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Jean-Roux Denysschen
METRIA - Starlight - Game Guide with tips

METRIA is an RPG(Role Playing Game), a game filled with action and excitement.

In METRIA players will find themselves in an unknown land. The game’s goal is to meet several people to help you find the hidden truth of the world.

METRIA also features an exciting battle system that will allow players to defeat all of their enemies with their character’s amazing skills.

METRIA is developed ASOBIMO,Inc. and is available for download on the IOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

METRIA introduction image
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.

Opening METRIA

When players first open the game METRIA they are asked to enter a username that they will be using throughout the game.

METRIA - Enter Username
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.

After players have entered their names, they are greeted with flame-like text to introduce the story of the game and what needs to be done.

Once players have an idea of what the story is about they will begin the tutorial of all the controls in the game as well as in battle.

METRIA - 9 Deadly Sins - Introduction
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.



METRIA features an easy-to-use joystick on the left side of the screen that players will be able to use to move around the area.

While moving or standing still players can use another finger to look around by dragging their finger across the screen.

METRIA - Controls - Joystick and other controls
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.

By doing this players will be able to clearly see their destination in front of them or see the enemy while in battle.

Along with the other controls to move, a jump button can be found on the right button corner of the screen.


The tutorial for battle instructions is also easy to follow. Players will simply need to click the sword button to perform a normal attack on the enemy.

Below the sword, players can find a retreat button. This can be used in battle if the enemy has the upper hand and will allow players to restrategize their attack.

When players meet new exciting characters, they will have the ability to switch between characters. Each character has their own unique abilities.

The character abilities will show up beneath the sword in battle for players to beat their enemies.

METRIA - Battle tutorial - Special skills
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.


Your bag features all of your items which players can carry with them on their journey.

It will feature things like the traveler’s Diary, Potions, weapons, and more.

Mini Map

The mini-map can be found at the top right corner of your screen. Players will be able to see all the enemies on the map.

It will also indicate the destinations where players will need to go to further their journey in the game.

The yellow dots indicate friendly characters that are on your side. The red squares with white circles indicate your destinations. The red dots indicate enemies.

The white trees indicate all of the trees that can be harvested for material in the game.

The gems are indicated by white gems on the map and fish are indicated by white fish on the map.

METRIA - Jeno Plains - Mini Map
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.

Players will be able to click on the option they would like to see on the map.

Mountain Greenfield Ruart Map

The game starts off at Jeno Plains where you will meet a lot of friendly characters and will need to collect things like Herbaflora, Eggs, Pickeleon Feather, and much more.

As players progress in the game they will unlock new exciting places to visit like Begius House, Jeno Grassland, Mine entrance, Koriv mine, and other amazing places.

METRIA - Main Map of explorative locations
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.

Tips for new players

  1. Each character in the game will have three skills namely Skill 1, Skill 2, and EX Skill.
  2. The use of elemental strength and weakness is essential in the game. 
  3. If your opponent is too powerful for you to face in battle, players should increase their character’s level.
  4. The stats of a character will increase and be more effective in battle when upgrading your characters.
  5. EXP that are gathered in battle will be distributed to other characters in the party.
  6. METRIA features two types of characters they are Normal Attack Booster Characters and Skill Attack Booster Characters. 
  7. Players should try to change their fighting style and the characters they are using to ensure the best performance in battles.
METRIA - Battle - Skills and abilities
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.

More tips

  1. Each character has their own attribute like good attacking abilities, good supporting abilities, or good debuffing abilities.
  2. The effect of decreasing an enemy’s DEF can be useful to ensure higher damage in battle.
  3. The Tactics Guidebook can be used to raise skill levels and can also be exchanged during events. This item is rare in METRIA.
  4. Players will be able to pick some trees, flowers, and ores by approaching them in the game.
  5. The gathering tool has durability. When the item reaches zero it will be broken. It can be repaired at the blacksmith.
  6. The potential will give random stat bonuses to gear. The bonus will be better the higher the grade is.
  7. The gear elements in METRIA will boost the ATK of the characters. Matching the correct gear with the right character will be key to winning in battle. 
METRIA - New player tips and conclusion
Photo: ASOBIMO,Inc.


METRIA is one of the most exciting and action-packed games out there and if you love to fight enemies in battle this game is for you.

From amazing battles to meeting new people to finding and exploring new territory, this game truly is a top RPG game.

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