Merge Cove Beginners Guide

Abdullah Iqbal
Merge Cove Guide
Photo: Gaming Genie Lab

Merge Cove is a fun-to-play puzzle and merge game developed by Gaming Genie Lab. Like every other merging game, this one also has you merging items to make upgraded ones.

The story is pretty interesting here. Ally, who was living a luxurious life in a city, wanted to return to her hometown (Llandudno Bay), as she thought something was missing from her life.

However, she came to a disappointment as the town had been struck by a disaster and was in ruins. But Ally didn’t give up and returned. Instead, she is determined to rebuild the town with the help of her merging powers and the company of her grandma.

The game starts slowly, but you quickly discover many new items, places, and destinations that need rebuilding. The graphics are top-notch, and the gameplay is even better considering it’s the first game by the developers.

Below, I’ll share some tips that will help you grow faster in Merge Cove and make the most of your items and workforce.

Basics of Merge Cove

The game isn’t difficult by any means. I would describe it as relaxing and even addictive as your town grows. Before we move on to the tips, let’s see the basics of this game:

  • Use your workforce to mine new items.
  • Merge 3 or 5 items to create updated ones.
  • Upgrade each base item to its maximum level.
  • Cook food for Ally to get keys and items.
  • Use the keys to unlock new areas in the town.
  • Expand and explore the place as you progress.
  • Meet new characters and get to know their backgrounds and unique stories.

Now that we know the basics, it’s time for the tips below:

Merge 5 Items Instead of 3

Merging 3 items will give you 1 upgraded item, and merging 5 will give you 2. So the latter is always better.

Photo: Gaming Genie Lab

As you can see above, I have 5 level-2 flower pots lined up to be merged, which will give me 2 level-3 flower pots.

In some cases, you might have to merge 3 if there’s no space left, or you have to make a product instantly.

But generally, focus on merging five of the same items.

Keep Making Food for Ally

In the beginning, you get tomatoes, sugarcane, and a couple of other food items that you can use to make dishes to feed Ally.

Photo: Gaming Genie Lab

Afterward, Ally will reward you with keys and one or two items. The latter can be even greater as you level up.

The keys are the primary source for unlocking new places, so make sure you have plenty of them.

Complete the Quests

Completing quests will give you more coins and XP to level up. And once you level up, you’ll get even more coins and cash. All of these things are essential to progressing faster.

Photo: Gaming Genie Lab

With coins, you can buy more items from shops, and with cash, you can get even better upgrades and items. But make sure you utilize them properly.

There’s no time limit, and you can complete the tasks whenever you want.

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Participate in Time-Limited Destinations

There’s not just a single map in Merge Cove. Rather, you can travel to different destinations and use Ally’s merging powers there.

Photo: Gaming Genie Lab

Some time-limited destinations give you more rewards and items to merge. Complete the quests there to level up and progress even faster.

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Collect Cards by Completing Daily and Weekly Tasks

You will get unique cards after completing daily and weekly tasks. Once you collect all of them for one album, a brand new card scene will unlock, and you’ll receive coins, cash, and energy bars as rewards.

Photo: Gaming Genie Lab

The tasks aren’t very difficult, and they can be completed easily as you keep playing the game.

And this was all about our Merge Cove beginners guide. The game is still new but has a lot of potential to become one of the best in its genre.

Let me know if you’re playing this one in the comments below. I am, for sure, enjoying it a lot!

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