Memento Mori – Tier List (April 2024)

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Memento Mori - Tier List Ultimate Guide
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Memento Mori is an AFK auto-battler and character collector mobile game. This game is set in a muted but vibrant water color medieval world where your task is to cleanse the land of the many Curses that plague it.

Accompanied by a large cast of collectible Heroines, players will need to overcome various challenges by way of Invoking new characters and raising each one to increase their strengths.

Read ahead to see our Memento Mori tier list and get a better idea of which characters you should invest in, as well as some of their strengths and weaknesses!

Tier List Overview

Our comprehensive guide aims to provide players with insights into the relative strengths and weaknesses of different characters or “Witches” within the game.

Keep in mind that tier lists are subjective and may vary based on individual playstyles, team compositions, and balance updates.

Also keep in mind that characters in each tier are positioned in no particular order. This means that characters that share the same tier are not necessarily better than other characters in their tier just because they were listed first.

Warrior’s Tier List

Memento Mori – List of S-Tier Warriors

Memento Mori - OpheliaOphelia [The Witch of Fallen Crystals]SRChaos– Multi-hit first skill with AoE potential
– Lifesteal on first skill
– Lowers enemy damage
– Survives fatal damage once
Memento Mori - OliviaOliviaSRAmber– Teamwide Atk and Def buffs
– Multi-hit second skill
– Grants allies shield base on damage dealt
– Weakens crit-heavy line-ups
Memento Mori - ReanReanSRCrimson– Multi-hit first and second skill
– Raises own Atk on crit
– Fantastic AoE potential
– Grants Shield to self
– Increases crit chance when below 50% HP
Memento Mori - FlorenceFlorenceSRAzure– Self crit build up
– Passive exclusive Atk boost
– Multi-hit skills
Memento Mori - AmlethAmlethSRAzure– Anti-Sorcerer
– Heal on kill
– Atk increase when low on HP
– Immortal for up to 3 turns when receiving fatal damage

Memento Mori – List of A-Tier Warriors

Memento Mori - CerberusCerberus [The Witch of Wailing Lightning]SRRadiance– Decent damage multipliers
– Can lower enemy P.Def
– Insta-kill potential
– Passive self debuff removal
Memento Mori - Illya SkinIllya [The Witch of God’s Curse]SRChaos– Large amount hits with high damage potential late into fight
– Survivable thanks to multi-barrier, and some self healing and def buffs
Memento Mori - ElfriedeElfriede [The Witch of Longinus]SRRadiance– Massive damage potential
– Requires allies to buff themselves or debuff enemies to deal large amounts of damage
– Reliant on ally survival to maximize potential
Memento Mori - SabrinaSabrinaSRCrimson– Multi-hit with great critical potential
– High damage multipliers
– Can lower enemy speed
Memento Mori - ValeriedeValeriede [The Witch of Conflagration]SRChaos– High amount of single-target hits
– Lifesteal
– Gains AoE potential at later levels
– Atk buff when hit
Memento Mori - NatashaNatasha [The Witch of Mourning Flowers]SRRadiance– Good damage multipliers
– Can finish off low hp targets
– Self-boosting Atk passive
Memento Mori - SophiaSophiaSRCrimson– Focuses on dying enemies
– Teamwide heal potential
– Crit resistant

Memento Mori – List of B-Tier Warriors

Memento Mori - Sabrina SkinSabrina [Soldier of the Summer Breeze]SREmerald– Decent AoE damage
– Potential to stun enemies
– Can dispell enemy buffs
Memento Mori - MimiMimiSRAmber– Number of hits increase as she defeats enemies
– Self-shielding
– Somewhat reliant on a tank with Taunt to reach full potential
Memento Mori - StellaStellaSRAzure– Has plenty of Silences that trigger during specific situations
– Heals lowest HP unit based on damage dealt
– Self shielding
Memento Mori - FortinaFortina [The Witch of Sacred Swords]SRRadiance– Shields + Healing over time
– Single target + burst heal
– Debuff resistant
Memento Mori - IllyaIllyaRAzure– Starting character
– Decent damage and stun potential
– Strength reliant
Memento Mori - IrisIrisRAzure– Decent AoE damage
– Has Bleed Dots
Memento Mori - LukeLukeSREmerald– Can guarantee crits
– Pierces Shields, Multi-Barriers, and Invulnerability
– Damage ramping based on number of critical attacks

Memento Mori – List of C-Tier Warriors

Memento Mori - RichesseRichesseSRAmber– Shield bot
– Can potentially silence enemies
Memento Mori - FiaFiaSREmerald– Has Lifesteal
– Decent self and ally max HP buff
– Reliant on taking damage to deal max damage
Memento Mori - SiviSiviSRAzure– Relies on getting hit to reach full potential
– Offensive tank
– Absorbs damage to deal more damage
– Increases allies defensive stats
Memento Mori - ArianrhodArianrhodRCrimson– AoE damage
– Deals more damage to debuffed enemies
Memento Mori - ZaraZaraREmerald– High single-target damage multiplier
– Chance to inflict stuns on enemies for 1 turn
– High AoE damage on one and adjacent targets
– Damage reduction when below 30% HP

Memento Mori – List of D-Tier Warriors

Memento Mori - CharlotteCharlotteNCrimson– Atk lowering debuff
Memento Mori - ShizuShizuNEmerald– AoE and Single-target skills
– Low damage multipliers

Sorcerer’s Tier List

Memento Mori – List of S-Tier Sorcerers

Memento Mori - ArtieArtieSRCrimson– Multi-hit first skill that deals high damage, lowers targets M.Def, and increases target’s damage received
– Increased damage against enemies with lower HP than Artie
– Guaranteed critical and Spell Lifesteal at higher levels
Memento Mori - PriscillaPriscillaSRCrimson– Reliable heal, cleanse, and decent damage from first skill
– Another reliable heal, healing over time, and damage from second skill
Memento Mori - ModdeyModdeySRAzure– Deals % based poison damage
– High damage multipliers
– Can dispell enemy buffs
– Reduces enemy healing
– Self Regeneration
Memento Mori - FenrirFenrirSRAzure– Offensive support
– High damage multipliers
– Lowers ally skill cooldowns
– Dispells debuffs from allies
– Heals allies below 50% hp

Memento Mori – List of A-Tier Sorcerers

Memento Mori - Moddey SkinModdey [Gravekeeper’s Summer Holiday]SRAmber– Deals % based poison damage
– Atk boost based on number of poisoned enemies
– Additional Atk boost as the battle continues
Memento Mori - RusalkaRusalkaSRRadiance– Good AoE damage
– AoE damage reduction
– Can resurrect self once
– Self Def buffs when low on HP
Memento Mori - SoltinaSoltinaSRAzure– Deals good damage
– Inflicts Sleep
– Lowers enemy crit chance
– Stuns enemies
– Self debuff dispell
Memento Mori - MerlynMerlynSREmerald– Dispells debuffs from allies
– Dispells enemy buffs
– Increase ally crit chance
Memento Mori - Tropon SkinTroponSRAmber– Ramping damage based on skill usage
– Can extend buff duration on self
Memento Mori - MertillierMertillierSREmerald– Shields self based on damage dealt
– Lowers ally skill cooldown

Memento Mori – List of B-Tier Sorcerers

Memento Mori - ChiffonChiffonSRCrimson– Great Def buffer
– Uncontrollable heals or debuffs, making her somewhat unreliable
– Survivable support unit
Memento Mori - Tropon SkinTropon [Holy Night’s Prayer]SRAzure– Deals % based damage
– Weakens enemies and strengthens herself
– Cleanses debuffs from allies by applying them to herself
– Decent stunner at higher levels
Memento Mori - CarolCarolSRAmber– Good damage multiplier
– Chance to silence enemies
– AoE enemy buff dispell
Memento Mori - LunalynnLunalynn [The Witch of Snowy Illusions]SRChaos– Decent AoE potential
– Silences enemies on crit
– Deals % based poison damage
Memento Mori - FreesiaFreesiaSRCrimson– Burst healing potential
– Reduces ally damage taken
– Self heals on normal attack
Memento Mori - A.A.A.A. [The Witch of Rust]SRChaos– High damage multipliers
– Has lifesteal
– Magic stat reliant
Memento Mori - VeelaVeelaSRAmber– Good damage multipliers
– Lowers enemy Atk
– Lowers enemy speed
– Self debuff dispell and Shield when low on HP

Memento Mori – List of C-Tier Sorcerers

Memento Mori - BelleBelleSRCrimson– Decent damage multipliers
– Inflicts Bleed on high HP targets
– Guarantees hits on targets
– Increases Atk on crit
Memento Mori - SkuldSkuldRAmber– Lowers enemy Atk
– Burst heals 2 allies
Memento Mori - ChernaChernaRAmber– Low AoE Damage
– Can inflict Stun and Bleed
Memento Mori - SoteiraSoteiraRAmber– Low AoE Damage
– Lowers enemy speed
– Can inflict Bleed
Memento Mori - TheodoraTheodoraRCrimson– High damage multiplier
– Chance to inflict Bleed on enemy targets
– Potential to reduce target’s Def
– Passive self Max HP increase

Memento Mori – List of D-Tier Sorcerers

Memento Mori - RosalieRosalieREmerald– Weak AoE Atk with a low % of lifesteal
– Can grant self invulnerability

Sniper’s Tier List

Memento Mori – List of S-Tier Snipers

Memento Mori - ArmstrongArmstrong [The Witch of Lost Souls]SRChaos– High damage multipliers
– Can use first skill twice at higher levels
– Deals more damage to healthier targets
– Cannot miss dying targets
– Ramping self crit buff

Memento Mori – List of A-Tier Snipers

Memento Mori - LeaLeaSREmerald– High single-target burst potential
– Can guarantee that attacks don’t miss
– Self boosting Atk and critical hit damage
– Stealth while allies are alive
Memento Mori - IvyIvySREmerald– High damage multipliers
– Deals damage based on Dex stat
– Increases number of hits based on number of active buffs
– Boosts Atk based on fallen allies
Memento Mori - Amour SkinAmour [Holy Night’s Gift]SRAmber– Increases ally critical chance
– Deals 2 hits to enemy with highest HP %
– Self revive
Memento Mori - CordieCordieSREmerald– High damage multipliers
– Self Atk boost when defeating enemies
– Increases damage when at or below 50% hp
– Debuff immune at later levels

Memento Mori – List of B-Tier Snipers

Memento Mori - DianDianSRCrimson– Inflicts Bleed that deals damage based on Atk stat
– Regenerates HP at later levels
– Deals damage based on amount of sacrificed HP
– Evasion chance increase
Memento Mori - PrimaveraPrimaveraSRAmber– Deals decent damage with stun potential against enemies with lower speed
– Applies Buff Immunity to enemy targets
– Increases allies Atk based on number of surviving allies
Memento Mori - HathorHathorSRAmber– Chance to reduce enemy Atk by 1/2.
– Chance to stun any debuffed enemies
– Increases Atk when ignored for 2 turns

Memento Mori – List of C-Tier Snipers

Memento Mori - LokiLokiRAzure– Single target Atk and chance to Silence
– Single target Atk to lowest HP enemy
Memento Mori - FennyFennySRAzure– Lowers enemies’ chance to apply debuffs
– Immunizes enemies from their own buffs
– Single-target DoT
– Situational invisibility

Memento Mori – List of D-Tier Snipers

Memento Mori - Cordie SkinCordie [Summer’s Reverb]SRCrimson– Increases ally chance to hit but decreases their evasion
– Needs buffs before applying max damage
– Buffs ally Atk
Memento Mori - MonicaMonicaNAzure– Single target Atk on enemy that simultaneously heals 3 Allies
– Burst healing and Def increase
Memento Mori - LibraLibraREmerald– Guarantees hits against enemies at or below 50% HP
– Chance to inflict Def lowering debuff against enemies
– Self Evasion increase
Memento Mori - GarmrGarmrNAmber– Single target Atk with a chance to inflict Bleed
– Enemy Speed lowering debuff

Tier List Definitions

Memento Mori – S-Tier: Godlike

Characters in this tier are exceptionally powerful and often considered essential in competitive play. They have a significant impact on the meta and can carry teams effortlessly.

Moreover, characters in this tier specialize in their given archetype, meaning all of the abilities in their kit were designed for a single purpose. Be it healing, dealing damage, applying negative or positive status effects, etc., the characters in this tier are the best at what they were designed to do.

Memento Mori – A-Tier: Excellent

A-Tier Characters are great units to have, but unlike the S-Tier characters ranked above them, these characters lack the versatility of being exceptionally strong both in PVP and PVE aspects of the game. A-Tier characters are still great units to have, and can even match the damage and utility of S-Tier Characters when used correctly.

Additionally, characters belonging to this tier can typically fulfill multiple roles within a team composition, allowing you to substitute one unit for another when trying to draft out your lineup.

Memento Mori – B-Tier: Good

B-Tier Characters are decent characters and can become valuable characters, especially during the early stages of the game. These characters are clearly outclassed by A-Tier and S-Tier characters but fit into their specific niches, such as dealing great single-target damage against enemies, or self-HP recovery.

Memento Mori – C-Tier: Average

Characters in this tier are serviceable but may struggle in certain situations or lack the impact of higher-tier characters. They are generally balanced but may not stand out.

Furthermore, characters who were ranked in this tier may also be trying to do too many things at once or function using mechanics that immediately put them at a disadvantage.

Memento Mori – D-Tier: Below Average

Characters in this tier may have notable weaknesses or struggle to compete with higher-tier characters. They may require specific team compositions or strategies to shine.

Closing Remarks

Memento Mori has a very large cast of collectible characters of varying rarities and effectiveness. While we’ve listed down the notable abilities of each character above, take the time to familiarize yourself with every aspect of your favorite character’s kit and the content you’re trying to complete.

If you found our Memento Mori tier list helpful and would like to check out some other tier lists, feel free to head over to our other pages to see our Black Clover M Character Tier List, Captain Tsubasa – Ace: Character Tier List, and our Summoners Raid – War Legend RPG: Hero Tier List!

If you happened to come across our tier list and would be interested in trying out Memento Mori yourself, head over to the Google Playstore or the Appstore to get started on your adventure and start collecting these beauties yourself!

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