Merge Sweets Walkthrough & Beginners Guide

Nikola Stevanovic

Merge Sweets is a free-to-play puzzle game developed by a Korean studio called Springcomes. The game was released on June 4th, 2023, and is currently available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

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The Story

The story of merge sweets is pretty simple and pretty sweet. The game plays a short intro for the player in which they explain that their grandmother who owns the bakery is no longer able to look after it due to old age. Therefore, she politely asks you to take over the family business and leaves everything in your capable hands. 

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You quickly realize that the bakery is in poor shape, so you devise a plan to start baking and selling bread in order to repair and renovate your establishment and it is at this point that the gameplay begins.

Gameplay Loop

Since Merge Sweets is a merge game after all, the gameplay mechanics revolve around the player merging two of the same items in order to create new items which they can then merge again into new items, and the cycle continues. 

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Your main goal is to fulfill the needs of your customers who will ask for different food types including pastry, fruit, and on occasion, various other items. 

Basic Mechanics

Merge Sweets comes with its own set of gameplay mechanics and elements, so let’s take a closer look at them. 

Merging And Selling Items

In order to merge two items, all you have to do is drag one item to the other on your screen. There are no limitations in terms of space when merging items, the only rule that applies is that the two merging items need to be the same. 

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Your customers’ orders will appear at the top of the screen, so all you have to do is keep merging items until you meet their demands. If you run out of items at any point, you can always produce more by tapping on the basket. 

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Once you have created the desired items, simply click at the top of the screen to sell them to a customer and collect your gold coins. 


Gold – Gold is the primary currency of Merge Sweets. It can be used to repair and upgrade your bakery, as well as hiring managers and other staff for your establishment. It can be earned by selling items to customers. 

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Diamonds – Diamonds are the premium currency of Merge Sweets and can be earned by completing various tasks in the game such as leveling up and learning new recipes. 

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Energy – Energy is the primary resource of Merge Sweets and is required to produce items from the basked. The bakery will automatically produce energy every six hours. In addition, energy can be earned by performing various in-game tasks or purchased for diamonds. 

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Upgrading The Bakery

Your bakery can be upgraded by spending gold. Each upgrade costs 900 gold coins and as you upgrade it, you will gain levels that will unlock additional features and rewards for you, such as hiring staff. 

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Hiring Staff

After purchasing a few upgrades, you will be able to recruit managers for your bakery. Managers will allow you to purchase upgrades such as increased gold production and shorter time requirements. You can have multiple managers at the same time, and each provides you with their own upgrades.

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Overall, Merge Sweets is a simple and fun merging game that you can play on the go. The game features simple yet entertaining mechanics, a great theme, and an interesting story to go along with it. 

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