Metal Slug: Awakening – Codes – September 2023

Metal Slug: Awakening Codes September 2023
Photo: TiMi Studios
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

Metal Slug is a game known to everyone. The series ruled the era of the early 2000s and was played and loved by all gaming enthusiasts.

Metal Slug: Awakening, developed by TiMi Studios, is the latest addition to this renowned brand. No surprises; the game has already been massively acclaimed for top-notch game dynamics, an exciting storyline, and top-notch graphics.

Players can experience great innovation in this new game and still feel the element of nostalgia related to this classic franchise.

The overall gist of the gameplay is pretty much the same: completing missions, maneuvering past hazards, and skillfully dealing with enemies.

Photo: TiMi Studios

One key feature of the game is the use of special codes to gain an edge in the game. These are a set of special keywords, usually a mixture of alphanumeric characters, that can be used to unlock rewards.

Below is a list of the active Metal Slug: Awakening codes that can be redeemed by players. I’ll also mention the steps to redeem them.

Metal Slug Awakening Active Codes (September 2023 Updated)

Metal Slug: Awakening is launched in particular regions for players to experience the exciting gameplay. To enhance the outlook of the game, the development team has introduced a set of codes specific to these regions.

However, the number of redeemable codes will increase as the game expands to different regions around the globe.

At present, the following is a list of active codes that can be redeemed, along with their regions:

  • MSNEWSERVER – All Regions
  • B14BBFB3 – Vietnam
  • C14JINFV – Vietnam
  • D1483ELP – Vietnam
  • E14U54EX – Vietnam
  • Q14IQVY7 – Vietnam
  • O14E2XFP – Vietnam
  • K14M4R8B – Vietnam
  • 214TYM70 – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
  • 314TERDN – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
  • 114QWKGW – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
  • 014X8ZNT – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
  • A14P7E7T – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
  • 914GE5HR – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
  • 814SDWGY – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

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How to Redeem Metal Slug: Awakening Free Codes

There is a special site that can be used to receive rewards in the game. It also verifies a player by using their Player ID in order to ensure that a player uses a single code only once.

Redeeming free codes in Metal Slug: Awakening is pretty easy; you just need to follow a simple sequence of steps:

  1. Launch Metal Slug: Awakening.
  2. Go to your Profile after clicking the drop-down arrow on the top-right.
Photo: TiMi Studios
  1. Copy your Player ID.
Photo: TiMi Studios
  1. Head over to the Metal Slug Awakening code redemption site.
  2. Input your Player ID and complete the Captcha.
  3. Accurately enter the redeemable code you want to use.
  4. Click on the Redeem Button.
  1. You will receive the reward in the in-game mailbox.

That is all about the codes that can be used in the newly launched Metal Slug: Awakening. We will try our best to update the list as new codes are added to the game.

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