Merge Survival: Wasteland – Complete Beginner Guide

Paul Moronfola
Screenshot: Merge Survival Wasteland

Merge Survival: Wasteland is a puzzle game developed by Sticky Hands that aims to sensitize players about the importance of preserving the environment. It achieves this uniquely and simply. However, players, especially beginners, require a thorough understanding to go far in the game.

Screenshot: Merge Survival Wasteland

Most players’ first experience after a few gaming sessions on Merge Survival: Wasteland is characterized by several mistakes which can make them lose Energy, Gems, and Coins, which are critical parts of the game. As a result, this article aims to help beginners understand the game and its mechanics, acting as a guide from its download to installation to playing.  

Merge Survival: Wasteland – A Brief Overview

Screenshot: Merge Survival Wasteland

For those who don’t know about the game and would love to download it, this section will enlighten you on whether to download it.

The game is a merge game like Candy Crush set up in a post-apocalyptic world. Forget about the animation and the incredible storyline. Ultimately, you will merge different items on the puzzle board to get different other items. As a result, if you are not into merge-type puzzle games, it is time to get out. A better option is Call of Duty Mobile, and you can access our complete guide for Call of duty mobile.

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

Merge Survival: Wasteland brandishes an engaging storyline that features Eden, who has been left alone in an environment destroyed by the selfishness of people. Everything around her is toxic, and she aims to resolve that. However, instead of a “Sim 4” style, the game employs a puzzle approach making them further suitable for different categories of people, especially children.

Merge Survival: Wasteland – Getting Started

Now that you have gained insight into what the game is all about, it is time to get prepared. Here, we will talk about how to download, install, and create accounts on the game. 

Screenshot: Apple Store

Merge Survival: Wasteland is available on iOS and Android. However, it is possible and tested to download it on Mac. To embark on the journey, navigate to the application store on each device (for Android Play Store and iOS/MacOS, the App Store).

Search for the game and click on download to kickstart the downloading and installation. Furthermore, you should remember that updates and patches are imminent to ensure the game is updated to improve performance and fix bugs.

Merge Survival: Wasteland – Game Mechanics

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The gameplay mechanics and objectives are simple, and it involves visualizing a problem and using a puzzle to solve it. For example, once you start the game, one of the first things you will do is to clear a puddle of water. While the Sim 4 approach is to move the player around, Sticky Hands employs a puzzle method. By completing each Quest in the game, you further make your environment livable

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The game mechanics also include a crafting and merge system that allows players to create tools and other consumables for survival. Furthermore, you can combine created items to make something more unique or powerful.

Merge Survival: Wasteland – Basics

You must understand some basic things about the game, even though it has a simple and intuitive design. This section will act as a little put-through to start playing the game seamlessly.

Main Game Interface

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

This is the first thing you will come across as a newbie to the game. While the game has a simple design, it can be difficult to understand as there is no indicator, and most gamers won’t love a touch-to-test-the-effect scenario. The main game interface has many different parts, each with its unique function, as highlighted below:

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The top left corner of the game interface showcases a green star which denotes the player level in the game. The more you collect rewards, the higher your player level. Furthermore, the higher the level, the more you increase your chances of getting some rewards.

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

You can also level up while playing the game by collecting green stars that pop up when you merge something rare or unique.

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The top corner also features Charge Energy, Coins, and Gems. Each one has its function. For example, Charge Energy with the thunder icon is applicable in merging two identical items to generate an item at a higher level while playing. When you log in, you get 100 Charge Energy; every two minutes, you get one Charge Energy. Furthermore, you can also watch an ad or buy using the game in-service.

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

You can use the coins to get daily and surprise sales items. Each sale has a time limit, the daily with 24 hours and the surprise sale with about 3 hours. Items in the daily sale can also be free, and items in the surprise sale can be refreshed using Gems.


Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The quest page is accessible by clicking on the question mark on the character or by pressing the menu bar at the bottom left corner of the game. It contains every task you need to do to complete a quest. On completing a mission, it is tagged with a completed sign. If a mission is not completed, you can click on the reward to go into the actual game and complete it. 


Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The Shop is accessible by pressing the coins or gems icon under the main game interface or the cart icon in the gaming room. Sales of coins and gems occur here using real-time transactions. Furthermore, sales of items using coins or gems.   


Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

Like every game, the Settings page allows you to set the language, tick the Alert, Vibrate, or Hint options and adjust the BGM (Background game music) and SFX (Special effects) sounds. Furthermore, it allows you to change your language to a list of languages, including English, Deutsch, Francais, etc. However, you need to restart the game for such to take effect.

You can also link the game to your Game Center, Facebook, or Apple. Furthermore, you can use the Facebook community for any questions regarding the game. Other features in Settings include an option to delete your account, terms of use, privacy policy, and customer support.


Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

You can navigate to the mail by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, you can get news and updates sent by developers directly to the players. Mail sent include gift and offers. Also, in the mail, ensure you check the expiring date 

Playing the Game

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

This is accessible by clicking the collect button on any mission under Quest or the radioactive button at the bottom right corner. The playing process is unique and requires understanding some basic things.

On the tiles are three classes of items; one is the normal items called blocks which are free, and you can merge with other items of the same type. Then there are the “generators,” for example, the Small Apple Seedling, which generates oxygen (O2) items and the tool container, which generates the hand gloves. Other items are buried in the sand and must be uncovered by similar items.

A combination of blocks will lead to the formation of a block of a higher level. For example, merging two hand gloves will form the cleanup tongs and matching two Whiff of oxygen will give a small amount of oxygen.  

The real deal about playing Merge Survival: Wasteland understands the mission, what you need, and how to merge the right items to get the right result.

Merge Survival: Wasteland: Tips and Tricks

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

There are many things you would be better getting to know yourself, but we obviously can’t leave you alone to fend for yourself. You can ace each mission and complete your Quest with the tricks below.

Tip #1: Do not miss a day

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

At least if you won’t play intensively, ensure that you log in every day. By login in every day, you get 100 energies for free. Remember, it takes 2 minutes to generate one Energy and gaining 100 extra Charge Energy per day has its advantages.

Tip #2: Gain Energy by watching ads

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland Ad

Energies are the most critical item to playing the game, and the game offers you the ability to watch ads and earn about 15 energies. By using tips 1 and 2, you can reduce or remove real-time transactions.

Tip #3: Use the Hint


For new players, the hint feature might be the saving grace. It contains the most probable thing to do when playing and other instructions when you are not playing. As a result, ensure you use the hint section. You can toggle on the hint under the settings. 

Tip #4: Merge more and more items 

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

By merging more items, you unlock other items to help you progress in the game. Furthermore, merging items will unlock more areas puzzle board areas, allowing complete your tasks easily. 

Tip #5: Sell some items 

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

The game also allows you to sell some items, which you should utilize to reduce the number of items on the puzzle blocks. Furthermore, when you sell them, you get some coins which are important in-game currencies that you can use to buy Energy when you run out.  

Tip #6: Always go for quests

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

Always embark on a quest to progress further in the game. This includes leveling up, merging, and collecting items after completing the Quest. Also, completing a quest will allow you to enjoy the beautifully written storyline 

Tip #7: Do not waste your money

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

You can easily get Energy, coins, and gems when you complete the Quest. Furthermore, after completing all tasks, you will get a lot of coins and Energy as rewards. It is very easy to become addicted to buying items on the game, especially Energy. However, as a beginner, you should avoid wasting your money.

Nevertheless, for things that require Gems, you will likely need to buy them, although you can wait for sales as gems are premium and hard to earn in the game.

Tip #8: Utilize your Energy well

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

Generating Energy, the most critical currency is very costly as it takes two minutes to generate one. You can reduce the amount of Energy you spend by only using the “generator” when no mergeable items are on the board. Doing this will help you save up on energies so that you can complete your quests without spending much money.

Tip #9: Target Sales

Screenshot: Merge Survival: Wasteland

For people who love paying for the game, you can target sales time instead of going point blank into Shop to get anything. The sale features allow you to get gems, coins, Energy, and other times at a very cheap price.  

Final Thoughts

Merge Survival: Wasteland is a puzzle game set in a post-apocalyptic era with an interesting storyline, all aimed at surviving and creating a suitable environment for living. The game is simple, but newbies can find it challenging. As a result, this article acts as a guide to help you play the game. Have an exciting experience playing the game. However, don’t forget anything you think Game Guides, search the game and add our name. Later!  

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