Matilda’s School Report Answer Guide For Reverse 1999

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Reverse 1999 - Introduction
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Reverse 1999 is a turn-based action combat game. Matilda’s school report puzzle is one of the core objectives of the game. The puzzle is a bit tricky because the answer is not a straightforward one. 

The puzzle needs to be solved using a lot of your brain or you can just use our guide to help you through the puzzle!

It is more of a riddle and you have to solve the riddle to get the answer, the answer lies in the riddle but you have to be very eagle-eyed and sharp to extract the answer. 

Reverse 1999 - Gameplay
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Matilda’s School Report

Matilda’s school report is a riddle that needs to be solved as one of the objectives of the game. The riddle commences as you select the 10th chapter which is The Origin Butterfly. Once you select the chapter, the riddle will flash on your screen. 

Reverse 1999 - School report
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The riddle is a specific number that needs to be put in the text box as an answer. The riddle asks you to guess the number required to reach full marks. The score is blackened and you can only see a jotting. 

The clue is in the question and if you have been following the game with dedication then you will be able to eventually crack the clue. When the story is ongoing in the game, make sure you concentrate on the story as it goes because all the clues lie there. 

Reverse 1999 - School Report 2
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Reverse 1999 – What are the Clues?

The clues are spread across the game as you start the story and there are a couple of things that you need to pay heed to when you play the game. 

  1. Matilda has always been a bright character so her score as you can guess is pretty high we can estimate that her score will be in the higher echelons. 
  2. Matilda talked about Sonneto in her voiceline earlier. Sonneto directly derives from a poem called Sonnet. Sonnet is a 14-line poem written by Sir Thomas Wyatt. 
Reverse 1999 - Clues
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  1. The school report talks about the perfect score. The perfect score is supposed to be 100. 

We have all the clues that we need so we can now start deducing the answer. 

The Answer

The answer is 86. How? Here’s how. 

Matilda is a high achiever so her score is already near the 100 mark. The perfect score is 100 so we deduced the high score near that figure. The main clue is the Sonnet poem that has 14 lines in it. 

100 – 14 = 86. 

You can look at it any way you want to look but there is a method behind this madness. It is the only plausible theory and the only way you can actually get the answer. The “her” in Matilda’s statement points to Sonnet. 

Reverse 1999 - Answer
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Here’s the Riddle

The sheet is a school report and the signature block says “Matilda Bouanich.” The score has been blackened on purpose, and you can only see a jotting: “The number of points I needed to reach full marks is exactly the number implied by the h-h-her name. Why? Why?!” 

As you can see, the clues are almost next to nil in this riddle alone, so you have to deduce it in the craziest way possible and that is what we did.

This time-hopping extravagant Reverse 1999 game will throw curve balls like these, it is better to concentrate on the story as we said before because if you skip through a chapter, you might regret it later. 

Reverse 1999 - Riddle
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The riddle comes during the 10th chapter – The Origin Butterfly, The Security Carnival chapter precedes it, and the Charge Bay, Charge chapter succeeds it. 


Is there any other way to deduce Mathilda’s School Report Riddle?

There is no other way you can deduce the answer to Mathilda’s School Report in Reverse 1999 than the one we answered. It looks likely that it is the only method through which you can solve the riddle.

We tried deducing other ways too but the clues are very limited and there is nothing else to play with. So, no, there is no other way you can deduce the School Report Riddle. 

Reverse 1999 - FAQ1
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Do you have to finish objectives or chapters to reach the Mathilda School Report Riddle?

Yes, you have to reach chapter 10 in Reverse 1999 which is the Origin Butterfly to be able to get to Mathilda’s School Report riddle. There is no other way you can reach this riddle. You need to clear the previous level to reach the riddle. 

Once you reach the riddle, the riddle and the answer are pretty straightforward and it won’t take long to answer the riddle as long as you have the correct answer, which you will have thanks to our guide, eh!

Are there Fights involved during the Mathilda School Report Riddle?

No, there are no fights or boss fights involved during the Mathilda School Report Riddle in Reverse 1999. It is a simple riddle-and-answer section.

Once you click on the riddle, the riddle will roll down and an answer box will appear beneath it. You have to type in your answer in that box and submit it. That is it. There is no battle or fight involved in the riddle. 

Reverse 1999 - FAQ2
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There you have it. The answer to the Reverse 1999 riddle as well as the crazy method behind deducing the riddle. Whatever the reason was, we eventually found the right answer to the riddle and the key to that was the clues. 

Our final word of advice on this would be to always concentrate on the story because if you miss a small detail then you won’t be able to complete a key objective.

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