Mini Mini Farm Area 2 Walkthrough

Anurag Ghosh
Area 2 Mini Mini Farm
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Once you purchase the house in area 1 and hire a helper, you will find the access point to Area 2 on the upper-right side of your house. Keep walking past the access point until you find the orange arrow. Move near the orange arrow to enter area 2. You will then find a big bridge that connects area 1 with area 2, cross the bridge to proceed to the Forest House.

Area 2 Walkthrough

The Area 2 map is smaller than area 1 and so is the progress level. Reach 30 percent progress and you will be able to purchase the house in this area using coins and resources. With such a small map, one may think it can be easy to move forward, but it’s not as simple as it seems. If you are stuck at 25% progress, then you will find the solution to reach 30 percent progress in this Mini Mini Farm area 2 walkthrough:

The rules are the same. Here’s a recap:

1. Purchase all semi-transparent objects in an area.

2. Unlock new locations in the same area. These locations will have a lock symbol above them.

You can find a detailed guide on all locations in area 1 and tips to progress fast in our Mini Mini Farm Walkthrough.

The first thing you should do is purchase everything in Area 2: Forest House, including the translucent objects. Buy semi-transparent copper, the rock, the ranch, and the orange tree. Once you unlock the ranch, don’t forget to purchase the chicken and the cow to increase progress.

Area 2: Forest House in Mini Mini Farm

Next, move closer to the orange tree. You will see a tree blocking a hidden pathway. Chop down the tree.

The tree that blocks the path. It's near the orange tree in area 2.
The tree blocks access to a new location in Area 2: Forest House.

After chopping down the tree proceed to this location. It has an artifact building, a field that grows blueberries, and a translucent rock. Purchase the translucent rock.

Now, go back to the Forest House in area one, and check your progress near the signboard close to the house. It will show 25 percent progress.

Check our Video Walkthrough below:

Area 2: Riverside

To reach 30 percent progress, you will have to find Riverside, a secret location somewhere around area 2. Here’s how to find it. You can also watch our video walkthrough below to find out this secret area:

1. From the Forest House area, proceed to the big bridge that connects Area 1 with Area 2 (move downwards). If you remember, you crossed this bridge to access the forest house area for the first time when you opened area 2 after purchasing the house in area 1 using coins and materials. Cross the bridge and turn left as shown in the screenshot below.

There's a secret path near the left side of the bridge, close to the river.

2. You will find a hidden pathway between the trees on the left side of the bridge. The secret path is close to the river. Keep moving along the hidden pathway until you stumble upon a blue flower. In Mini Mini Farm, a blue flower hints at a secret location nearby.

Follow the blue flower to access the hidden area - Riverside.

3. Follow the blue flower and move upwards until you find a small broken bridge with a lock symbol above it. We have already unlocked this bridge, as shown in the image below:

The Riverside Area.

4. Move close to the lock symbol and use 1500 coins to open this secret location. Next, purchase one of the translucent objects in this location – either the silver or the apple tree. You will reach 33% progress.

Note: Area 2: Riverside has two plants, an apple tree, silver, and a field that grows red grapes.

You can now purchase the Forest House. Don’t forget to activate the portal in Area 2: Riverside so that you can fast travel freely between various locations in Area 1 and Area 2. Use the portal to fast travel to the forest house.

Reach 30 percent progress after unlocking riverside and then you can purchase the house.
Purchase Forest House in Area 2. Make a note of all items required to complete the purchase.

To purchase/build a house in area 2: Forest House, you will need:

x250 wood

x170 stones

x90 wool

x60 copper

x30 silver

x27000 coins

Compare Villager’s Request Rewards in Areas 1 and 2

Once you unlock area 2, you will find a golden mailbox in the forest house location. Move near the mailbox to get a fresh set of villager requests. You may find familiar resources in the request list as seen in area 1, but there will be requests for resources that are exclusively available only in area 2. These are gold, eggs, cheese, pears, and grapes.

For the familiar resources, such as stones, carrots, tomatoes, wood, copper, strawberries, blueberries, etc. always do a reward comparison between requests in area 1 and requests in area 2. Check which villager’s requests in these two areas fetch a higher price.

Open the Private Farm

The private farm is different from other locations in the area 2 map. Here’s how to find it:

In Area 2: Forest House, move to the orange tree. (purchase it if you haven’t yet). Chop down the tree opposite the orange tree to access the hidden pathway. (If you have done this already then proceed to the next step)

The Chest Lass/Artifacts building area

Walk along the narrow path on the bottom of the orange tree until you reach the blue artifacts building/chest lass.

Now turn right and move upwards to find the private farm. There will be a portal near the fence. Activate it ASAP.

Open the private farm

You can’t enter the farm unless you have watched a video advert in the game. Move your character closer to the gate and press the Yes button to watch a video.

After finishing watching the video, you will have only 30 seconds to collect resources in the private. You can collect these resources – Gold, pears, grapes, silver, and cheese from the cow.

The private farm contains rare resources.

Collect all resources ASAP before the gate locks and you are thrown out of the private farm.

  1. When will you be doing area 3? I would also like to mention that there is a cap on resources. I want to know how many levels the houses and get to. Like what is the max. Thank you!

  2. There are 3 blue flowers by the house in area 2 but I can’t find any paths near them. Does anyone know what these blue flowers are for?

    1. @Kimberley, Those 3 blue flowers by the house could be a decoy. imo there isn’t a secret path nearby. I tried hard to find a secret path but I couldn’t find any.

      1. É uma flor azul que fica dentro do cercado de animais em frente a casa grande ela é uma passagem até lá em baixo onde a o ouro e campo de milho.

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