Merge Neverland – Ultimate Game Guide With Tips

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If you are tired of the same old match-three puzzle games, Merge Neverland is a great alternative that offers a fun spin on the genre. This product from IVYGAMES lets you match and merge enchanted elements to fix up and explore a magical realm.

The game starts with your avatar, Samantha, touching a glowing door and being sucked into a world where her cat can talk and fairies exist. There’s more to it than that, though, and this ultimate guide will walk you through it. Stick around at the end for some tips.


Merging Basics

As the title suggests, Merge Neverland is all about merging. You can combine almost anything in this game as long as you have at least three of the same kind to produce a higher-level version of it.

Fusing five identical objects or elements yields two upgraded items, and seven will generate three. When you merge an object into a new level, you will get a reward in the Collection section at the bottom of your screen.


You will get a combo reward if you pull off a chain reaction of multiple merges. It comes in the form of a bubble that, when you tap, will release essences that will clean up polluted plots of land.

Fairies and Flowers

A more sustainable way to create pollution-clearing essences is with pure orbs from magic flowers. You can grow them by tapping and merging pink petals that randomly fall into your garden. You can also make magic flower seeds with branches.


To harvest orbs from flowers, you need fairies and other magical creatures, which you’ll get by merging three compatible eggs.

Your flying friends will also help you unlock larger portions of land, but this will depend on your Fairy Power.


Fairy Power

Many chunks of land are covered with thick mist. You can unlock them if you have enough Fairy Power. This is the collective strength of all you fairies, indicated beside your profile icon at the top of the screen.


Collect and upgrade more fairies to increase Fairy Power. When you get three fairies of the same kind, you can merge them in the Fairies section beside the Collection icon.

Not all fairies are made the same, and some of them have a higher base of Fairy Power compared to others. This typically depends on their rarity.

Auxiliary Resources

Apart from flowers, there are magical trees that generate pure essences when you tap them from time to time. Other kinds of trees also make different resources.


There are fruit trees that produce fruits you can merge or harvest. There are also decayed trees that develop dead grass. Fairies can destroy these to get logs.

It’s not just trees. There are also magic vines, stele ruins, magic wells, etc. Constantly upgrade them to receive seeds and treasures.

Unmergeable Elements

As mentioned, you can merge almost everything in this game. Almost everything. There are a couple of elements that can only function alone, with the most common being brambles.


Pretty early in the game, you will also see some skeletons lying around. They as well cannot be fused to level up. These kinds of elements aren’t entirely useless, though, because some of them can be harvested or sold. Tap them and see their details below to see what you can do.

However, you will eventually discover that some objects are a bit more troublesome, as fairies need to attack them first for you to remove them.



Some of the objects that produce resources, primary or auxiliary, can be upgraded to a level that makes them Wonders of Merge Neverland.

You can see which elements can become Wonders by going to Collection. Those whose last levels have a golden border are what you are looking for.


There are a total of 15 Wonders you can construct in the game, as indicated in the lower part of your profile panel. Each Wonder brings hefty treasures that you can harvest.


Tasks and Stars

When you are starting out, you will be introduced to Garden Tasks. You can take on three at a time, and you can view any of them on the left side of your screen. Completing a Garden Task will reward you with stars that will fall on your land.

You can tap it to collect items instantly or wait for two other stars to fall so you can merge them. The number of stars you get is monitored because it will help unlock stuff at the Store.

Players can also complete Daily Tasks. But instead of stars, completing these kinds of tasks will give you all sorts of valuables. You will get distinguished fairy eggs if you accomplish all your tasks on a given day.


Magical Alchemy

You can say Magical Alchemy is just another type of task. But what makes this different is that instead of performing chores, you exchange items you own for fairy eggs.


It still has similarities to Daily Tasks in the sense that it refreshes for some time after you complete it.

If you are confused about how to use this feature, tap on Samantha and her cat, who are standing on a small island Southeast of your main island.


Money Jars

Like many merge games, there’s a limit to how many coins you can accumulate. In Merge Neverland, you can view your coin cap on the top-right side of your screen.

Whenever you want to raise your limit, buy a money jar in the third panel of the Store. Merge them when you get three or more. Occasionally, money jars will produce coins when you tap them.


Dreamy Cottages

Dreamy cottages are similar to money jars because these are buildings that can be merged. However, their purposes are vastly different.

See, fairies can only work for you for a limited amount of time. Once they’re tired, they’ll have to take a nap in one of these cottages. The higher the cottage level, the less nap time they will require to recharge their stamina.


Prayer Places

Last but not least, in this short sequence of special objects are prayer places. What makes this one unique is you can’t merge it, but you can upgrade it using gems.

Prayer places have the ability to produce fairy eggs, and you can harvest dirt piles from them. You will likely see your first prayer place when you are close to clearing the first part of your first island.



When all your fairies are out of stamina, and you have nothing left to do on the main island, go to the Levels section below the Store icon.


Here, you can play mini-games that will grant you fantastic rewards. Once you reach level nine, you will start earning stars, and there will be timed challenges. The prizes will get better from there.

There are some levels that you can play up to three times and get better fairies every time you succeed. But note that starting a level will cost you energy.


Another thing you can do when the main game gets slow is to participate in events. There are two types of events in Merge Neverland: regular and seasonal.

Regular Events

Regular events can be accessed through the third icon on the bottom-left side of the screen. Participating in it will take you to a new game screen, where the rules are changed slightly.


These usually take days or weeks to finish, but the rewards can be tremendous if you invest effort. Multiple regular events can happen at the same time, so take advantage of that if you can.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events take longer to finish. Unlike regular events, it doesn’t take you to an alternate game screen.

It takes place in your main game with exclusive items, which are typically linked to the Merge Challenge beside the regular event icon. You can see your seasonal event progress in the small icon below your Garden Tasks.


Merge Neverland Tips

The basics of the game are not that hard to understand. But as you may have already noticed, there are some nooks and crannies that would take some getting used to. Below are some tips to help you out.

Merge Elements in Polluted Plots

Cleaning polluted plots manually with orbs and essences can get grueling, especially as you get to higher stages. Thankfully, there’s a shortcut.

If you see a polluted plot with a mergeable element, place two identical objects beside it if possible. They will merge, and the area will automatically be cleaned.


When you are confident that you can carry this out on a specific plot, make it your priority. This is so that you won’t waste pure essences.

Turn Off Fairy Automation

By default, fairies will do anything they want when they are awake. You can control them by dragging them to an object you want to harvest or investigate. You can also double-tap your desired object, and an available fairy will instantly come.

If you want to take full control, tap the small triangle icon below your profile, and choose settings. Scroll to the lowest part and remove the check from Fairy Auto Work.


Merge Coins and Gems

When you merge in-game currencies like coins and gems, you will get slightly more compared to when you collect them one by one.

For example, you will get three gold when you collect three bronze coins individually. But when you merge those bronze coins, you will get a silver coin worth four gold.

Most of the time, you won’t need your currencies sitting in your vault. Instead of doing that, stand by for an opportunity to merge them and increase their value. Collect only when you need the money.


Organize Your Garden

Merge Neverland is considered a puzzle game, but it doesn’t have to be very puzzling if you organize your stuff.

If you do this, it will be easier to find what you are looking for, and setting up combos won’t be as inconvenient. Plus, an orderly look will immensely add to the relaxing mood of the game, like with Merge Topia.


Place unhatched eggs next to each other, have a section for money jars, group your magic flowers and other essence producers, place brambles in one place, and so on.

Merge Falling Seeds Midair

Tapping on a falling flower seed will scatter petals all across your garden. But they won’t spread out properly if you are short on space. It might ruin your perfectly set garden.


Try merging falling seeds in midair to prevent this anomaly from happening. Do not tap them. Just drag them close enough to each other until you see a yellow highlight surround them.

This will only work if the floating seeds are above cleared land, so drag them there first. Instead of numerous seeds, formed seedlings will land in your garden. This will be easier to manage.

Make Use of the Video Shop

There will be many times that you’ll be missing just one item to complete a merge, and you can’t find it in any chest, star, or other rewards.

When this frustrating event arises, worry not. What you’re looking for might be in the Video Shop. It’s the second panel you can select after tapping the gift icon above the Store.


At the Video Shop, you can watch short ads in exchange for specific items. Its contents are refreshed every day.

Be Careful with Event Chests

Seasonal event chests are not that hard to come by. It’s also pretty easy to upgrade them to the highest level because it only takes two to three merges.


Beginners will be tempted to do that, but you should be careful what you wish for. A high-level event chest holds maximum rewards that can cover up your whole land when you open it.

You can merge them, but note that after the first merge, event elements have to be built by fairies before you can use them again.


Final Words

It might be a stretch to call the gameplay of Merge Neverland complex. It’s not. But the game can test your patience and organization skills. When that happens, feel free to look back on this guide.

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