Metal Slug Infinity: Guide for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Metal Slug Infinity
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Help Marco Rossi and his rad team fight off Morden’s army in a new Metal Slug game. Unlike other MS games, Metal Slug Infinity is an idle RPG that lets you recruit, manage and train troops to fight waves of enemies that appear from the warp tube. You will be upgrading soldiers to make them stronger, equipping various slugs to your heroes so that they can hop into them from time-to-time to destroy incoming waves faster. You will also be using active skills to deal massive damage to enemies. Our series of video guides will help you learn the ropes.  

Metal Slug Infinity

Metal Slug Infinity: Getting Started Guide 

If you are new to idle RPGs and have just downloaded Metal Slug Infinity, then you should watch this beginner-level video walkthrough. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics, such as:    

1. Leveling up Marco and his soldiers to improve their stats and make them stronger. 

2. Using Slugs to warp or skip stages.   

3. Making the most of “Return” and medal rewards.   

4. Opening quests to get gold at regular intervals so that you are never short of gold to upgrade your soldiers. 

5. Helping P.O.W.’s to get gold and increase battle speed.  

Collect and Promote Slugs  

You can collect slugs from the excavation site. You will get 1~3-star slug from the beginner site and receive excavation tickets from it every few minutes/hours. Once you collect duplicate slugs, you can use them to promote a slug and create stronger vehicles.  

You can watch our quick enhancement guide to know more: 

You will need to combine two slugs to promote one. However, the promotion or enhancement condition is a bit tricky. It says “you will need two slugs of the same type and grade as material”. Keep that in mind when you promote a slug.  

Play a PvP Match to get Additional Rewards 

PvP matches in Metal Slug Infinity can be fun, although you can’t tap a soldier’s portrait to level him/her up during a match. There are certain rules for a PvP match:  

Soldiers and Slugs are as strong as your commander level. Enhancement and Soldier Level are ignored.   

To win a PvP match, you will have to eliminate all enemy forces or the warp tube.  

You will get 1 free PvP ticket every hour.  

Here’s a gameplay video of a Player vs. Player Match: 


If you win a PvP match, you will get battle speed boosts and 10 gems.  

You will also receive honor coins and gems daily/weekly through inbox.  

Return and Upgrading Type Masteries  

You will get access of “Return” after clearing stage 30. “Return” is Metal Slug Infinity’s ascension/prestige system. When you return, you not only get medal rewards, but also increase soldier buffs and boost gold income rate from quests and battles. The only drawback is that your soldiers are back to level 1, although it won’t be difficult to level them up with the quest reward increase you will receive when you return. You will also obtain additional rewards on your first return every day.  

This video guide will help you know what’s Return and how to use medals to upgrade type mastery: 

Medals you receive upon returning should be used to upgrade attack type masteries. There are three different attack types – Physical, Flame and Lightning. For example: Upgrading physical type mastery using medals permanently increases the level of all physical type soldiers, thereby permanently increasing their stats up to that level. If you upgrade Flame Type Mastery using medals, you will permanently increase certain stats of all flame troops. You can check stats of each soldier before and after upgrading a type mastery.  

Equip or Change Slugs 

Slugs or vehicles play a very important role in battle. If you equip a slug to a soldier, the vehicle is summoned automatically when ready. A solider hops into his/her vehicle and uses it to attack and deal massive damage to enemies/warp tube. You can use an equipped slug to “warp” ahead or skips several levels. To use a slug’s warp, you will need energy which refills over time. Each slug’s energy requirement is different from the other and you can see the energy requirement of each slug on its portrait. Check out this gameplay video to know how to change/equip slugs to soldiers: 

While the game does this for you in the tutorial mode, you can manually equip/change slugs or vehicles to each soldier. Tap the slug icon on the lower right corner of the screen and then tap “deploy”. You can only select a slug whose type (flame, lightning etc.) matches with a soldier’s type, which means a flame type slug can be equipped to a flame type soldier.  When a slug appears in a battlefield, it stays there for a few seconds until it perishes. When it’s about to auto-destruct itself, the slug turns red. Tap the vehicle and it will move towards enemy territory and explode, dealing some damage to enemies within its range.