Merge War – Zombie vs Cybermen: Ultimate Game Guide

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Merge War
(Last Updated On: November 18, 2023)

Gather and combine your unique creatures in this thrilling and ultimate gaming experience in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen!

Merge War ZC first
Photo: NexarGames

Get ready to lead your zombie and cybermen squad with style and robotic precision!

In this article, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on gameplay and the most effective strategies to advance through stages smoothly!

Merge War – Zombie vs Cybermen: Gameplay

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen
Photo: NexarGames

The gameplay of Merge War: Zombie VS Cybermen is straightforward. You have a three-by-five grid to position your units, strategically facing off against the enemy monsters in the current stage.

Merge Monsters

Where the undead and cybermen take center stage, merging is the name of the game.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen merge
Photo: NexarGames

Once you’ve summoned your units by parting ways with some coins, you can unite them by dragging one to their identical counterparts, granted they groove to the same level.

Merging two identical monsters results in an upgraded version with enhanced stats.

Stats and Growth

Once you seamlessly merge your units, a fresh character strides into your library. Your souped-up monster not only flaunts a new appearance but also boasts superior stats.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen merge2
Photo: NexarGames

The more you combine identical units, the more growth they snag! At the moment, there are ten varieties of Zombies and Cybermen waiting to be unlocked in the game.


Once you’ve strategically positioned your units on the grid and completed the necessary upgrades, just hit the “Play” button to initiate combat. Your zombies and cybermen will autonomously engage the enemies directly in front of them.

Merge War Zombie vs Cy combat
Photo: NexarGames

Explore Stages

After triumphing over a stage, you seamlessly transition to the next one. Brace yourself, though, because as you progress through the stages, the monsters lurking within grow mightier and more menacing.

Merge War Zombie vs Cy stat
Photo: NexarGames

Take note that on every fifth stage you conquer, the game introduces mini-bosses.


Beyond the regular stages in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen, engage in battles against Bosses on the screen’s left side, marked by a red skull icon to test your strength.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen boss
Photo: NexarGames

Upon victory, you’ll receive a treasure chest containing coins and free zombie or cybermen units. At present, there are six bosses waiting for you to take on.

Skills and Upgrades

Are your units having a tough time dealing with enemies in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen? Worry not! You can acquire skills to give them a boost, usable once per stage.

Simply tap on the arrow icon located on the left side of your screen to open the Skills window.

Merge War Zombie skill
Photo: NexarGames

Active Skills include “Call Down,” a devastating rocket that inflicts heavy damage on the enemy crowd, and “Freezing Field,” which slows down enemies.

Merge War Zombie passive
Photo: NexarGames

Passive Skills encompass “Hit Points,” which boosts the capacity of your health, and “Damage,” enhancing the overall damage output of your units.

Unlock each Active and Passive Skill by watching an ad. Once unlocked, you can further enhance them using coins in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen.

Currency and Reward

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen coins
Photo: NexarGames

In Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen, there’s a singular in-game currency, “Coins,” accessible through various means. You can earn them by clearing stages, defeating bosses, logging in daily, completing missions, watching ads, or opting for real-money purchases.

Daily and Missions

Tapping on the calendar icon opens the Daily and Mission window. The “Daily” section offers rewards each day upon logging in, ranging from coins to free units in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen mission
Photo: NexarGames

Meanwhile, “Missions” provides coin bonuses whenever you unlock new character units, achievable by merging high-level zombies or cybermen.

Watching Ads

Another avenue to earn coins in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen is by watching a brief 30-second ad. This will net you 56,000 coins, perfect for swift emergency upgrades on your little monsters.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen Ads
Photo: NexarGames

However, in the game’s later stages, this amount might be insufficient for high-tier merging. Locate this feature on the right side of your main screen, marked by a coin and shop icon.

Zombie-Cybermen Gacha

Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen introduces a Gacha system, allowing you to spin a wheel for a shot at acquiring low or high-tier zombies and cybermen to deploy on the battlefield.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen gacha
Photo: NexarGames

This is the cheapest and easiest way to obtain units without spending a lot of coins. Spinning the wheel has no limit. However, each spin requires you to watch a 30-second ad.

Tips and Strategy

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen tips
Photo: NexarGames

Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen is straightforward to grasp and dive into. The primary focus is on merging your units, as the name suggests.

However, solely concentrating on that aspect may pose challenges, as there are crucial mechanics that you must comprehend for a smoother experience.

Unit Placement

Regardless of how potent or high-tier your zombies and cybermen may be, they can easily succumb to destruction if not strategically positioned.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen placement
Photo: NexarGames

Recall that all Zombies, regardless of their tier, are melee fighters. With this in mind, situate your most resilient Zombie at the top of the grid to absorb enemy damage. Position the less sturdy Zombies in the center to bolster their survivability.

Cybermen serve as ranged damage dealers but have relatively low health. Position them at the rear for optimal effectiveness in Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen.

Focus on Upgrades

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen upgrade
Photo: NexarGames

The higher the tier, the mightier your squad becomes, so don’t doze off when it comes to leveling up your zombies and cybermen for a swift stage sweep!

Use Skills when Necessary

Employing skills in a last-minute clutch scenario yields better results than deploying them early in the battle.

Merge War Zombie vs Cybermen skill
Photo: NexarGames

Activate “Call Down” to cut the enemy’s HP in half. If they persist in decimating your frontline units, unleash “Freezing Field” to impede their advance.


Merge War: Zombie vs Cybermen is a casual and enjoyable time-killer game. However, it’s currently flooded with 30-second ads that pop up nearly after every stage, potentially discouraging players.

Optionally, you can obtain a permanent ad-removal feature within the game to fully savor the experience.

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