Mega Harvester – Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Mega Harvester

Mega Harvester is a lumberjack simulator game developed by Makemake. It is available on both Android and App Store.

Cut trees, process them to increase their value, sell them for profit, or build houses. Mega Harvester takes you to a world where you can build your own wood business empire.

Cutting Trees
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In this guide, we will talk about the basics of the game, and provide you with some tips and tricks to kickstart your business. Without further ado, let’s delve into our Mega Harvester guide.

Basic Mechanics

Collecting Logs
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Mega Harvester is pretty simple and it is almost entirely possible to play with just one finger. You control the loader by swiping your finger towards the desired destination. When you stand over a station, you activate its function.

You need to regularly provide logistics between your stations to keep them working. The more you process the woods in different stations, the more they will be worth when you sell.

Factory Level Up
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The goal is to keep a balance between your resources and money and increase your profit while expanding your business in doing so.

Cutting Trees

Cutting Trees
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Cutting trees is the base of your business. It is where the wood comes from after all, right? And in Mega Harvester, you need to earn that wood.

It involves a mini-game where you control a harvester with a saw. You control it in the operator’s POV and by swiping left and right. Guide the saw into a tree and hold it still until the tree drops.

The saw heats up each time it comes into contact with a tree. If it overheats, it can be broken. A broken saw might still function, but it is significantly weaker than a solid one.

Processing Wood

Resaw Station
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Once you cut down the trees, you will be able to collect the wood with the loader. You can sell the wood as it is, but they will be worth more if you process them. There are three stations where you can process the wood.

  • Debarker: First-tier station where you can bring the wood right after you cut down the trees. Increases resource worth to 20 dollars.
  • Canting: Second-tier station where you bring the wood after the debarker. Increases worth to 40 dollars.
  • Resaw: Third-tier station where you bring the wood after canting. Increases worth to 60 dollars. The planks you receive after the resaw are required to build houses.

Building Houses

Building House
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As your factory level increases, you will be able to do more with wood than just sell them. You can build houses for extra profit. Visit the Realtor to purchase house slots. After that, you will see a list of houses you can build on that slot.

The houses can be rented or sold, depending on if you need quick cash or a steady income. If you rent, you can see your hourly income on the realtor screen, and collect your earnings.


Harvester Upgrade
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You can upgrade your vehicles and stations to increase your resource and income output.

You can increase the process speed of the stations by upgrading their levels. Upgrades cost money, and every 10th upgrade levels up the station but costs gear pieces.

Upgrading your harvester can increase blade durability and cutting power. You can also repair a broken saw from this screen.

Upgrading your loader increases your speed and carrying capacity.

Mega Harvester – Tips And Tricks

Price increase
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Now that we know the basics of Mega Harvester let’s talk about how to profit. Here are some tips and tricks to help you build your empire faster:

  • Always keep a pile of each resource, not only resaws. You don’t know what you might need for a task or a shipping request.
  • Always keep your stations working. Time is money, and each second they are not processing wood, you are losing money. Fill up your stations before you do other tasks such as cutting trees.
  • Watch ads to get extra features such as auto harvester, trailer, magnet, and resource piles. These features will give you massive boosts, especially in the early game.
Station Upgrades
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  • Buy house slots and build houses as much as you can. Houses provide great passive income and can be sold when you need cash for something else.
  • Purchase at least one forklift to build the houses for you. Keep them powered up, so you can focus on wood production while the houses are built.
Shipment request
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  • Regularly check if you have a shipment request. They pay better than selling the resource itself, and also award gears which you can use to upgrade your stations and vehicles.
  • Cut down all the trees as soon as you can. When you replant, it will take two days for the trees to grow, and you will have nothing to do but use your existing stock in the meantime.
Selling logs
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Mega Harvester is really fun to play with captivating visuals, chill and casual gameplay, and simple mechanics.

It doesn’t force you to watch a lot of ads, but the rewards for optional ads are quite attractive. Overall, I would recommend it if you like tycoon-type simulations.

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  1. same here stuck in WY an the only thing that’s not maxed out on my upgrades is the blade power. anybody know what the max is for the cutting blade power?

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