Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon – Walkthrough

Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon
Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon

Merge Topia-Hotel Tycoon offers a deep and immersive gaming experience, weaving together engaging game mechanics and a sophisticated building strategy.

At its core, the game is a testament to the beauty of creative foresight and tactical decision-making, giving players a unique platform to build and manage their virtual hotel empire.

Drag & Merge

In Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon, the merge mechanic is similar to combining ingredients in a recipe. When you have three or more of the same type of item, like three apples, you can combine them to create a superior item, such as an apple pie.

Imagine this as if you were sewing. Just like you combine pieces of fabric to create a larger quilt, in this game, you bring together elements to create more complex and valuable items, like merging pieces of wood to create a building block.

It’s akin to growing a flower garden as well. From three or more seeds of the same kind, when combined, they bloom into a beautiful flower. Similarly, in the game, when you merge identical elements, they transform into a superior entity, helping your hotel empire grow.

Expand with Keys

The “Expand with Keys” mechanic in Merge Topia-Hotel Tycoon can be thought of as unlocking doors in your home. You come across closed doors (locked zones) as you move around, and each of these doors needs a specific key to be opened, which are hidden and need to be found.

In a similar way to how you might have to reach a certain age before you’re given a key to the house, in the game, you must reach a specific level before you can use a key to unlock a new zone. It’s like a milestone or a sign of growth and achievement.

Just like finding a key in your handbag can give you access to a room filled with unknown treasures, in the game, these keys lead to undiscovered areas. The thrill of using a key is in not knowing what lies beyond the locked door, it could be a room full of rewards or new adventures.

The first big milestone: Build the Grand Hotel

Building the Grand Hotel in “Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon” is similar to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. You gather individual pieces (building shards) and when you have four matching pieces, they come together to form a larger image, in this case, the Grand Hotel.

Imagine it’s like baking a cake for a big celebration. The process requires careful planning and assembling of the right ingredients (building shards), and once it’s complete, the cake (or the Grand Hotel) serves as the centerpiece of the party, offering rewards (in the form of sweets or, in the game, points and coins).

Think of it as planting a tree in your garden. You prepare the ground (the foundation), plant the seeds (the building shards), and with care and patience, it grows into a magnificent tree (the Grand Hotel). And just like a fruit-bearing tree, the Grand Hotel also gives you rewards at regular intervals.


Quests in are challenges strategically designed to enrich your gaming experience. These missions aim to engage your tactical thinking, testing your decision-making abilities as you prioritize tasks and manage resources effectively.

Each quest category offers a distinct gaming feel. Daily quests provide consistent stimulation, nudging you into regular game interaction. They demand short-term focus and quick thinking, creating an energetic game environment. The joy of completing these quests daily is like the gratification of ticking off tasks on a to-do list – it fuels the game’s momentum.

Weekly and initial quests, on the other hand, bring a sense of progression and continuity to the game. They require careful planning and a broader strategic vision, giving the game a more deliberate and paced feel. Completing these quests feels like finishing chapters in a book – they leave a lasting sense of achievement while pushing the overall narrative forward.


In “Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon”, characters are a crucial component that add depth to the gameplay. They aren’t just decorative elements or simple avatars; they serve significant roles that drive the game progression. Their introduction adds an exciting narrative dimension to the game, bringing to life the hotel empire you are building.

Each character springs from specific combinations of items. This mechanic induces a sense of curiosity and experimentation within the gameplay. The moment of generating a new character feels like unlocking a secret or discovering a hidden Easter egg – it’s a delightful surprise that extends the game’s narrative and adds a personal touch to your empire.

The roles these characters play – be it unlocking new zones, activating features, or crafting elements – add layers of strategy to the gameplay. They function as dynamic tools that influence your game progress, providing a more interactive and engaging gaming experience. This aspect gives the game an RPG feel, where each character has their unique utility, creating a deeper connection between you and your hotel empire.

Energy Management

Energy is your fundamental resource, akin to fuel for a car; it’s what enables you to create new elements that can be merged. Managing your energy wisely becomes a central part of your gameplay strategy.

The game offers different ways to replenish energy, one being through the in-game shop where you can exchange earned coins for energy. This feature prompts you to make strategic decisions, weighing the cost and benefits of spending your hard-earned coins on energy. It adds a dimension of economic management to the game, enriching the gameplay with additional strategic depth.

Alternatively, you can watch video ads to receive an energy boost. While this method doesn’t require any in-game currency, it does require a time commitment. This trade-off introduces another level of strategy, asking players to consider whether they should spend time watching an ad or use their in-game coins for immediate energy. This decision-making process further enhances the complexity and engagement of the game.


Events in “Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon” infuse the gameplay with exciting spikes of intensity and challenge. As a game designer, I believe such time-limited competitions offer an irresistible blend of urgency and strategy, keeping the game fresh and engaging for casual gamers. Events create dynamic shifts in the gaming landscape, introducing new rules and objectives that challenge you to re-evaluate and adapt your strategies.

These events also provide a competitive element to the game, allowing you to measure your gameplay prowess against others on the leaderboard. It’s an opportunity to see how your strategies stack up against other players, enhancing your sense of achievement. The variety of rewards offered in these events also helps to keep the game’s reward system diverse and engaging, further motivating you to participate.

Additionally, these events help build a community around the game. They create a space for players to interact, compete, and compare strategies. The sense of shared experience, camaraderie, and friendly rivalry can enhance your emotional investment in the game, making your gameplay experience more satisfying and meaningful.

Merging Race

The Merging Race event is a delightful twist on the game’s core mechanic of merging. As a game designer, I consider this event a high-octane celebration of the game’s fundamental mechanic. The thrill of racing against time to merge as many items as possible within a given timeframe is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Furthermore, the Merging Race event forces you to engage with the game mechanics on a deeper level. The event urges you to think on your feet, make swift decisions, and adopt new strategies to maximize your merges. This intense focus on merging items gives you a renewed appreciation for the game’s central mechanic, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Also, the event provides immediate and tangible feedback for your efforts in the form of points. Each successful merge translates to a higher score and a better position on the leaderboard. This instant validation of your strategy and efforts can make the Merging Race event immensely satisfying and addictive.

Collecting Race

The Collecting Race event, on the other hand, adds a strategic layer of resource management to the game. As a casual gamer, you will appreciate the shift in pace and focus. The event introduces a new goal – gathering resources, which adds a different dimension to your usual gameplay routine.

The Collecting Race event challenges your ability to juggle between managing your hotel and efficiently gathering resources. It urges you to find the optimal balance and prioritization strategy, which adds depth to the game and keeps you intellectually engaged. You need to plan, strategize, and make thoughtful decisions about how to allocate your resources and time to maximize your score.

Moreover, there is an undeniable joy in watching your resource stockpile grow. Each resource you gather not only brings you closer to winning the event but also serves as a visual representation of your progress and success. This creates a constant stream of small victories, which can be extremely rewarding and motivate you to continue playing.

Flower Festival

Lastly, the Flower Festival event presents a refreshing and visually pleasing change to the gameplay. It introduces a new, aesthetically delightful element – flowers, which are generated each time you create new items for merging. This fusion of strategy and visual charm enhances the game’s appeal, creating a sense of joy and fulfillment as you play.

From a game design perspective, the Flower Festival event adds a layer of depth to the game mechanics. It integrates the game’s core mechanic of merging with the visually rewarding aspect of flower collection. This blending of strategy and aesthetics enhances the game’s appeal and offers a unique and delightful gameplay experience.

Moreover, this event amplifies the sense of accomplishment. Collecting flowers not only contributes to your event score but also beautifies your game environment. This tangible transformation of your game landscape serves as a constant reminder of your progress and achievements, making the Flower Festival event a visually appealing experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, playing Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon is akin to taking a roller-coaster ride through a vibrant, dynamic carnival, but from the comfort of your own couch. Each aspect of the game, be it the core merging mechanic, quests, energy management, characters, or the thrilling events, all combine to create a gaming extravaganza that will keep you on your toes (or thumbs, in this case).

The game masterfully weaves in elements of strategy, resource management, competition, and creativity to create a joyous medley of entertainment. It’s like being the conductor of your own symphony, where each instrument plays its part perfectly to create a beautiful, harmonious melody of fun, excitement, and achievement.

So, whether you’re a master strategist or a casual gamer looking for some fun, “Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon” is sure to keep you entertained. With each merge, unlock, or quest completed, you’re not just building an empire, you’re creating a legacy of leisure and laughter. So, prepare your best merging strategies, put on your virtual hard hat, and get ready to become the most relaxing and enjoyable tycoon in the world of Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon. So much fun, it should be illegal!

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