Memento Mori – Codes and How To Redeem

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Memento Mori - Introduction
Photo: Bank of Innovation, DMM Games – Asia

Memento Mori is an RPG game, it is developed by the Bank of Innovation. It is a tale of girls who are known as “Witches” and how they embark upon a journey to save the world with their superpowers against a witch hunt that is hell-bent on destroying the world. 

The codes are a way of letting players get some freebie materials to enhance the abilities of the girls. The codes help get the materials and collectibles easily in comparison to the players toiling all day to get some of this stuff. 

The developers have released codes each month and this month is no different.

Memento Mori - Gameplay1
Photo: Bank of Innovation, DMM Games – Asia

Codes for Memento Mori

  • memento729
  • memento777
  • memento752
  • memento821

How to Redeem the Codes in Memento Mori?

Memento Mori - Gameplay2
Photo: Bank of Innovation, DMM Games – Asia

There are a few steps that you need to take to redeem the codes in the game, just follow our simple guide beneath to know the procedure. 

  1. Open the Memento Mori game on your device.
  2. Tap on the menu option; it is the three lines located in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  3. Click on the Code option in the menu.
  4. Insert the code in the given box. Submit it.
  5. Viola! Codes are redeemed, enjoy the perks!

What are the Other Ways to Earn Rewards in Memento Mori?

The other way to get rewards is to look for the daily login rewards, each day you will get a reward for logging into the game. The rewards are small but free of cost and free of effort. 

Another way to earn rewards is to complete the daily and weekly objectives in the game. These objectives can be earned parallel to the story mode, completing the objectives will give you handsome rewards. 

Where Can You Find the Codes for Memento Mori?

The simple way to find the codes for Memento Mori is to stalk the social media handle of the game on every popular social media stage, we are talking about Reddit, X(formerly Twitter), Facebook, Discord, and Instagram. You will be notified when the developers drop in new codes. 

You can also check our website for the latest code, another smart way to look for code – wink, wink!


In the end, the advice is simple, use the code and enjoy the game. Also, redeem the codes before they expire. 

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