are stored in your inventory.

The building on the left side of the ranch in area 1, central plaza is your inventory.

The inventory building

Move your character closer to the building to open and find all resources that you have collected so far in your inventory.

Your inventory

How to Upgrade Tools

You can upgrade your basic stone tool into a higher-grade tool in Mini Mini Farm. Follow these steps:

1. You may find small wooden chests dropped on the ground while chopping trees, harvesting crops in a field, breaking rocks, and obtaining wool and milk from cattle. There’s a random chance of collecting these chests from the above resources.

2. You can find out how many chests you have collected so far by viewing your inventory. The blue inventory building is on the left side of the ranch. Move closer to open the inventory. Inside you will see a small chest as shown in the below screenshot:

3. Next, move closer to the “Chest Lass”. You can find her near the blue building in area 1. This blue building is on the left side of the mysterious monument and above the radish farm in the central plaza, the main area where you began your adventure.

Note: If you don’t have a chest, you will see a callout above the chest lass – I think it means to get the chest first, and only then you can craft a key to open it.

The blue artifact building
The chest lass is near the blue artifact building.

4. The chest lass can help you unlock these small chests using a key. To make a key, you will need 300 coins and 5 copper. If you have these resources, then tap the “Make Key” button to craft a key for the small chest.

Making key to unlock chests

5. If you don’t have the required amount of copper and coins to craft a key, you can skip this task and open the chest directly without keys. All you have to do is tap the “Watch Video and Skip” button. Watch a 30-second advert to open the chest.

An artifact in Mini Mini Farm
An artifact. Collect all thirty to upgrade your tool

6. You will obtain an artifact. You will have to collect all 30 artifacts in Area 1 in Mini Mini Farm to upgrade your basic tool. Upgrading to a copper tool will allow you to cut smash and till faster.

    1. the bonfire in area 1 in front of the storage building and the bonfire in area 2 on the private farm! most I’ve found so far!

  1. In area 2 the house says 96% progress but I can’t figure out how to get it to 100. I’ve purchased everything that is obvious. What am I missing?

    1. There are two hidden areas, both on the upper levels of the map. If you go to the dock right of the main waterfall and climb the ladder, there is a hidden cave on the right side of the bluff behind the trees. Go up another level, and on the left side behind the peach tree (where the sign is) there is another cave. Hope this helps

    1. @Sky, I think it’s just special fruit. I wish it was possible to click on it. You can never use it to fulfill a request.

  2. There’s a secret area just behind the house, on the left-corner side in area 1. I think it appears once you reach 68 percent progress. I found this when I reached that progress level. You can open that area with 800 coins.

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