Mechs Battle – Robot Simulator: Gameplay Guide With Tips

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Mechs Battle: Robot Simulator
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

Mechs Battle: Robot Simulator is a strategic fighting game developed by FNF Battle Rap Music. You can download the game for Android from here.

The game takes you to a universe where you control a giant mech robot to clear monsters and other threats on different planets.

Gear up your mech robot with weapons, armor, and shields; defeat enemies, clear planets, and upgrade your gear with legendary items to conquer the universe.

In this guide, we will talk about the gameplay and provide you with some tips and tricks to aid you in your adventure. Without further ado, let’s delve into our Mechs Battle ultimate gameplay guide.

Basic Mechanics

Mission Screen
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You start on a planet, where you can choose one of the available missions. Once you choose the mission, you will be facing the enemy on the mission cover.

You can attack by hitting the attack button on the screen. If you are dual-wielding, meaning there is a weapon in each hand, you will have two different attack buttons.

The one on the left will trigger an attack with the weapon on your left hand, and the other will trigger an attack with the right.

Dual Wield
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When the enemy is launching an attack, you can dodge it by pressing the arrow buttons directing left and right, respectively. You need to be careful with the timing though; if you dodge early you will land right back on an attack.

You can block incoming attacks by hitting the shield button under the attack button. If you time your block carefully during a melee attack, you can stun the enemy.


Rocket Launcher
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There are a variety of weapons you can find throughout Mechs Battle to add to your arsenal.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are close-range weapons you can wield to increase your damage output in Mechs Battle.

With these heavy-hitting weapons, you can slice, dice, and pierce through your enemies. Some weapons, such as Butcher (sword), may take both your weapon slots as they are two-handed.

Some notable melee weapons are Moon Saber, Spike Gauntlet, Power Axe, and Butcher. You can dual wield them, or combine them with ranged weapons if they are not two-handed.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are used for hitting enemies from afar. With these projectile shooters, you can blast your enemies into oblivion.

Some of the most notable ranged weapons are Rocket Launchers, Miniguns, and Plasma Guns.

Armor in Mechs Battle

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Armor in Mechs Battle will drastically improve your defensive output by increasing your health, armor, defense, and even your attack. With better armor, you can tolerate more incoming hits.


Hex Shield
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You can equip shields to improve your blocking ability. The features may vary; as some shields are stronger against ranged attacks while some can stay up for longer durations. You can choose the best shield for your play style or tactics, as well as your weapons.

Upgrading Gears

Mission Complete
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You can upgrade your pieces of equipment by collecting upgrade cards and using them along with some gold. The more levels you invest in a piece of gear, the stronger it will get.

Upgrading is especially necessary and important as you travel to new planets. The stronger enemies will have much more HP and defense, so you will have to upgrade your weapons and other gear regularly.

PvP Arena

PVP Arena
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The lovers of competitive play, the PvP arena is just the place for you! Once you are geared up and ready to go, don’t forget to visit the Arena to test your might against other players.

The fighting mechanics in the arena are the same as normal missions. But remember, your opponents here will be much stronger than the regular enemies you face.

They will also be robots from the same universe, built by other players, that are capable of clearing planets and getting rid of great monsters.

Loot boxes

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There are three different types of lootboxes in Mechs Battle that can give you some much-needed resources. From these lootboxes, you can obtain equipment upgrade cards, new gear, and more.

  • Simple: Simple lootboxes have a medium chance of improved equipment and a medium chance of equipment upgrade cards.
  • Advanced: Advanced lootboxes have a high chance of improved equipment and a medium chance of super equipment.
  • Ultra: Ultra lootboxes have a medium chance of improved equipment and a high chance of super equipment, with a low chance of highest tier “ultra” equipment.


VIP Pack
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You can purchase packs, items, and in-game currencies from Mechs Battle shop. These resources will help you gear up and quickly improve your strength. You can also purchase a no-ads pack from here, which will remove the ads from the game.

Arena Battle
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If you are a fan of giant robots, mechs battles, and city-destroying fights, this game is a great pick for you. The visuals are captivating, the resources are plentiful and the mechanics are fun.

You can play the game casually, clearing one planet at a time and playing against the AI, or you can go competitive and build the ultimate robot to wreak havoc in the arena. There is no wrong way to play it!

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