Might & Magic Chess Royale: Guide to Synergies, Factions and Classes

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Synergies or unit combos grant powerful status effects when you place certain units from the same class or faction on the game board. There are two types of synergies – class synergies and faction synergies. Before we delve more into this, let’s know a bit more about classes and factions.  

Might & Magic: Chess Royale Synergies, Classes and Factions
Synergy symbols are displayed on the left side of the screen


There are six classes in Might & Magic: Chess Royale: Spirit, Warrior, Guardian, Mage, Assassin and Dragon. Units from a class share certain common traits. For example: Warriors have high DPS, whereas Guardians are tank characters. When you place units from the same class on the game board, a class synergy is activated, which grants powerful buffs or de-buffs.  


If you have played Might & Magic: Heroes, then you will be familiar with factions. There are six factions: Fortress, Haven, Necropolis, Stronghold, Dungeon and Sylvans. “Heroes” had an alignment system, in which a unit or group of units from a faction determines whether they are “good-aligned”, evil or neutral. For example: Units in the Haven faction are “good-aligned”, Necropolis faction units are bad and Stronghold units are neutral. In Heroes, these factions had their own story-based campaigns.    

In Chess Royale, the focus is more on synergies so a group of 3-4 units belonging to the same faction grants powerful buffs when they are placed on the chess board.  

To activate class synergy, you will have to place a certain number of units that belong to the same class. Class synergies can be activated even when you place only half of the units on the chess board. Example: If you place 2 warriors on the board, then all warriors will gain 20 percent bonus damage. But if you place 4 warriors, the damage will increase to 50. But in case of faction synergies, you must have full units from the same faction on the board to activate them.  

Here’s a complete list of Might & Magic: Chess Royale synergies. Make sure you fulfill class and faction synergy requirements to activate.   

Class Synergies 


2 Units: (-3) armor to all enemies 

4 Units: (-5) armor to all enemies 

Spirit units: Ghost, Troglodyte, Lava Elemental, Dryad 


2 units: All warriors gain 20 percent damage 

4 units: All warrior units gain 50 percent damage 

Warrior Units: Gnoll, Orc, Valkyrie, Fire Giant 


2 Units: All guardians gain +4 armor 

4 Units: All guardians gain +10 armor 

Guardian units: Battle dwarf, Swordmaster, Treant, Cyclops, Archangel.  


2 Units: (-10) percent magic resistance to all enemies 

4 units: (-30) percent magic resistance to all enemies 

Mage units: Druid, Rune Priest, Lich, Zealot 


2 Units: All assassins will have 5 percent chance of a critical hit, which will deal 300 percent DMG. 

4 Units: All assassins have 20 percent chance to critical hit, which will deal 300 percent DMG.   

Assassin Units: Justicar, Harpy, Vampire, Stalker 


Placing only one dragon unit will activate this synergy. When you place a dragon unit on the board, it will grant +40 mana to nearby allies on the chess board.  

Dragon Units: Hydra, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Bone Dragon 

Want to know how to win this massive real-time auto-battler? Our basic guide will help you:  

Faction Synergies 


Place 3 units from the Fortress faction to get a 20 percent chance of earning 1 extra gold after a kill.  

Fortress Units: Lava Elemental, Fire Giant, Valkyrie, Battle Dwarf, Rune Priest, Red Dragon 


4 Units: All Haven units survive only for 3 seconds after dying.  

Haven Units: Archangel, Swordmaster, Zealot, Justicar.  


Upon death, all Necropolis units spawn a 2-stars Ghost.  

Necropolis Units: Ghost, Lich, Vampire, Bone Dragon 


You will need 3 units from the Stronghold faction: When a stronghold unit dies, a random stronghold unit on the board gains +100 percent DMG 

Stronghold Units: Gnoll, Orc, Cyclops, Harpy.    


4 Units: When attacked, Sylvans have a 15 percent chance to deal 150 DMG to every nearby enemy on the board.  

Sylvans Units: Dryad, Treant, Druid, Green Dragon 


3 units: When a battle begins, a random ally unit gets duplicated. Allies up to max 2 stars will be duplicated.  

Dungeon faction units: Troglodyte, Stalker, Hydra